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25 กันยายน 2018

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GRAD striking Donetsk now
Russian invaders film their artillery attack on #Luhansk #airport
Russian invaders film their artillery attack on Luhansk airport
Ukrainian symbols were brought from #Kharkiv to #Slavyansk
Kiev: Russia Is Shelling Ukraine, Sending Drones Across The Border
Militants have declared curfew in Horlivka
Ukrainian flag was raised over the Lisichansk city Council
Burned house in Lysychansk
Dutch sending police, want to stabilise/secure #MH17 crash site: PM @afp
Girl from Torez boasting in Instagram about ink from Amsterdam, "or rather from the field" #MH17
#Russian soldier who went over to #Ukrainian side confirmed that #Putin is sending its regular forces to #Ukraine
Russian soldier who went over to Ukrainian side confirmed that Putin is sending its regular forces to Ukraine
Emergency Workers Chased Away From MH17 Crash Site By Militants
U.N. aviation body to hold safety meeting with IATA after downing of #MH17
@GeoffPyatt: We have new evidence Russians intend to deliver heavier & more powerful MRLS to militants
Russian MRLS "Tornado" crossed the Ukrainian border. Tornado is x4 times more powerful than GRAD
Exhumation of a mass grave in Sloviansk. Locals said they saw insurgents dumping bodies there
@DanBBaer at #OSCE today: No reason to doubt there is artillery fire coming from #Russia's territory into #Ukraine
Lysychansk is almost completly liberated
Volodymyr #Hroysman was appointed as acting PM of Ukraine
Russia shells Ukrainian positions near Chervonopartyzans'k from Gukovo
The battalion "Lugansk" have detained armed militants near the Lysichansk
Alliance source: @PMBreedlove's proposed HQ "would be a 24/7 fully functioning headquarters" for NATO in the east
EU targets Bortnikov, head of Russian secret service, in draft sanctions list
EU source says 15 Ukrainian & Russian individuals and 18 entities will be added to sanctions list over role in the Ukraine crisis
Russia firing BM-21 GRAD over the Ukrainian border. Went to Kolesnikivka near Stanitsa-Luhanska
One more #RUS drone captured in Kharkiv region
Prime Minister of Ukraine Yatsenyuk has resigned
Prime Minister of Ukraine Yatsenyuk has resigned
Der Spiegel: Moscow is preparing a private army for war in Ukraine
Petrovka district in #Donetsk after shelling
LNR declared full mobilization of the population
Ukrainian forces enter Verhnyokaminske
Russian ambo to UK warns that 'sectoral sanctions will trigger a long anticipated endgame of the global crisis'
#Ukraine's PM Yatsenyuk may announce his resignation amid collapse of coalition in the parliament
10 tons of humanitarian aid were delivered to refugees in the Svyatogorsk monastery
Poroshenko: Ukrainian forces aren't respond to Russian fire, not to provoke intervention
There was 1 Ukrainian citizen aboard the passenger jet #AH5017 of #AirAlgeria
Thousands of women of Bukovina had blocked the road to Chernivtsi in protest against the mobilization
Minibus crashed In Kiev
MoD has provided evidence of shelling the territory of Ukraine by RF
MoD has provided evidence of shelling the territory of Ukraine by RF
Ukrainian NSC denies detaining RT stringer Graham Phillips. RT told him not to go to Donetsk
Piece of #MH17 found and inspected by OSCE today, not shown before
Pic of @CNN freelance journalist #AntonSkiba abducted by pro-Russian separatists
A new piece of #mh17 in the forest. Found by investigators today. @CBSEveningNews
Rally of silence in memory of victims of the crash in Ukraine in Amsterdam
The General's Prosecutor office opened 308 criminal cases against Communists
Bridge was blowned up in Horlivka
Bridge was blowned up in Horlivka
#Russia rejects calls for substantial monitoring of Russian side of border with #Ukraine
Terrorist Boroday: I am the support of the Russian people
See TIME new cover on MH17: Cold War II Can anything stop Vladimir Putin?
79th Airborne Bde. Sandwiched between/outgunned by regulars in #Rus+irregulars
79th Airborne Bde. Sandwiched between/outgunned by regulars in Rus+irregulars
Russia banned the import of Ukrainian parsley and dill
Anti-Obama racists adv in Russia
NSC: Pilots from downed su-25 are alive and not captured by the terrorists
Renewed shelling in #Donetsk
Two more flights of unmanned aircraft from Russia to Ukraine were recorded
The Netherlands prepare a @UN resolution, calling for an int. police op. at the #MH17 crash site
Yesterday, #terrorists attacked and robbed a mall "Donetsk City". Losses are estimated in millions of dollars
There are active terrorists underground at the Liberated territories
Funeral of volunteer, who was killed near Donetsk, In Kyiv
Convoy of Russian military vehicles have made a provocation at the border of Sumy region
Another tank passing through central #Donetsk, heading east
Russia says will cooperate with MH17 probe led by Netherlands
#MH17 crash site now - armed militiamen protecting intl experts and not crash site
Vladimir Putin employs a full-time food taster to ensure his meals aren't poisoned
#Kirovograd saying goodbye to the dead Marines
@GeoffPyatt says #Russia is responsible for #MH17 and that they're firing artillery into #Ukraine right now
Poroshenko: we were very disappoited by the decision of France to continue the Mistral program. It's a question of values, not money
Russia will strengthen its military presence in the Crimea
Udar and Svoboda quits coalition in Ukrainian parliament. Elections coming soon
NSC: Russian terrorists were preparing terrorist attack in Slavyansk school
NSC: there are large amount of military vehicles In a forest area near Stary Ropsk, RF
Russia have shelled Kolesnikowka, two guards were wounded
Svoboda party left the Parliament coalition
Rain in Odessa
Russian prosecutor Bastrykin: Avakov and Kolomoisky will answer for the crimes in Ukraine
Prevented the attempt of the militants to blown up Kryukov bridge In Kremenchug
Adv in Mariupol "War = Donetsk Republic"
Ukrainian forces are storming Donetsk now
5 rebel tanks blew past the central Donetsk hotel where many journalists are staying!
