Map. History of Ukraine conflict

13 December 2017
New Russian rock band propaganda video. APCs in Donetsk. Flying Russian flags.
The consequences of fire in Balakliya
The consequences of fire in Balakliya
6pm: 2 Ukrainian soldiers killed today, citizen of Avdiivka wounded
Minsk: Kristina Berdynskykh‏ and other 3 journalists were released
Ukrainian consul in Belarus at police station
Paris and Berlin regret over the refusal of the Russian Federation to participate in the meeting in the "Norman" format, - French Foreign Ministry
The police station where 13 journalists, including at least 2 foreign, have been taken in Minsk.
Ukraine mission to UN: Ukraine advocates strengthening efforts to protect global cultural heritage, inc in occupied Crimea
Ukrainian journalist @berdynskykh_k says Belarusian police are rounding up accredited foreign journalists, including her, in Minsk.
Emergency minister: about 2 explosions per hour at Balakliya now
After 20 days in the Black Sea, NATO SNMCMG2 calls at port of Istanbul
Le Pen says, if elected, will mull swift lifting of Russia sanctions
Estonia: American and Estonian Soldiers in training in Tapa village
Reuters filmed more Russian equipment at Ukrainian border
Reuters filmed more Russian equipment at Ukrainian border
NATO Spokesperson Oana Lungescu: Today, NATO received a disaster assistance request from Ukraine, after the explosion of ammunition in Balaklia
Col. Lysenko: In Pokrovsk district, 27-year-old local resident died in an explosion, when tried to disassemble a projectile
ATO spokesperson: A private house in Avdiivka was damaged in an enemy shelling
Col. Andriy Lysenko: Ongoing active hostilities in Avdiivka and adjacent areas. Militants used mortars and tanks
ATO spox: Donetsk sector: several mortar and three artillery attacks on Horlivka perimeter. Enemy fired 110+ bombs and shells
Military truck caught today on fire in Makiivka
Video of a military school in Sevastopol
Video of a military school in Sevastopol
Infographics on media linked to Russian "Bots factory"
City bus caught on fire in Poltava
Police named Pavel Parshov as killer of Russian ex-MP Voronenkov
Poroshenko: Soon, security council will consider the Concept of security sector reform, using the experience and best practices of the EU and NATO countries
Missiles everywhere in Balakliya
Drone view of explosions at Balakliya
Drone view of explosions at Balakliya
The destruction of homes in Balakliia in a fire and explosions at the military Arsenal at Kharkov.
UKRINFORM photos from Balakliya
Le Pen confirms that her position on Ukraine coincides with the Russian one.
Dead woman found in a destroyed house in Balakliya
Damage in Balakliya everywhere
RU "media": "A military unit in downtown Donetsk attacked with grenade launcher"
7am 24 March: Explosions at Balakliya arsenal continue
94 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 3 Ukrainian soldiers were wounded
Russia held large counter-terrorism drill in Sudzha. Due to story "terrorists violated state border, security forces to contain inflitration"
Russia held large counter-terrorism drill in Sudzha. Due to story
Poroshenko requests NATO help in controlling fire at arms dump in kharkiv. PM Groisman earlier said explosions may continue for a week
McCain accuses Russia of "state terrorism" over political murder
Building in Ukraine Embassy in Libya was hit with mortars(staff working in Tunisia)
President of Ukraine Poroshenko had a call with President of Belarus Lukashenko
Citizen of Balakliya saved his cat from house
Citizen of Balakliya saved his cat from house
Close view of explosions at Balakliya
Close view of explosions at Balakliya
As for this moment, heavy fire at Balakliya arsenal continues
More video of explosions in Balakliya
Video of another heavy explosion at Balakliya
Belarus police show video on detained "activists of White Legion", with "anti maidan" stickers
Channel One Russia has refused to have Yulia Samoylova compete in this year's Eurovision via satellite.
Russian paratroopers in occupied-Crimea, Ukraine during recent drills
Putin at the theatre seeing Ostrovsky’s “The Last Victim”.
