Map. History of Ukraine conflict

20 มิถุนายน 2018

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The attack on Debaltsevo was made by regular army of Russia - John Kerry
"Financial maidan" in Kyiv
Russian tanks on the way to Novoazovsk
The battalion "Kyiv-1" reports about the disappearance of a member of parliament in Donbas
Meeting of fighters 128th guards separate Turkestanica Transcarpathian mountain infantry brigade in Kiev
Cameron does not exclude the disconnection Russia from the SWIFT system
John Kerry made tougher sanctions against Russia in the coming days
Polish MFA Grzegorz Schetyna urges Western Countries to prepare a package of new sanctions against Russia
Russian militants shelling Debaltseve with RPG
Russian militants shelling Debaltseve with RPG
Ukraine military knocked down Russian drone in Kramatorsk
Ukraine's Currency, The Hryvnia, Falls More Than 16% From Yesterday's Already-Record Lows
Lviv met the Heroes of hundreds of machines and the people who were standing along the road
Through Shakhtyorsk went 24 KAMAZ of Russian armed forces from Donetsk to RF
In Talakivka knocked down russian military drone
In "DNR" stated that they found foreign arms in Debaltsevo
Ukrainian military burned the truck and destroyed anti-aircraft system near Shirokine
Pavlo Klimkin: Russia has not shown any desire to condemn the tragic events in Debaltseve and violations of the ceasefire.
Ukrainian military shot down two Russian drones.
People kneeling to honor the memory of those killed in the attack 22.02.15 in Kharkiv.
Moscow lying about the lack of Russian troops in Ukraine, - Kerry.
MFA of Germany Steinmeier says numerous violations ceasefire.
The Pentagon added Ukrainian language in the list of priority
Nadiya Savchenko calls for support her on action 1 of March
British instructors will train Ukrainian military
Kharkiv citizens gathered to commemorate the victims of the terrorist attack on the 22nd of February.
Ukraine urged the world to introduce new sanctions against Russia.
The Kyiv Prosecutor's office opened a case against Gontareva
Kobzon was presented bullfinches in Donetsk
Russia is trying to restore the game East-West, - John Kerry.
Churkin said about the absence of the need to expand the mandate of the OSCE observers in Ukraine.
American participated in the experiment: 7 days with the Russian propaganda
MFA of Germany, France, Ukraine and Russia called for a complete cease fire in Donbas ,
Ukraine and the UAE signed an agreement on military-technical cooperation.
Clothes for fighters #ATO sew in the penal colony in the Ternopil region
The ceasefire in Ukraine can only be guaranteed by the UN mission - Rebecca Harms
#Poland reanimated thing about crash of #Kaczynski plane, putting forward demands to Russia
Two powerful explosions were heard in Donetsk - media
Two Ukrainian soldiers exploded on a tripwire mine near #Kryms'ke
2 damaged "Grads" of unknown origin photographed In #Murmansk
Results of the negotiations of Normand four in Paris
#Minsk: Builders toppled #Lenin statue
#Putin says war with #Russia would be 'apocalyptic scenario' for eastern #Europe
#Ukraine talks in #Paris: Journalists from all over the world waiting for FMs declarations.
Kharkiv said goodbye to colonel Rybalchenko, killed in terrorist attack
Lithuania to reinstate army conscription amid Russia fears: president
Activists picket NBU with tires and barrels
"General Lentsov" from the scandalous video is a retired Colonel
Ex-chief of staff, who ordered to clear the Maidan, sued to Ukraine
Militants say they've withdrawn artillery from Debaltseve, Donetsk, Horlivka, Telmanovo
Plotnitsky thought about converting the railroad to steam traction to give miners work
VTB will fund new automobile plant in occupied Krasnyy Luch
Russian military trucks spotted on the streets of Tbilisi
The Russian foreign Ministry protested the call of the UN to release Savchenko
Again #Russia|n air force jets entered #Ukraine airspace near #Mariupol today
Passenger with grenade detained in Kyiv subway
Putin rules out war with #Ukraine as diplomats try to salvage peace deal
Anti-war movie, prepared for the March Spring.
Anti-war movie, prepared for the March Spring.
