Map. History of Ukraine conflict

25 มิถุนายน 2018

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Russia will send to Donbass another "humanitarian" convoy
Marina Poroshenko traveled on the train Kyiv-Kharkiv
Bundesrat President: conflict in Donbas threatens not only Ukraine, but also throughout Europe
Heavy battle in area of Spartak, Donetsk
Austria is going to increase its representation of OSCE mission in Donbas
Destroyed bus near Artemivsk
Bus #Horlivka-#Artemivsk, 4 dead, 11 #injured taken to hospital, including 3 heavy
Damaged Russian tanks T-72,MT-LB on the road to Kamensk-Shakhtinsky
"Right sector" not leaving front lines and consolidating positions, - Chorniy
Fighting in Shyrokyne near #Mariupol. Fighting intensifying in #Ukraine
Fighting in Shyrokyne near Mariupol. Fighting intensifying in Ukraine
A bus Artemivsk-Horlivka exploded at checkpoint near Artemivsk. There are dead.
Oleg Tsarev: Kolomoisky losing war against Poroshenko
Attorney General of Ukraine dismissed his Deputy
European Parliament has voted in favour of granting Ukraine 1.8 billion euros
Russian armed forces not involved in Ukraine conflict — Kremlin spokesman
Oil reserves in the U.S. increased again and reached highs of 80 years
Three Russian airborne units was awarded guards rank for unknown "feat"
European Commission recommends Ukraine to change financing of political parties
Poroshenko says SBU must be reformed in line with NATO, EU standards
Peskov: Putin doesn`t use "nuclear rhetoric"
A private military company from Russia at Donbass
Germany is ready to start negotiations about sending peacekeepers to Donbass - Steinmeier
Marina Poroshenko has brought to Donetsk region food sets for kids and families of displaced persons
EU, #Ukraine to hold summit in #Kyiv on April 27
Burning construction site in Dnipropetrovsk
Chechnya threatens #U.S. Department of seven States for delivery #weapons to Ukraine
National team of Ukraine on football visited heroes of ATO in hospital
Humanitarian aid from Latvia to Avdiivka
The SBU detained a suspect in the murder of an officer of the intelligence agencies
#Putin not invited Poroshenko on Victory Day in Moscow
Germany is ready to discuss OSCE peacekeepers, - Ambassador of Ukraine
Putin noted two brigades and a regiment for participation in military operation
Rates in Rubles in stores of Donetsk. An unfavorable rate
#SBU exposed attempt of disguised insurgents to kidnap Colonel of Military forces of Ukraine
The consequences of shelling in #Avdiivka
The militants say they speak about prisoners only with Medvedchuk
10-year-old son of terrorist told how he shot the soldiers of ATO
Judge Oberemko was removed from office
Putin approved the call over 150 thousand Russians to the army.
Poroshenko: Grateful to US for its support
20 tons of humanitarian aid (med. drugs) and 2 car arrived today in #Severodonetsk
The monument of Petrovsky was failed in Chernihiv
Savchenko lawyers accused protection of Sentsov venality in the Kremlin
Poroshenko in Boryspil
Rally in Zaporizhie
Savchenko statement regarding tomorrow's Basmanny court
"Belarus is Europe! The belarusians are europeans!"
Selebration Day of Freedom near Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in Kyiv
London Ukrainians gave the soldiers of #ATO three SUVs
SBU said that prevented to carry out an attack in Odessa
Day of the historical faculty in #Donetsk national university
Central area of Zaporozhye was renamed Maidan of the Heroes
29 Russian soldiers were destroyed near Mariupol
Jet fighters low over center of Dnipropetrovsk
Jet fighters low over center of Dnipropetrovsk
Water in #Luhansk
Fire in Donetsk. Perhaps burning hangars near airport
Freedom day in Minsk.
