Map. History of Ukraine conflict

20 January 2018


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Road accident in Odesa
Gas talks Russia-EU-Ukraine will be in Vienna on June 30
Democracy on the Defensive: Freedom House releases 2015 Democracy Score Rankings
Empty shelves of electronics store in Makiivka
Azerbaijan, Georgia and Romania signed a Declaration on AGRI gas pipe
[email protected] has allowed the admission of foreign troops into Ukraine to host international operations
USA will give Ukraine 100 military vehicles HMMWV in July, - Defence Ministry Ashton Carter
Broken churches in Luhansk
Russian tanks T-72 in Donetsk
Russian tanks T-72 in Donetsk
The commander of Latvian armed forces Raimonds Graube visited Ukraine and met with Murzenko
Russian military base in Stakhanov
Russia rehearsed a military 'takeover' of Denmark
Militants have fired at Ukrainian positions 35 times during the day - press center of ATO
Defence Ministry of USA confirmed the military support of Ukraine
Consequences of storm in Luhansk
Consequences of storm in Luhansk
Storm in Luhansk
[email protected]: Britain and other allies announced that they will continue to supply non-lethal aid to Ukraine
[email protected]: NATO ready to support Ukraine in implementing reforms
Putin: We see challenges and risks right on our borders, thus, we need a strong modern army - RT
The people of Ukraine deserve our support, and we committed to our partnership with Ukraine, - Stoltenberg
More than 1300 persons are missing in the East Ukraine - PACE
PACE officially recognized the fact of Russian aggression in Ukraine
SBU reported about third bus, that was fired in Kharkiv
Police declared the plan-interception regarding the shooting in Kharkiv
Second bus was shot in Kharkiv
Mother urges Russia not to abandon soldier son captured in Ukraine, says he never quit the army
Photos of the fired bus in Kharkiv
Unknown fired a minibus and wounded one person in Kharkiv
Owners of kiosks have burned a tow truck in Kyiv
The employment center in Kуiv has developed an employment program for veterans of the ATO
Gun shooting in Kharkiv. 1 people was wounded
The legal status of the Mezhyhirya still undefined
Social activists passed 11 cars to the volunteer battalions
A cache of weapons and ammunition was discovered in Avdiivka
Ukraine tells @MineBanTreaty meeting that Russia is using antipersonnel mines on territory of Ukraine through armed groups
Meeting of Poltorak and Stoltenberg
Battle betwean Ukrainian paratroopers with saboteurs of militants near Avdiivka
Battle betwean Ukrainian paratroopers with saboteurs of militants near Avdiivka
In Berlin presented the report of Nemtsov "Putin.War" and the @AtlanticCouncil with evidence of the involvement of Russia to the war in Ukraine
The court postponed the hearing of the appeal against the suspect in the murder of Buzina
Lavrov at the meeting of the Russian security Council expressed regret for the failure of "Minsk"
The border guards and the Red Cross were not allowed to check the 31st Russian supply convoy
Media: Minister-the fugitive of "LNR" Lapteva was taken out of Russia, held in Luhansk and tortured
SBU foiled the terrorists 'plans for the production of drone
NATO warns of risk of return to heavy fighting in Ukraine
Ukraine's Defense Minister briefing press now at NATO Defense Ministerial
Russia always knew that US missile defense is aimed against it and China, and now it is confirmed - Patrushev
Lithuania had biggest defense spending growth in whole NATO. Similar trends in Poland and other Baltic states.
Goldman Sachs says Ukraine to default In July
Canada is ready to supply Ukraine with lethal weapons, but it will not act alone - Canadian Defence Minister
Jaresko: the IMF did not recognize the debt of Ukraine to Russia as state
SBU detained criminals who altered firearm in Mykolaev region
Today the PACE will be to vote for the recognition of the aggressor, and the Crimea – occupied
Bus tickets are sold only with passports In Crimea
Border guards and soldiers has detected flight of 7 drones in he Donetsk and Luhansk regions
US paratroopers fire 81mm mortar in training with Ukrainian National Guard in Fearless Guardian
In the Baltic Sea - Guided-missile destroyer USS Jason Dunham departs Kiel, Germany
Yarosh revolted by parliament sacked his friend Nalyvaychenko
NATO announced the creation of Ukraine trust Fund for demining explosive devices
Photoes from place of explosion in Lviv
Artillery heard in Lysychansk
25 kilograms of explosives were found in house of 80-year-old grandmother in the Donetsk region
Donetsk. Reads something like "Will pay well for Obama's head"
[email protected] @carlbildt w Ukrainian Amb Melnyk at @boell_stiftung @AtlanticCouncil conference in Berlin
Groisman offers to hold local elections under the old rules, but for 2 years – new elections
Zakharchenko called Yanukovych a traitor
France has ratified the Association Agreement between Ukraine and EU
The national Council will be at the door with checks on 10 TV channels
Militants threaten war if they won't be given the whole Donetsk region
The Minister of defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak met with U.S. Secretary of defense Ashton Carter
Donetsk militants shelled a convoy of the Red cross
Dzhemilev wants to create a military unit from the natives of Crimea
Ukraine to get air-traffic data via NATO to help its security; new (6th) trust fund for counter-IED training. [email protected]
The court rejected the Melnychuk appeal
NATO SG @jensstoltenberg: Ukraine is making reform progress despite major challenges. “This is remarkable.”