A warehouse of explosives of fighters was found in Mariupol, - MIA
@OSCE says #Ukraine #Minsk2 #ceasefire not holding
#Crimea customs: the trucks stay 5-7 days on the "border" with Ukraine
Military-patriotic event in Evpatoria
Rally near National Bank of Ukraine
#Cabinet dismissed Tax authorities and threatened to launch an investigation activity of #SBU, #MIA and GPU
Poroshenko and PM of #UAE have agreed to strengthen cooperation in energy, defense and agriculture.
The authorities of Simferopol has announced a large-scale dismantling of outdoor advertising and stalls
Sverdlovsk. Celebration of 23 feb. with tanks
Sverdlovsk. Celebration of 23 feb. with tanks
Ukrainian tank near Mariupol
10 x 152mm guns on move away from Donetsk. Have seen OSCE monitors along route
Sikorski (@sikorskiradek) was threatened to kill
Mogherini reminded Putin that there is already a war in Ukraine
The President of #Estonia Toomas Hendrik @IlvesToomas opened the parade of the armed forces in Narva
Activists demand release of Nadiya Savchenko near the Russian Embassy in Kyiv
#General staff promised to equip troops of AFU American imagers
This graffiti was painted by activists near the Embassy of the Russian Federation to remind staff of the Embassy about Nadiya Savchenko
The Russian army was destroyed more than 5 thousands houses in the Donetsk region
Action #FreeSavchenko near the Russian Embassy in Kyiv. There is a sister of Nadiya - Vira Savchenko
Terrorists of "DNR" have fun shooting in the school building
Terrorists of DNR have fun shooting in the school building
"DNR" told about the capture of two villages near Mariupol'
#Ukraine accuses separatist forces of breaching cease-fire 24 times in 24 hours, including firing tanks and mortars at #Shyrokyne.
Gazprom: Russia will cut Ukraine off gas supplies in two days if Kyiv fails to pay for deliveries
Estonia starts celebration of 97 years since its independence by hoisting national flag by the old Narva castle.
Zaharchenko has sold chickens before becoming head of "DNR"
18-year-old student, victim of a terrorist attack near the Palace of Sports Nikolai Melnychuk died today in Kharkiv
Canadians remember the Heavenly Hundred of #Euromaidan- victims of Kremlin-backed gov't sniper attack against own people
Kyiv says cannot withdraw heavy weapons as attacks persist
Russia's #Lavrov arrives in #Paris for Normandy talks on Ukrainian crisis
One of RUS backed militant group's leader complains Donbas men ain't willing to fight for DPR
Another Russian supply convoy heading to Ukraine
Russian Army echelon near border of Kharkiv region
"Social drawings" in St. Petersburg metro. "My father came back from war. Without legs"
US-flagged military column in Estonia close to border with Russia.
US-flagged military column in Estonia close to border with Russia.
The OSCE said that the russian militants had threatened their observers.
Chechens held a rally in front of the Russian Consulate In Toronto Canada
MFA of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin met with OSCE Chairperson-in-Office, Serbia's MFA Ivica Dačić,
Prorussian militants looting in Debaltseve
Prorussian militants looting in Debaltseve
SBU arrested two men spying for #Russia forces in Telmanovo district near #Mariupol
SBU arrested two men spying for Russia forces in Telmanovo district near Mariupol
If the militants will go to Mariupol, We will impose new sanctions against Russia, - Cameron.
#Klimkin urged UNSC to support the peacekeepers in Ukraine
Pentagon weapons chief meeting with #Ukraine delegation
Yle camera team met #Russia convoy at #Ukraine border, at #Novoshaktinsk
Putin urged to respect a choice of inhabitants of the Crimea.
In Mariupol an armed clash took place between police and separatists.
Ural crashed into a bus in Donetsk.
#Putin: there will be no #war between Russia and Ukraine
Putin to @Poroshenko in Minsk: 500 #Ukraine servicemen will die in #Debaltseve, 2K will be captured. Nothing of this happened - MP Pashynsky
"Naftogaz" accused "Gazprom" in violation of the gas agreements.
Russia is in a full hybrid war against Ukraine, - Pavlo Klimkin.