Russia has moved to Luhansk 20 wagons with ammunition
Avakov investigates cases against the former heads of the Ministry of agriculture and Ministry of environment from "Svoboda"
The UN will contribute more than 2 million dollars to create jobs for immigrants
Day of Freedom In Minsk
Cabinet has dismissed Krivopishin as the head of the South-Western railway
#SBU work in Odessa
Drills near Mykolaiv
The Belarusians have held the event "Together forever" on Ukraine's support in Belgium
Belarusians celebrate freedom Day in Kyiv
The First US Humvees. Borispol
The leader of the Pro-Kremlin party wants to put Pro-Ukrainian activists for insulting Putin in Poland
Ukrainian army are conducting regular exercises in career in #Kramatorsk. In addition to exercise - routine check of the sirens.
There was the wedding of two soldiers of the battalion of "Karpatska Sich" cyborg "Bison" and the Lera Burlakova yesterday in Pisky
Ukrainians are responsible and will use American weapons in the case of providing, - General Wald
#SBU will interrogate the organizers of rally in #Dnepropetrovsk
Railway track between stations blown up, Demarino - Prosyana in Dnipropetrovsk region
Plane with US Humvees arrived in Kyiv
No victims among military per day in the zone of #ATO, 4 wounded, - Lysenko
Zorian Shkiryak was appointed as the new head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations
Russian #General Lentsov announced the installation of observation points in difficult areas of #Donbass
Rally near City Council in Odessa
On the Maidan today bid farewell to two dead soldiers of "Aidar".
The weapon of the regiment "Dnipro-1" was found in the suspects in the murder of the SBU officer in Volnovaha
The President was asked to return Bandera and Shukhevych the title of hero of Ukraine
Also detained first deputy of minster Bochkovsky
All law enforcement agencies of Ukraine has launched a massive security operation - Poroshenko
Head of emergency ministry of Ukraine Bochkovsky was detained at the meeting of government of Ukraine
Mironov asked the Prosecutor General's office to check the legality of the transfer of Crimea to the Ukrainian
Poroshenko approved the Law on the strength of the Armed Forces of Ukraine up to 250 thousand people
DNR and LNR should not consider Kolomoisky as ally - Pushilin
Russian Col-General Lentsov (with OSCE bodyguard) making second visit to inspect frontline east of #Mariupol today
The court arrested the first of 69 vessels that was in the annexed #Crimea
Bomber of #RF developed supersonic speed over the Baltic sea
#Klitschko arrived on bike in Trukhaniv island for inspection
The authorities ordered supermarkets to reduce prices after buckwheat panic
A Russian Paratrooper from the 98th Airborne Division in Stanytsia-Luhanska District of Ukraine
Pro-Russian Deputy Kvasnuk held in the hall of shame, in Odessa
Putin employed former minister Zakharchenko
Russian journalists came under fire near Mariupol
Russian Marines will conduct shooting in Crimea
In Makiivka heard a gunfight from Spartak-Opytne
#Lugansk East. A lot of aircraft traces
Militants staged a deadly accident in #Donetsk
State Duma wants the resignation of Ambassador of RF in Ukraine Zurabov
Rally against Yatsenyuk in Kyiv
Ukrainian mobile anti-air radar near Milove was destroyed by landmine not RPG
Luhansk region. There were clashes between the forces of the ATO and "Cossacks" - Moskal
Russian forces bombed #Shyrokyne for the entire night with medium weight and heavy mortars. At least 7 attack waves.