The national debt of Ukraine for the month rose by $ 7 billion
SBU detained the man, who wanted to pay off the army for a thousand dollars, in Kyiv
[email protected]_Kim banning Russian state media was controversial in Ukraine because Ukraine is a democratic society
[email protected]: We see clear, irrefutable evidence of Russia command & control support of military ops in Ukraine
About 400 cars stayed at the checkpoint Volnovakha this night. Line stretched for tens of kilometers
SBU found a base of the "Islamic state" in Dnipropetrovsk
Consequences of storm in Kerch
Russia was not returned the right to vote in PACE because of the situation in Ukraine
The insurance Fund began to pay the depositors of the Bank Standart
Bomb threat at Kharkiv railway station: People evacuated
Battle near Berezove. At the moment the passage in Donetsk is closed.
Russia will show"Ukrainian neo-Nazism" in 3D in the second world war Museum in Moscow.
Militants increased activity along the frontline mostly in area outside Mariupol: Shyrokyne, Berdyanske, Talakivka
In Lviv car exploded near police office - one policeman wounded
Militants shelled Pisky and Opytne w/ incendiary munitions, struck Shyrokyne w/ Grad-P portable rocket launchers
Russian IFV crash in Buryatiya during drills
Russian IFV crash in Buryatiya during drills
Poroshenko aide supports the deployment of US missile defense systems in Ukraine
New Pentagon manual declares journalists can be enemy combatants
SBU prevented an attempt on the assasination of a police chief in the Luhansk region. Detained two fighters of "Tornado"
Russian forces tried to advance in Shyrokyne under Msta-B and BM-21 fire last night but were repelled
Russian forces tried to advance in Shyrokyne under Msta-B and BM-21 fire last night but were repelled
Hodges: We see clear, irrefutable evidence of Russian command & control support of military operations in Ukraine
Zakharchenko: DNR intends to capture the entire territory of Donbas
Britain will double the cost of the preparation of Ukrainian armed force
New MH17 related video out on the website
New MH17 related video out on the  website
Conference on Russian disinformation starts tomorrow in Berlin
The defense Ministers of Poland, Ukraine and Lithuania in Brussels
A statue of Lenin "fell" in Chuhuiv
Pisky was shelled by militants with MLRS Grad
Militants blow up monument to Donbas women who restored Donbas after WW2
Militants blow up monument to Donbas women who restored Donbas after WW2
Tank brigade of militants in Torez
Tank brigade of militants in Torez
EU refutes the requirement of Ukraine to provide Donbas special status prior to the ceasefire
Luhansk International Airport in the occupation
The British company will help to implement 4G in Ukraine
Militants shelling from 120 mm mortars or self-propelled artillery in Shyrokyne
Shooting in Donetsk
The action of solidarity with Ukraine in Warsaw
Defence Ministers decide to bolster the NATO Response Force, reinforce collective defence
Fighters of Azov came under mortars shelling in Shyrokyne. 2 wounded
Chairman of Committee of House of representatives Mac Thornberry urged Obama to sign the law on weapons for Ukraine
Borodai believes that truce in Donbas, most likely, will collapse, and Russia may be drawn into the "big war"
Residents of Slovyansk have honored the memory of the deceased crew of the helicopter Mi-8 a year ago
Shokin announced the suspicion of the judge Chernushenko and asked Verkhovna Rada to approve his arrest
Ukraine will open sales offices in major partner countries
[email protected]_UA has approved a new form of patrol service
PACE left Russia in the Assembly and has maintained sanctions against it
PACE again urges Russia to release Nadiya Savchenko and other citizens of Ukraine
EU is preparing a counter Russian propaganda - document
SBU interviewed all the judges of the constitutional court in the case of the usurpation of power by Yanukovych
Kids play war in a crater. in Popasnaya.
