Map. History of Ukraine conflict

24 November 2017
US Air Force sending F-22 fighters to Europe
Rally during Merkel-Poroshenko meeting
[email protected]:"We firmly reject Russia's efforts 2 point to Ukraine as the aggressor;no indication intends to conduct offensive operations
Demo in St.Petersburg to congratulate Ukraine with Independence Day
SAM 9K35 Strela-10 at Rozdol'ne
Fake elections at the occupied territories represent a serious threat to the Minsk process – Poroshenko
One more supply convoy heading to Ukraine
One more supply convoy heading to Ukraine
Odesa celebrates the Independence day
The USA denied a visa to head of Russian Senate Matvienko
Activists in Rostov staged a picket for the Day of Indepence of Ukraine
Merkel makes clear why Putin wasn't invited to Hollande, Poroshenko summit: as long as Minsk accord is shambles, phoning him is enough
Independence day march in Kharkiv
"We came here to implement Minsk agreement," Merkel says at meeting with Hollande, Poroshenko.
Merkel: during the trilateral meeting in Berlin had a telephone conversation with Vladimir Putin
On the main gas pipeline from Moscow to Stavropol in the Luhansk region there was an explosion
Mariupol. Freedom Square. A festive concert.
In Simferopol Ukrainian activists were released after a two-hour detention
Poroshenko began talks with Chancellor Merkel and President Hollande
Kharkiv now the prayer for Ukraine
US Army soldiers participate in wreath-laying ceremony for Ukrainian Independence Day in L'viv, Ukraine.
Lavrov: When Poroshenko said that the Russians are not brothers, is that what friends do?
Lavrov: When Poroshenko said that the Russians are not brothers, is that what friends do?
Lavrov: Our Western partners trampled the principles of the Helsinki Final Act when they bombed Yugoslavia in 1999
Ukraine is getting closer to debt restructuring deal. Rumor: 20% haircut
SecDef Carter: Russia's behavior "is an unwelcome strategic development. We are making a new playbook for NATO"
Seleznev said this is clear indication of a deliberate upcoming "friendly fire" provocation to blame
Russia informed Ukraine through the JCCC that Ukraine will attack Frunze with MLRS Grad soon.nUkr.: "All 50 km away."
Moscow accuses Kyiv of purposefully building up heavy weapons at contact line
Russian Foreign Minister Accuses Netherlands of Concealing Facts About MH17
Krasnodon - Ukraine Sending SMS "Independence Day of Ukraine!"
[email protected]er: Today we mark the 24th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence. Canada stand with Ukraine against Putin regime's aggression
Conscription reintroduced in Lithuania. Volunteers make up almost all conscripts this year
Sergey Lavrov said that Poroshenko's statement about Russian invasion are "unscrupulous and unfounded"
Militants showed "captured" Knight XV, perhaps Yanukovych ones, captured by Right sector previously
In Makiivka burnt police station
Monument to Putin in Zaporizhia
Independence day in Slovyansk
Lavrov: Russia, China against imposing will over sovereign states, attempts to rewrite history
Basurin daily presser: Kyiv celebrates Independence Day with Bloodshed, Genocide & Nazi Tyranny
Sergey Lavrov: the Age of Western dominance is over website was blocked at Occupied Donbas by several internet providers
In the occupied Donetsk staged a rally against the independence of Ukraine
Volodarske, Mariupol area -Blast of unknown object childred found, 1 4yo dead, 3 8-10yo wounded
US Army Paratroopers observe the raising of Ukraine’s national flag during a ceremony in Lviv
Poroshenko: We are for peace, but we are not pacifists. We will increase the power of the army and increase contract component of the army.
Steinmeier at AmbConf15: Still very far away from a real solution in eastern Ukraine
Parade in Kyiv
Flag day in Kharkiv - Korotych airfield
Shells hit Krasnohorivka
Horlivka. Shelling from Rumyantsevo district
Shelling in Staromykhailivka. Power blackout
In Moscow Russia will show replica of "The Tsar Bomba" most powerful thermonuclear bomb ever detonated
In Moscow Russia will show replica of
Russian artillery shells Zolote
Shelling from Makiivka with 3-4 howitzers
Outgoing artillery fire from Vuhlehirs'k
In Stakhanov heard heavy howitzers fire
Shelling near Svitlodarsk
Basurin from DNR to TASS: Ukrainian army will hit center of Donetsk with Scarab-B/Tochka-U tomorrow
A-10 Tankbusters deployed to Estonia for training with Estonian & Finnish Forces
Russian bikers extol "Great Stalin praying in the Red Monastery." Evangelical Sovietism galore
Russian bikers extol
Echelon in Koltushi
Echelon in Koltushi
Ukrainian community of Washington begins to celebrate the Independence Day of Ukraine.
March of Azov through the streets of Zaporozhye
Honoring the Ukrainian flag in Rubizhne
Flag day in Berlin
Diaspora in the Parma, OH, US celebrated the Independence Day parade
Day of Ukrainian flag in Krasnoarmiysk
[email protected] at today's Mass "May the Lord grant peace to Ukraine, preparing to celebrate tomorrow Independence Day"
Russian militants in Pereval'sk
Railway soldiers complete over 60% of groundwork for construction of bypass around Ukraine - General Bulgakov
In Donetsk died cameraman of Russian TV Channel 5
Flag day in Kurahove
Avdiivka tv tower today also decorated Ukrainian flag
In Dnipropetrovsk region, the police seized 6 grenades, bullets and gunpowder
MFA Klimkin: Stalinist-Nazi aggression failed, and aggression of Russia will fail
The Chairman of the Majlis of the Crimean Tatar people calls Merkel, Hollande and Poroshenko to take effective measures to restore Territorial integrity of Ukraine
Lysychansk celebrates flag Day.
Smoke in the area of Zolote
Flag day in Dnipropetrovsk
Ukrainian flag over Cape Sarych - Southern point of Ukraine
Rally at the monument of Taras Shevchenko in Paris
SBU on the eve of Independence Day prevented the attacks on the raiway stations of Odessa
Azarov on Ukraine and the EU: "can't catch up, fall behind more"
National Flag day of Ukraine at the Consulate General of Ukraine in Munich
Flag day in Mariupol
New police in Lviv
"Intelligence" of DNR: the Ukrainian armed forces preparing to take Donetsk in double circle
In Troyeshchina, Kyiv presented awards to the participants of the ATO. One was the son of the deceased fighter of the Right Sector.
The independence day of Ukraine in Paris
Flag day in Druzhkivka
The celebration of Flag Day in Severodonetsk
Flag day in Artemivsk
Gunmen wearing uniforms of the Ukrainian army forces are preparing provocations on Independence day – Lysenko
CSTO troops begins exercises near Pskov, forming air-borne grouping for airlifting troops to conflict zones
Lysenko: One Ukrainian soldier killed, 4 wounded in last 24 hours
Flag day in Vugledar
Man in t-shirt "USSR" was beaten in Kharkiv
Odesa unfolds huge Ukraine's flag on Potemkin Steps
Car demo in Kramatorsk in the day of Ukrainian flag
Flag day in Kharkiv
Oath of new Lviv police
At Sophia square - exhibition of battle flags of Army. National guard, state border service
Poroshenko at Sofiivska square, today is day of Ukrainian blue-yellow flag
NATO Secretary General to visit Ukraine in the near future