#DragoonRide: 1800kms, 6 NATO Allies in Poland
Battle in Piski
Military, who carried out of the zone #ATO grenade launchers for sale, was detained in Khmelnytsky
The meeting of the Federation Council of the RF on Crimea. Askenov and Konstantinov are present
Aircrafts fly over Luhansk
Aircrafts fly over Luhansk
French missile frigate La Fayette sent to the Black sea
#Donetsk 7:15 again the battle in the district of Spartak-Opytne. Machine guns, tanks
Moody's believes that the default of Ukraine "almost" inevitable
A few @usairforce A-10 #warthogs joined up w/ @2dCavalryRegt Soldiers during a #DragoonRide stop in #Poland
Poroshenko signed resignation of Igor Kolomoisky
Poroshenko is proposing to reduce the number of employees
Fire in Odintsovo, Moscow
Moody's downgrades Ukraine's sovereign ratings
Poroshenko proposes to increase number of border guards
OSCE refuted information about the attack on the observers near Shyrokyne
"Right sector" held a rally in Central Kyiv in memory of Sashko Biliy
Soldiers of 25th brigade of Ukrainian armed forces trained in Dnipropetrovsk
OSCE report about militants tanks 15 km from separation line
#Russia(n) drone captures images of #Ukraine defenses near #Mariupol
American aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt arrived in UK
American A-10 landed in Powidz, Poland
Romania -- Exercise Saber Junction kicks off today, 5,000 troops from 18 nations
Reports of heavy explosion In Donetsk
Russian mercenary from Pavlov Posad was killed near Mariupol
Ships of the Russian Navy took part in exercises in Malaysia
Ballerina Volochkova danced in Crimea
Yaresko with Council of European Bank for reconstruction and development
Parubiy, citing data from NATO and the US, urged to prepare for active militants attacks
Zakharchenko: I propose Kolomoysky to start own Dnipropetrovsk republic of Kolomoysky
Battle between ATO forces and militants near Mayorske
Battalion "Donbass" in Shyrokyne
Battalion Donbass in Shyrokyne
Monument to Lenin fell in Vodyane
Poroshenko has proposed to increase the number of border guards to 53 thousand
Chief of army aviation told the details of accident with helicopter
Soldiers of "St. Nicholas" returned in Mykolaiv from ATO via @nikvesti
OSCE reports about another violation of truce in East Ukraine
Ukrainian MFA still can`t confirm that son of Victor Yanukovich has died
Policeman was fined because posted photo in Facebook
Road accident of two minibuses in Kyiv
Bundestag will ratified the agreement of Association EU with Ukraine
President @Poroshenko will participate in the meeting of HMMWV tommorow
The hryvnia on the interbank market fell to 23.5
Zakharchenko: Russian General came under fire Near Shirokino
Moskal complained to the police, the crimes of a number of fighters of "Aydar"
Zakharchenko: UN peacekeepers in the Donbass is contrary to the Minsk agreement
Chubarov encourages the Crimean Tatars not to leave #Crimea
The video with the crash of a military helicopter MI-24
Ukraine condemned the Nazi forum in Sankt Peterburg
Zacharchenko holds emergency press conference
Russian forces control both sides of the Siversky Donets river
Russian forces control both sides of the  Siversky Donets river
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia accused the U.S. of “learning non-nuclear countries in the use of nuclear weapons”
Latvian air policing jets identified 2x Russian Su-27 in Baltic Sea near border
A search in Lifenews is associated with the murder of Nemtsov, - Yashinn
#LNR states that in the near the time will establish a mail message with #DNR
677 million UAH lacks for food for the military
100 Tons of Food and First Aid Delivered to Eastern Ukraine
Occupied Crimea kindergarten, "Polite green men" games
Vladimir Putin met with Head of @mod_russia and chief of staff on the results of unplanned check of the readiness of the army
A military helicopter crashed in the Kyiv region, flew from Lviv, - Azov
Foreign Ministry announced the visit to Ukraine of a high-level EU delegation
USA army in Latvia
Police of Mariupol urged not to sell alcohol to military
Plant of Akhmetov resumed work on occupied "DNR" territory
The SBU detained three informants and one terrorist
A Hind Mi-24 attack helicopter has crashed outside Kyiv, killing at least one and wounding several others. Cause unknown
Match Chernomorets (@FC_Chernomorets) - Dnipro (@fcdnipro) was postponed because of security threats
Helicopter crashed in Kyiv region
