Map. History of Ukraine conflict

25 September 2017
Fire teams on the site of explosion
Reports about heavy blast near "Holodna Gora" in Kharkiv
Azov Batt.located #Russia terrorists by radio sig.& #Ukraine mil neutralized
Azov Batt.located #Russia terrorists by radio sig.& #Ukraine mil neutralized
Finland FM on violations in Ukraine: Russian foreign ministry is "embarrassed by this, including Lavrov himself"
Kyiv meet "cyborgs" of 95-th brigade
Head of OSCE urged Russia to withdraw troops from Ukraine
Putin & Shoigu discussed the results of the "drills" of the Russian army
The consequences of today's shooting in Kirovsk, Luhansk region
Putin says Arctic strategic command to start work on Dec. 1
Rally in Prague
March of Solidarity With Ukraine Took Place in Poland: "Putin Is the Biggest Terrorist in the World"
Russia and Abhazia are creating joint armed forces
Lavrov: It’s not about anti-Americanism. Simply the American push provokes reaction according to Newton’s third law
Prodan confirmed that Russia has suspended deliveries of coal
Taruta said that the government must regain control of Crimea and Donbas "at all costs"
Ukrainian exoskeleton. This suit will allow to reach the Kremlin. This costume of gunner, 50 kg.
Signed minutes of the Seventh meeting of the Council of Presidents of Ukraine and Lithuania
Russian Communist wants Russia to return Azarov and Pshonka to Ukraine
3 soldiers killed, 24 injured over the past day
@GrahamWP_UK was wounded by shrapnel. Admitted to #Donetsk hospital. Surgeon says he will be fine. #Ukraine
In Kharkiv The Security service of Ukraine has arrested the terrorists who planned the explosion on the police Department building.
Colossal flashes engulf Donetsk skyline #Ukraine
Curfew imposed on road Kharkiv-Rostov from Izyum to Debaltseve until morning
Military convoy going to the border of Ukraine passed Chaltyr, Rostov region
The United States will keep troops in #Poland & the Baltic states for at least the next year
First Militants write that they shelled the Ukr. military,and when it turns out that shells hit civil houses, - then "it was junta"
Stanytsia Luhanska was massively shelled from Russia from 21:15 to 21:30 local. Reports of massive damage and casualties.
Mortar attack wounded two, killed one at CP in Piski
Russian Soyuz with three #ISS crew members are ready to launch
Ukrainian APC in Slavyansk
Dzhankoy and military vehicles of the Russian army
Russia and Abkhazia signed a new agreement on cooperation
Russian submarine appeared off the coast of Latvia - Ministry of Defence
Sergey #Lavrov met with #US Secretary of State @JohnKerry /Meeting S. Lavrov, Secretary of state #George W. Bush. Kerry
Russian militant voluntarily surrendered to the defenders of the Donetsk airport
Russian "humanitarian" convoy with howitzers spotted in #Donetsk
Vladimir Putin: Russia is stronger than all, because we are right
Graffiti against LNR in Luhansk
Heavy snow in Kyiv today
Putin's militants hit Ukrainian old HQ in Piski with mortars
Shelling of #Donetsk City outer limits this morning
Shelling of #Donetsk City outer limits this morning
Wreckage from #MH17 being transported by train to Netherlands leaves rebel-held east #Ukraine
#Vatnik fashion show. Literally.
Today's rally at Duke and lustrator" near interior Ministry in Odessa
Gunfire & chase at #Russia terrorists CP #Donetsk after minibus refused to stop #Ukraine
Gunfire & chase at #Russia terrorists CP #Donetsk after minibus refused to stop #Ukraine
@OSCE_SMM visit to hardhit Trokhizbenka (Luhansk) today. Temp truce held 4 repair work
25th anniv - #Plast/Ukr scouting in Kyiv. Canadians helped reintroduce century-old, future-facing youth org 2 Ukraine
Rally near Notre-Dame de Paris #Holodomor
#Ukraine AA guns fired at #Russia drones over #Mariupol.Drones reported Sartana & Pavlopolya.
"Antifascist" conference in Perevalsk
Russia shells Mariupol from early morning, Ukrainian forces return fire