Map. History of Ukraine conflict

20 November 2017
Militants shelling Ukrainian positions of 28 brigade from Olenivka
#Donetsk Kalinovka, Medical Univ. - Flashes on the horizon, probably in the area of #Optyne
Military Echelon in Matveev Kurgan. MLRS Uragan
Ex "DNR" chief Strelkov: in 12 months/sooner #Ukraine could be ready to take on RU militarily
Russian military convoys without license plates going through fields to Ukrainian border
Flash mob in Ukrainian embroidery In the center of Moscow
Heavy explosion in Donetsk
PLA/N frigates Linyi 547 and WeiFang 550 moored at Istanbul Harbour for port call.
BSF flagship Project 1164 Atlant class guided missile cruisers Moskva 121 transits northbound Bosphorus 13:30UTC
Veterans marched with the Ukrainian flag in #Chicago
Radio Svoboda removed an interview with Israeli businessman on Putin's bribery
MP of "Edinaya Russia": the U.S. intelligence assassinated Mosgovoy
Poles voting in the final round of a cliffhanger presidential election race
Ukrainian patriots from the Czech Republic helped Dnipropetrovsk scouts
In shelling in Luhansk region wounded three military
Bicycle day in Kharkiv
Russia is not threatening the west, it will be destroyed by "IS and gays", Russian deputy PM says.
#UK flagship to bolster #Baltic states
Car of Mozgovoy
More than 40 hits of Avdiivka coke coal plant.
#Avdiivka: Smoke rising, probably the fire at the coke plant after RU shelling
Head of militants - Mozgovoy was ambushed and killed
Lenin monument was dismantled in Kurakhove
Kerry: U.S. will help Georgia advance in its preparations towards membership of NATO
[email protected]: Russia continues to ignore peace initiative
German journalist Russia Today banned entry in Ukraine
Putin presented the medal of Honor to Kadyrov
USA plans to provide #Ukraine additional humanitarian assistance in amount of $ 18 million
Separatist in city Council of Slovyansk: You will sweep from Donbas as dirt
Moscow issues travel warning over U.S. 'hunt' for Russians