Ukraine reduced electricity exports by 60%
The European Union has confirmed that asks Kiyv the special status for Donbass right now:
The foreign Ministry of Ukraine has supported the establishment of the international Tribunal to punish those responsible for the Downing of MH17
The Russian, who fought for the militants, asked Putin to stop the war
The consequences of shelling in Luhansk region
Putin: No more gas discounts for Ukraine under current oil prices
A resident of Donetsk took an overview of the status of streets and shops that do not work in the city center of Donetsk
A resident of Donetsk took an overview of the status of streets and shops that do not work in the city center of Donetsk
Traffic police has restored the traffic on the highway, where the truck exploded
Putin signed a decree of the extension of retaliatory sanctions for year
The queue for petrol at the circus in Donetsk
Electronic permit system in the ATO zone will be launched on July 7
Environment Minister refused to resign voluntarily, the Cabinet filed a submission to the Parliament
Stoltenberg said that NATO will not engage in arms race
Tagliavini, who has gone from the OSCE, will continue to engage Ukraine in the Red Cross
“Oppoblock” demands Ukraine to implement the Minsk agreement, unilaterally and threatens the Hague
Rally against rising of utility rates in Slavyansk
Certificates with the seal of the so-called "LNR" has received more than 4,000 students yesterday in Luhansk
The Deputy Prosecutor of the Bila Tserkva was caught on a bribe
Russia continues to supply weapons to Donbass and Russia is responsible for aggressive actions in Europe - Secretary General of NATO
Children of soldiers ATO on vacation in Poland, visited the Embassy.
Lawyer: Snowden studies Russian, but he is a patriot of the USA
The plane "the Boeing-767", which flew to Irkutsk, made in Simferopol emergency landing yesterday
Russia has threatened that the war can go far beyond the Donbass
FBI: we are working in Ukraine because we have been invated.
In Donetsk now check of civil defense alarm
Explosive subject was neutralized In the Black sea
French intelligence collection ship A-759 Dupuy De Lôme in Black Sea
Yatsenyuk proposed to transfer part of customs under the control of foreigners
Ukrainian border guards have spotted 3 Russian SU-25 over Crimea, and helicopter over Chernyhiv region
SBU detained two cars with meat, which combat of Ukrainian army tried to take in LNR
Four soldiers were injured per day in the ATO - headquarters
Russian Black Sea Fleet’s warship group led by Moskva missile cruiser leaves for Atlantic
Police force seized weapons in Luhansk region: 4 AK assault rifles, pistol, under-barrel grenade launchers
Ukrainian lieutenants undergo military drills under guidance of ATO veterans
Poroshenko has vetoed a law that allowing people to catch officials for crimes
Opponents of the demolition of kiosks poured gasoline technique and blocked the road
Truck rolled over and flew in Lexus near Kharkiv
Kyiv asked the Russian Federation on the transfer of prisoners from Crimea to mainland Ukraine
Broken monument of Lenin in Mykolaiv region
Yanukovych became an adviser of the leader of the DNR
Russia has declared its readiness to send weapons to Poland and Romania
PACE considers the deprivation of powers of the Russian delegation
SBU detained interim head of traffic police in Volnovaha decided on suspicion of collaboration with militants
Federation Council of the Russian Federation saw "the Ukrainian scenario" in the protests in Yerevan
Militants had shelled Trohizbenka
Ukrainian Bank Financial Initiative went bankrupt
Drunk driver ran over and killed a girl In Kirovograd region
Roshen Corporation entered the Polish market
Foreigner leaders of the sect, that asks Russia "to send troops" were expelled from Ukraine
At the session of the city Council of Kharkiv presented the agenda to MPs. Kernes says it is a circus.
Zoo in Luhansk has survived and lives by the help of the residents
Russian mercenaries stormed the ATO forces near Novotoshkivka, – Timchuk
SBU detained one of the leaders "of the Ministry of State Security of DNR and militants of group Berkut
Militants attacked a checkpoint in Marinka, wounded one soldier of Ukrainian army
SBU found a cache of weapons in Zaporizhye and Kherson regions
Russia's Federation Council thinks events in Armenia are completely repeating first phase of coup in Ukraine.
Kazakhstan has removed restrictions on imports of Ukrainian meat and dairy products
Shakhtarsk. TOR-M1 surface-to-air missile system from Donetsk towards east, plus Kamaz command post vehicle.
Last night explosion of truck with ammunition in Poltava
Last night explosion of truck with ammunition in Poltava
Russian military on the west borders by @IISS
Poltava. 300 meters from the place of the night's car explosion. Highway is blocked.
"Normandy four" calls to demilitarize Shyrokyne, — Lavrov