Avakov announced the arrest of two former employees of "Berkut", another 18 will announce wanted
Immigrants from Crimea picket the Russian Embassy and demand the release of the peninsula from the invaders
Immigrants from Crimea picket the Russian Embassy and demand the release of the peninsula from the invaders
Russian MFA confirmed the meeting in "Normand format".
Lavrov proposed the UN to declare revolution outlawed.
In Simferopol laid the monument to the "people's militia".
Russia's totally unjustifiable and illegal actions in eastern Ukraine have reached a new level, - Cameron
Nadezhda Savchenko already has disorders of certain organs, - the human rights activist
2 columns of Russian military equipment entered Horlivka
Militants friendly-fired a convoy of Russian troops near Debaltseve
Chechetov was stood bail of 5 million hryvnia
The SBU detained gunner of terrorists, who helped to shell his hometown
Russia's "Spetsnaz" forces in Debaltseve
Three soldiers died in an accident near Mariupol
Denis Pushilin tells BBC if there is to be further expansion of DPR, it must be through negotiation, not force
The Prosecutor's office opened a criminal case through the correspondence of Khomutynnik and Palytsya
The Scarecrow with Russian flag was burned at Pancake Day in Belarussia
The grenade exploded in a apartment building in Kryvyi Rih, the guy died
#Russia suspended all imports of cheese from Poland due to irregularities in "normative requirements"
Odessa say goodbye to soldiers, killed near Shyrokyne
Destroyed part of the main building of the coke-coal plant in Avdiivka
Electronic bracelet was put on Yefremov
Radio-controlled land mine was used to organize terrorist attack in Kharkiv, - prosecutors
Odessa citizens presented toilet bowl to the Russians on 23th of February
The Communists, speakers of "Russia Today", and supporters of the militants has created Pro-Putin party in Poland
Russian "Prosecutor" Vladimir Markin, compared Poroshenko with the clown
Terrorists have shelled #Lebedinske and #Wodyane with "Grads" and mortars
Attacked one of the leaders #Kharkiv Euromaidan
#NATO's continuous air, land &maritime presence in action -part of Readiness Action Plan
Square "Crimean spring" appeared in #Crimea
Aksenov threatens Poroshenko a military tribunal
Poland has resumed deliveries of #gas in Ukraine
The Soviet Army Day celebration in Odessa
Rally in support of "Novorosiiya" in Saint-Petersburg
Russians donated blood for the wounded in #Donbass Ukrainian fighters
Maslenitsa of the Belarusian special forces internal forces in Minsk
Klitschko claims that the center of Kyiv cleared from booths
"Self-defense" were given medals for the annexation #Crimea
15-year-old guy who was wounded at Kharkiv rally and was in a coma, died
Russia try to buy Lithuanian media
Large rally in central Donetsk
The Kremlin undermines the situation in Kyiv and is preparing a new Maidan, - The Sunday Times
Rally in Occupied Simferopol today
Russian forces hold a parade in Rovenky
Shells hit plant in Avdiivka
The commander of the army of Poland urged to rearm and prepare for war
UKRAINE: ATO spokesperson: 2 Ukrainian servicemen were killed and 10 got wounded in last 24 hours
Ukraine currency Hryvna tumbles 10%, falls to new record low vs. USD
Traffic police found the Arsenal of ammunition in the car in the Kherson region
Defender of the Fatherland Day in Donetsk. Now reading a poem for 9-year-old Vanya, who lost legs in shelling
Vigil in Kharkiv in memory of killed in terrorist attack yesterday
#Kharkiv citizens honored the memory of the victims near the monument of Shevchenko
Cossacks shelled Popasna with mortars twice, - Moskal
Pope Francis plan to visit Ukraine in the near future, - @5channel
Poroshenko: Ukraine will regain control of the occupied Crimea. This is inevitable.
Countries are waiting for a signal from Washington to provide Ukraine weapons, - Parubiy
Cakes with George ribbon were forbidden to sell in Smela
How terrorists "educate" their deserters
How terrorists educate their deserters
350 troops, 6 tanks, 14 IFV, 15 transport units transferred to #Bezimenne. Assault on #Shyrokyne intensifying
Dugout from this war - monument to WW2. East of Mariupol.
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