Russian forces attacked Ukrainian positions 43 times today, 3 Ukrainian soldiers were wounded
Video: huge explosion at Balakliya arsenal
Aerial view of fire at Balakliya Arsenal
Russia shutdown checkpoint Novy Yurkovichi on the border of Ukraine cause of "Battle alert in Ukraine"
Smoke from fire near Yasinuvata today
PM Groysman: over 50% of arsenal in Balakliya is on fire
Voronkov' killer died in hospital of sustained wounds
Moscow is shocked by the statements of Poroshenko about Russia's involvement in Kyiv murder of ex-MP Voronenkov - Russian Foreign Ministry.
Bridge blown up in Zolote, Luhansk region
Report: Treasury Department investigating former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort
PM Groysman at Emergency HQ meeting on Balakliya explosion
In Ukraine Voronenkov testified against Yanukovych and planned to investigate corruption of Putin — Ponomarev
Kremlin says claims of Russian involvement in ex-MP murder 'absurd'
Russia closed movement at border checkpoint North of Chernyhiv region
Ukrainian president calls murder of ex Russian MP in Kyiv an act of Russian terrorism
Balakliia: evacuation Zone expanded to 10 km
Police reported 2 wounded due to arsenal explosion in Balakliya
Investigation ongoing at Kyiv Premiere palace
Exiled Duma deputy Ponomarev says exiled Duma deputy Voronenkov was killed on his way to meeting him in Kyiv.
Zakharchenko live threatened to seize the entire Donetsk oblast
ATO spox: In Avdiivka, in the afternoon, enemy actively shelled UA positions with mortars
The man who killed Denis Voronenkov has been apprehended
In Kyiv, killed ex-Deputy of the Russian state Duma Denis Voronenkov - police
Murdered in Kyiv - ex-MP of Russian Duma Denis Voronenkov
Video: explosion at Balakliya
Double murder in Central Kyiv, another attacked person survive
Shooting in central Kyiv near Premier Palace hotel
Main tank unit of Russia - Kantimirovskaya tank division is on battle alert due to snap check
The attack on Ukrainian ammunition storage was possibly done by UAV. Explosions continue
The attack on Ukrainian ammunition storage was possibly done by UAV. Explosions continue
"The protection of arsenals, bases and warehouses in which ammunition is stored increased" - the Minister of defense of Ukraine
Since today a lot of restrictions at ATO zone - do not move in woods, do not be close to strategic objects
Extensive damage in Balakliya after ammunition depot explosion
Photo: fire at ammunition depot in Balakliya, Kharkiv region
Russia fired Bereg and Bastion anti-ship missiles during recent drills at Black Sea
No-fly zone declared over Balakiya area
People from different areas helping evacuated cause of explosions
Military prosecutor Matios: reason of explosion in Balakliya is saboteur attack
Ammunition depot still exploding, up to 1/3 of all arsenal is on fire
Explosions at massive arms depot in eastern Ukraine described as "sabotage" as up to 20,000 evacuated
84 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 1 soldier killed, 1 wounded
Dozens of firetrucks are heading towards the burning ammo depot in Kharkhiv region
250 firefighters working on the site of ammo depot explosion in Balakliya
Ukrainian ammo depot exploded in Kharkhiv region tonight
Ukrainian ammo depot exploded in Kharkhiv region tonight
Military evacuating civil population from Balakliya
Kremlin sends 63rd convoy illegally into Ukraine. Claimed by Moscow to be aid, cargo never inspected, thought by many to include arms, ammo.
Video of fire in Balakliya, Kharkiv region
Fire at ammunition depot in Balaklia from 1km distance
Ammunition depot in Balaklia, Kharkiv is on fire
At 3 am as a result of subversion act - ammo depot of 120, 152mm shells exploded at Balaklia
Balakliya milk factory burnt, 50kms danger zone declared
Balakliya Railway station burnt
Explosions in Balakleya continue. The view from Volohoviy Yar on Balakleya
Fire at military warehouses in Balakliya
Fire at military warehouses in Balakliya
Heavy explosions reported in Balakliya, Kharkiv region
Explosion of warehouses in Balakliya, Kharkiv region