Map. History of Ukraine conflict

23 February 2018


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In Zaporozhye SBU detained arms dealers from the area of the ATO.
Novoazovsk reports: artillery, outgoing in the direction of Ukrainian forces
Russian militants in Kirovsk
#Horlivka center - firing coming from all types of weapons, including heavy
Russia pushes more troops to the Norther Crimea
Russia pushes more troops to the Norther Crimea
We are preparing for the defense of our country - President
3 T-72 tanks have entered #Donetsk from the east
Drills in Mykolaiv region
Kharkiv. Police cordoned off the plant club. Looking for explosives
Russian military vehicles on base in Yasinovataya
Another base of Russian militants in Kirovsk
Russia begins with the construction of the railway, to the Donbas
Russia begins with the construction of the railway, to the Donbas
The battalion "Ghost" in Kirovsk
Russian fighters base at the Powders plant in Kirovsk
Flag instead food in a market in #Krasnodon, #Luhansk region
Polish snipers, US cavalry join forces for bilateral training: #AlliedStrong
Column of military equipment in Oryol
Column of military equipment in  Oryol
Armenians of #Lviv, other city residents came to commem 100th anniversary of #ArmenianGenocide
#Luhansk Eastern blocks. AA-gun firing.
Kharkiv. On Svobody square a lot of police
Turkey on Putin's speech in Yerevan: Russia should remember own crimes: shoots genocides, Holodomor
Estonia - US and Estonian forces continue training in Operation Tornado
Heavy 82 and 120 mm mortar fire since 20.00 in Snyrokine
Shelling in Avdiivka
Unlawful use of OSCE markings in Ukraine inadmissible — Russian Foreign Ministry
Poroshenko: Donbas will impose martial law in case of the attack on security forces
Poroshenko: Or we invite peacekeepers, or it will be the EU mission. The only thing needed is the desire of all parties to peace.
Donetsk. The fountain is turned on in the square.
The monument to Lenin in Syktyvkar was painted in colors of Ukrainian flag
Fire destroyed part of the village in Chernihiv region
McFaul was admired by students of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy
Officials defense department stole volunteer assistance for 140 thousand UAH
Concert in Donetsk
Saakashvili crying for a Georgian hero from "Azov" at Maidan
#Savchenko finally refused to plead guilty - lawyer
Savchenko said head of SBU Vovk
How to build Chernobyl sarcophagus"
Red poppies and Ukrainian ornament replaced the St. George ribbon on the Victory stand in Nikolaev
"LPR" declared martial law against the backdrop of "Kyiv forces' aggressions"
The soldiers stopped the export of over 3 thousand cartridge from the garrison in the Dnipropetrovsk region
#Lukashevich: The training of the #Ukrainian military by 300 US instructors is fanning the flames of an internal Ukrainian conflict
A procession on the anniversary of the Armenian genocide in #Crimea
Accident in the center of Donetsk
Russian General staff accused the United States of unleashing all modern military conflicts in the world
#Lukashevich: We are particularly concerned about the reported #US plans to supply modern weapons to Kyiv directly or through intermediaries
Olesya Ovcharenko, who represented Ukraine at the world championship on fighting, came out to the ceremony with "DNR" flag
Announced the final charges for Savchenko
Portugal ratified Agreement on Association of Ukraine with the EU.
U.S. Ambassador picking up the trash in the Park
The memorial to fallen soldiers in the area of ATO was opened on the campus of the University of defence
Cabinet allocates UAH 300 million for the construction of fortifications near Mariupol
Russian military vehicles in Makiivka
Russian military vehicles in Makiivka
Near Tsarskoye Selo, a list of records of amounts of money for "miners" was found
Miliband: apt symbol of Britain’s waning influence when leaders of Germany &France tried to negotiate with Putin & UK PM nowhere to be seen
#Miners stake out at Verkhovna Rada as protest enters third day
Fire on territory of river port in Kyiv
Akhmetov's DTEK disown Fortress, says about pressure
Transportation of Russian soldiers from Sverdlovsk in the Rostov region
Ukraine and #NATO signed #Memorandum on technical cooperation
"Night Wolves" lost visas
SBU eliminated in zone of ATO smuggling oil pipeline from Russia
Rescue division increased risk was created in #Ukraine
The police prevents the delegates to attend the Congress of advocates near the "Home of movies"
Donbass regiment raise #Ukraine flag over high building in #Shyrokyne. Russians try to shoot it down with mortars.
In Armenia, Putin reminded about the merits of the Russian Empire
A woman with a box of explosives was detained in #Kyiv
Leaflets against MP Filatov were posted up in Dnipropetrovsk
#The state Duma unanimously declared Amnesty in honor of the 70th anniversary of Victory day
Chicherina in #Debaltseve
#Poroshenko has allowed the Accounts Chamber to control the budget revenues of #Ukraine
Mustafa Nayem has posted documents showing Akhmetov link to protests in Kyiv
"DPR" order about the use of "multi-currency system in Novoazovskiy district
Today #Finland ratified #Ukraine-EU Association
#Parliament decided to hold a festive meeting on 8th of May
#Malomuzh: Turchynov and Yatsenyuk were warned of the capture of the Crimea, the problem could be solved several thousand employees of #SBU
Conscription notice in "DPR". Gathering: 29 april
Member of Samopomich refused the mandate after the scandal with the Maldives
Brawl Congress of lawyers in #Kyiv: the delegates burst into a meeting
Militants have used against the forces of #ATO Russian ATGM Cornet
Ukrainian fashion magazine replaced the cover with a model in dress in "George" colors
Yatsenyuk: no Colorado tapes on May holidays
Gas explosion in Kramatorsk killed a woman