Terrosist have blown up another bridge on route Kalinovka-Nikitovka
Ukraine has kicked the entire Communist Party out of its parliament
Ukrainian journalist Butusovy: Russia Todays Graham Phillips is Russian intelligence agent
18 wounded Ukrainian military flew from Russia
Ukrainian activists have found dozens of social network pages of Russian soldiers on the border of Ukraine
Residential quarters of Donetsk are shelled from GRADs
PM Tony Abbott deploys 50 AFP officers to London, prepared to deploy to Ukraine #MH17
Horlivka under heavy shelling by MRLS Grad
PM #Yatsenyuk: Ukrainian #su-25 might be shoot down by the rocket "air-air"
Explosions in Debaltsevo
Russian army continues its now almost nonstop shelling of #Amvrosiivka in #Donetsk region
Moscow has lost new satellite "Foton-M"
Ukrainian painting in #Reshetylivka, Poltava region
Ukraine Asked U.S. for Tech to Counter Russia's Jet-Killers via @elilake
MRLS GRAD shelling Ukraine from Russia, covering a convoy - video
MRLS GRAD shelling Ukraine from Russia, covering a convoy - video
Intercepted call: Russian MP Zhirinovsky promised to "VP" of DNR all necessary help
The experts did not reveal any interference in the "black boxes" of Boeing777 #MH17
One more pic from Russian soldiers - digging trenches
Explosions in the area of airport and railway station of Donetsk
2S9 Nona, self-propelled 120 mm mortar
Terrorists checkpoint in Mariinka near Donetsk
Khodakovsky now denies that talked about Buk to @Reuters
More and more Russian soldiers pics near Ukrainian border fouded by activists
Another Russian soldier pic "we are going to Ukraine..."
Russian soldier shared pics claims that his unit "shelling Ukraine all the night" [R]
Ukraine rebel commander Khodakovsky acknowledges fighters had BUK missile #MH17
#NATO tells #CNN #Russia troops moving closer to #Ukraine border POST #MH17 crash
Malaysian officials and OSCE monitors examining the #MH17 crash site today
#Russia Foreign Ministry demanding #Ukraine to release @GrahamWP_UK
Dutch King and Queen holding hands as MH17 coffins arrive in the Netherlands
Moscow is concerned about closed Kyiv investigation of the crash
Battles in Lysychansk
Ukrainian forces shot down one more drone Russian drone
First plane carrying remains of #MH17 crash victims lands in Eindhoven, Netherlands
There are heavy explosions in Eastern part of Luhansk
#Merkel, via Spox, calling for speedy EU sanctions against #Russia
Putin asking for an emergency meeting of the Duma
Turchynov said that Putin is lying about Russian forces on the border
#Lisichansk is burning now
DNR "Police" car
Ukraine has received an unconditional evidence of the involvement RF MoD Shoigu to the transfer of weapons to Ukraine
Two Ukrainian fighter jets shot down
Two Ukrainian fighter jets shot down
SSU have detained general who gave the terrorists the route of the Ukrainian military
Terrorists of DNR robbed the Varus store in Donetsk and stole cars from parking
#terrorists blew up motorway bridge, railway bridge and, train tracks in Horlivka
Russian armed vehicles simulate attack on Ukrainian border guards
Korban from Dnipropetrovsk state administration vs Putin
Ukraine will impose sanctions against Russia
Outside #Eindhoven airport this morning where the victims of #MH17 will begin arriving. National day of mourning
Communist leader Petro #Symonenko kicked out of parliament after telling Rus TV Ukr govt killed thousands in ATO, victims made organ donors
Police detained suspected to the blast near the hospital in Zaporozhye
Russian MPs want to investigate the links of Kolomoisky with the crash of the Boeing
There is fight In the Rada again. Communist Symonenko was beaten
Floods in Magadan, Russia. And Su-15TM
Bodies being loaded onto plane at Kharkiv Airport, Ukraine
Strelkov: militants left area near airport of Donetsk, Karlivka, Netailove, Pervomais'ke
Simple wooden coffins on the tarmac at Kharkiv airport
Militants have fled from Kirovsk, Lugansk region
Russian training facility near Ukrainian border
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