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25 กันยายน 2018

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Evacuation for wrong parking in Kyiv
SBU again searches at Korban flat in Dnipropetrovsk
Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: Ukrainian Armed Forces incurred no losses and no troops were wounded
Drills of Ukrainian army in ATO zone
Russian UAV jammed and downed near Kominternove yesterday
New Mayor of Dnipropetrovsk asked Rada to fire him as MP. 314 votes for
UKR Parliament adopted #DraftLaw3533 on cancellation of extra #import surcharge from January1, 2016
Kyiv police fined Santa
Ukrainian Rada voted for change in tax code with solid majority of 251 votes
#Donetsk Explosions and assault rifle burts, towards Motel"
IL-76 76828 (Russia Ministry of Internal Affairs) landed on UKFG about 14:30 UTC
15 Russian UAVs, 5 Su-24, 3 Mi-8 recorded on the border of Kherson region
Occupation of Kominternovo is a distraction - Lysenko
Russia has huge military exercises “simulating a war with the United States and/or NATO”
Russian #Ombudsman suggests exchanging Nadiya #Savchenko to #Russia'n #GRU soldiers Alexandrov and Yerofeyev
The Russian Federation is ready to buy electricity from Ukraine to supply to Crimea
Looks like US is 'compensating' for 'useless' #sanctions by expanding [email protected]_russia
Sector M spokesperson says #DPR did NOT leave #Komintenove, #OSCE already visited village and confirmed that
We hope ceasefire in Ukraine won't be limited to holidays - @mfa_russia
Col. Motuzyanyk: @ICRC provided humanitarian aid and gasoline to residents of destroyed Pavlopil village
ATO spox: Near Velyka Novosilka village, UA police found a cache with a rocket launcher, 2 grenades, 800 ammo
Col. Motuzyanyk: Mariupol sector: the enemy for a single time fired with antitank missile at UA positions near Hranitne
InfoResist says that #DPR forces deploying more military hardware to #Komintenove and a unit of the #Russia|n Armed Forces arrived there
Farmers at Rada tried to smuggle to the building coffin with a pig
We pray for peace in Ukraine – President met with Patriarch of Jerusalem
One more supply convoy arrived in Donetsk
Total 51 attacks yesterday, and 5 since 12am today
MIA Avakov urge to convene NSDC to respond to militants push near Mariupol
Russia sent to the Donbass 48th supply convoy today
Zhebrivsky: Mobile connection with villages around seized by "DPR" #Kominternove is lost.
@Guderian_Xaba UAF officer: " the early morning spotted five tanks, four 120mm howitzers, and 100-150 “DPR” members in the village."
OSCE, #Kominternove: S-W and N-E entrances to the village blocked w mines, trip wires, improvised explosive devices and UXO's.
Russian militants in Tel'manove
Since "truce" militants violated ceasefire 35 times. 3 times with MLRS GRAD on Troitske
Saakashvili Anticorruption forum starts in Kyiv
Lenin monument removed in Kam'yanka of Mykolaiv region
A column of Russian military equipment at Kerch ferry crossing
A column of Russian military equipment at Kerch ferry crossing
According to head of Donetsk region Zhebrivsky militants also seized Vodyane near Kominternove
According to head of Donetsk region Zhebrivsky militants also seized Vodyane near Kominternove
President Poroshenko visited volunteer Jana Zinkevich in the Israeli hospital
RuAF IL-76 76745 possible from Primorsko-Akhtarsk landed on Saki (UKFI) about 14:00 UTC.
Russian Mi-8 flight recorder over Kherson-Crimea regions border
It's propaganda
RUSSIA RIA quoting "Intelligence of DNR": Foreign mercenaries arrived in Mariupol and Artemivsk
Russian sniper wounded civilian in Mariinka
Militants shelled Popasna with MLRS Grad
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Explosion reported in Kyivsky district of Donetsk
Russia issues new 100 rouble banknotes dedicated to annexed Crimea
Col. Andriy Lysenko: Kharkiv volunteers donated new presents to service dogs of UA border guards
ATO spox: Two militants were detained yesterday by UA police in Sloviansk
Despite ceasefire agreement, militants attacked #Ukraine positions 7 times, GRADs used south of #Popasna - ATO spox
ATO spox: Yesterday, a flight of enemy UAV was recorded at the administration border line with the Crimea
Col. Andriy Lysenko: Luhansk region: militants opened fire with small arms against UA positions near Shchastya and Krymske
ATO spox: Mariupol sector: Militants opened fire with small arms and rocket launchers at UA positions near Krasnohorivka & Marinka.
Col. Lysenko: An armed clash occurred in Talakivka, enemy were repelled back
3 units of BM-21 GRAD MLRS appeard near #Kominternove (in Dzerzhyns’ke). Militia strengthen troops also in Sakhanka and Zaichenko - Tymchuk
Rada appointed new elections in Kriviy Rih on 27 March
Russian state Duma allow collectors to demand to return loans of Ukrainian banks in Crimea(to Russian banks)
Handmade Christmas tree by Nadiya Savchenko
RuAF IL-76 76779 landed on Dzhankoi about 08:30 UTC
2 "light" truce-inside-ceasefire violations at Donbas: Machine gun attack in Pisky and sniper near Luhanske
U.S. Strategic air command declassified 1959 list of targets to nuke in Communists countries, including Ukraine: Melitopol' Myrhorod Stryy Poltava, Korokhiv, Priluky
#Poroshenko Says #Ukraine Seeking Free #Trade Deal With #Israel
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