Map. History of Ukraine conflict

20 กันยายน 2018

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Vlad Plahotniuc is the new President of the Democratic Party of officially.
After supporting the UN vote against Israel, Israeli PM Netanyahu has cancelled the visit of Ukrainian PM to Israel this week
Victims of Berlin attack include 7 Germans, and Italian, Czech, Ukrainian, Israeli, Polish nationals
Debris after shelling on 23 December in Debal'tseve
Novoluhanske rural council today
Head of Novoluhans'ke: There were no DNR here ever
Basurin of DNR group: Ukrainian army captured the village in "Gray zone"
DNR group reporting: 359 their fighters who were guarding Novoluhans'ke left their positions
JCCC: Since midnight ceasefire regime at Donbas
50 ceasefire violations at Donbas by Russian forces yesterday
Activists stormed the base of "Titushki" in Kyiv, about 150 were there
Heavy clashes reported near Horlivka
Very loud in Horlivka now, heavy outgoing fire again
On request of local citizens Ukrainian army setup a checkpoint on the South of Novoluhans'ke village
Russian forces heavily pounding Svitlodarsk, hits near civil areas
Russian artillery from Rtutny in Horlivka pounding Ukrainian positions far from, near Toretsk
Russian artillery pounding Popasna, heavy landings
Kadiivka(Stakhanov): heavy artillery sound
Powerful incomings in Toretsk in front of Horlivka
Pro Russian sources claim UA is further advancing towards Dolomitne
Rostov region of Russia: Police blocking protesting miners in Gukovo village
Rostov region of Russia: Police blocking protesting miners in Gukovo village
Opening of Christmas tree in Donetsk
Very loud booms from landings not far from Mariupol East side
A Ukraine citizen among Berlin Christmas market attack victims
Many reports about heavy artillery works in the Northern Donetsk/Western Makiivka/ Southern Yasinuvata
Avdiivka 3pm: reportedly artillery shelling started, hits at Promka area
Clashes near Kharkivska Metro station in Kyiv - city services attempting to demolish small shops, owners of shops against
ATO HQ denied info about execution of 3 Ukrainian POWs
Inauguration of new Moldova President Ihor Dodon these minutes
Putin says no one tortured or beat people who were arrested as "Crimean saboteurs".
Putin on Sentsov: Directors should make films, not plan terrorist attacks.
ATO spox: Over the previous day, 2 UA servicemen were killed in action, 3 were wounded in action
Putin says he supports visa-free travel to Europe for Ukrainians
Putin continues to deny Russia's military involvement in eastern Ukraine despite the recent reports
Ukrainian journalist tells Putin that even after he retires, Ukrainians will see Russia as an occupier
It's the annual UKR journo question: "You do realise that even if one day you leave office, Russians will stay occupiers for Ukrainians?"
Photo: Russian Navy improved Kilo Class submarine «Rostov-na-Donu» arrives to Sevastopol Crimea on December 17th
Russian minister Rogozin couldn't landed in Chisinau cause of fog, have to visit Dodon inauguration
Putin: Relations with Ukraine will be normalized sooner or later
Putin: Crimea intergration is harder than expected, but on course
Putin: Crimea intergration is harder than expected, but on course
Kerch bridge will be especially useful after normalized relations with Ukraine - Putin
Putin talks about hope for normalisation of relations w Ukraine. We have come a long way since summer 2014
Question for Crimea journalist on what Kerch Bridge should be named. Putin: Let's build it first
Nadezhda Savchenko was removed from Rada committee on Security and Defense
Men in military camouflage today at Kharkivsky market demolition in Kyiv
Photo: Russian forces tanks at Firing range
10am: Sound of artillery reported near Yenakijeve(possible firing range)
Report: clashes near Svitlodarsk since 2am, 6 wounded Ukrainian soldiers already
ATO HQ reporting about 22 ceasefire violations by Russian forces on 22 December
Russian forces shelled Myronivka 3 times with 152mm artillery
7am: Russian forces pounding Ukrainian positions near Svitlodarsk
Russian forces pounding Ukrainian positions with 80-120mm mortars near village Slavne, near Taramchuk
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