Deceased in Ukraine terrorist were buried in Orsk
Lviv brewery produced beer Putin Huilo
To the editorial office of LifeNews came with a search warrant. Seize documents and servers
#Dzhemilev about the meeting with Erdogan: #Turkey supports us, but without sanctions against Russia
Today financial needs of #Ukraine is $40 bln until 2018. @n_jaresko
Military helicopter down in Kyiv region
The Chairman of the Kherson regional Council is suspected of embezzlement of budget funds - General Prosecutor
The eldest son of Yanukovych wants to erect a monument to "Berkut" in Crimea
Interpol has removed information about search of Knyazhitsky
Savchenko lost 28 kg during the strike, she has problems with her kidneys and liver
Akhmetov got a new plane for $50 million
A-10s in Europe for Allied training
Ukroboronprom will domestic British #Saxon tank gun
Arkhangelsk Minister fired after the instructions to participate in the rally for Crimea
The Prosecutor sought to impeach the mayor of Chernihiv
#Russia|n armed forces troops, armor on maneuvers in #Ilovaisk, eastern #Ukraine
Emelyanov urges Putin to invade Ukraine, if the United States will give weapons
USA prepare to send first batch of armored Humvee to Ukraine
The head of the "Right Sector" in the Donetsk region had proposed temporary administration in the "Krasnoarmeiskugol". Miners approved idea
Mistress of Yanukovych was assistant MP Julia Liovochkina
The official dollar exchange rate fell below 59 rubles
Poland sees sharp rise in Ukrainian immigrants amid conflict
The staff of the media holding ATR appealed to Putin with a request to prevent the closure of the Crimean Tatar media
Miners are protesting in Dimitrov. The General Director of "Krasnoarmeiskugol" resigned
#Merkel met with mother and sister of #Savchenko
#Activist of Euromaidan are judged beating security official "Berkut" in Crimea
The militants urged Russia not to rush to send troops to Donbass
Cafe burned down at Troyeshchyna
Ex-MI6 Boss: "At the moment we seem to be powerless to shift Russia away from a de facto situation, which they have largely created."
Odessa today. The right Sector and self-Defence have detained guards of illegal construction site
#Kirovograd met demobilized guards
51 ATO veterans promoted to the positions of higher military leadership.
#Yanukovych came in #Sevastopol for the funeral of his son - media
Head of LNR urged Obama not to succumb to provocations of the U.S. Congress
The fighter ATO shot with riffle gun car in the Volyn region, - MIA
Ukraine denied the imminent granting of visa-free regime with #EU
Battle in Hranitne
Citizens of Odessa protested against corruption in the Prosecutor's office of the city yesterday
Crimean speaker called leadership of #Mejlis a "bygone"
Ukrainian forces and a construction company from #Kharkiv start building heavy fortifications in #Stanytsia Luhanska.
"The wall" will build for participation of Ukrainian enterprises, - Yatsenuk
The mother and sister of Savchenko opened the exhibition #FreeSavchenko in Berlin
The celebrations of the Day #Victory in Ukraine will last for two days
Eyewitnesses reported: armed clash the defense of Odessa and guards took place around the construction site
"Authority" of Crimea disown funeral Yanukovych Jr.
Troops from the Russian army's 247th Airborne Regiment upload pictures from Donbass. (also executed Ukrainian soldiers)
Rally Near the Ukrainian house
A gang of hijackers from Luhansk region, which kidnapped only Range Rover, was arrested
The FSB detained a citizen of Ukraine for industrial espionage
The prosecution made an suspicion of the son of the Deputy Prosecutor General
The night in the center of Donetsk: skirmish and two burned-out cars
The U.S. state Department condemned the attack Pisky Pro-Russian separatists during the visit of the OSCE observers
State Duma of Russia urged to return the right to send troops of the Russian Federation to #Ukraine
The Prosecutor of Kyiv Yuldashev was fired
Russia wants to build a railway to bypass Kharkiv, Slovyansk and Horlivka
Russian saboteurs fired at a military unit in Milove
Bialystok/Poland - locals meet with US soldiers and see Strykers from up close
#Russia responded to the resolution #US about shipments of weapons in #Ukraine
Militants fired Pisky and Avdiivka with heavy weapons
Air Policing jets in international airspace above the Baltic Sea near LV border identified RU AF 2x Tu-22M, and 2x Su-27.
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