Map. History of Ukraine conflict

19 ตุลาคม 2018
Big convoy of #Russian military vehicles has breached the border into #Ukraine
Pics claim to show some of the captured Russian regular troops near Amvrosiivka
AP reporters: Weaponry and supplies have been coming from direction of Russia into Ukraine
#Savchenko's Lawyer @mark_feygin: "Soon the most important. Savchenko was captured in Luhansk prior to RU journos deaths. Innocent woman"
The PM of Hungary will seek EU supporters of improving relations with Russia
Elections for a new Parliament - 26.10.2014
Poroshenko dissolved the Ukrainian Parliament(Rada)
Crimean Tatar leader has Info that Russia will try to invade from Crimea in September/October
The Russian Red Cross is prepared to accompany the second convoy of humanitarian aid to Ukraine
Battles In Kuibyshev and Kyiv district of Donetsk
The Ukrainian Leonid Stadnyk, the tallest man in the world(2.60 meters), died at the age of 44
Ukrainian MoD Galetey: We have captured a lot of soldiers of regular Russian Army today
#Mariupol, #Ukraine: Panic exodus amid surprise crossborder #Russian offensive
Mariupol, Ukraine: Panic exodus amid surprise crossborder Russian offensive
Matveev-Kurgan Russian border checkpoint was evacuated
Turchynov(head of dissolved Rada) believes that only the army could end the war.
Commander of battalion Donbass urges MoD to help and attack Russian forces near Illovaysk
Plant burning in Makiivka
In Pskov Russians had buried their soldiers killed in the Ukraine
Smoke seen from Donetsk
Ukrainian aviation stopped the convoy of terrorists In Krasnodon
New TV-tower on #Karachun in #Slavyansk
Independence Day in Portugal
Russian tanks burning, lots of captured Russian soldiers. Ukrainian jets near Novoazovsk
Bus with terrorists were shot in Donetsk. Casualties reported
Shell's ex-CEO says sanctions on Russia don't work, Putins popularity increases
Near the Novoazovsk National guard destroyed tanks of Russian militants
Terrorists from DNR promised to ensure the safety of the second Russian convoy with humanitarian aid
Regular units #Russia|n army without mil insignia entered #Amvrosievka #Donetsk reg: ~250 armored vehicles/artillery
#Donbas commander to organize #guerilla movement
Russian UAV has been reported by Border guard near Skadovsk
The terrorists attacks were repelled near Luhansk, Donetsk and Ilovaysk
In Mariupol panic. Huge turns for bread and gasoline
Echelon of self-propelled artillery Akstsiya
NSDC: Russian forces stopped in Markyne
Lavrov: Actions by Ukrainian forces, right sector against civilians are war crimes
Lavrov says Russia is planning to send yet another aid convoy to Ukraine
#Novoazovsk is on fire
Battle In the area of Novoazovsk
#Lavrov to hold press conference on #Ukraine in less than 1 hr
The organizer of the rally for Independence Day was detained in Sevastopol
"Humanitarian convoy" Trucks will load the products in Voronezh, Azov, Moscow, Rostov-on-Don, and again will go to the Donbass
Ukrainian forces destroyed Russian convoy: 7 tanks, 6 armored vehicles and 80 mercenaries
Independence day of Ukraine Toronto, Canada
Independence Day in Israel
Lenin was downed In Pavlograd
Chechens in Viena at celebration of Independance Day of Ukraine
Ukrainian students singing national anthem in the airport after arriving in #Estonia
Little girl with AK. DNR
The Day of Independence of Ukraine! Moscow, Moscow state University
Angela Merkel: the resolution of the Ukrainian crisis should not hurt Russia
#Ukraine's National day in Paris
More and more people come to Kremlin to show support of Ukraine
Zaporozhye. The Chain Of Unity
Moscow celebrating Independence Day
Independence day in Kyiv
Okean Elzy concert in Lviv
Demo in Montreal
Piano Extremist in Dnipropetrovsk
Independence day in Moscow
Independence Day in Mykolayiv
Just Simferopol, Occupied Crimea
Vilnius congratulates Ukraine on Independence Day
Ukrainian flag over Moskovsky Prospekt in Petersburg, Russia
Man dresses main #Odessa symbol - statue of Duc de Richelieu - in UKR national vyshyvanka
Breathtaking tolerance in Donetsk: "Obama, climbing back on the palm."
Ukrainians in Shanghai celebrating Independence Day
Russian army attack Ukrainian positions on highway Starobesheve-Kuteynikove
Putin advisor calling for genocide on #Ukraine people
Khartsyzsk today
The Pope congratulated #Ukraine's Independence Day
Brainwashed Donetsk throwing eggs at Ukrainian POWs being parades through the streets
Police detained bodyguard of Girkin
Independence day in Prague
The Ukrainians have expanded Ilovaysk corridor from the south - Donbass commander Semenchenko says
#Brussels boy congratulates Ukrainians on Independence Day
Burning plant in Donetsk
Despite the rain #Warsaw marks #Ukraine's #IndependenceDay
Despite the rain Warsaw marks Ukraine's IndependenceDay
Kamenskaya Railway station. Military Echelon
8 people came out to celebrate Independence Day In Sevastopol
#Donetsk rebels just marched about 100 POWs in the center. Everyone yelling 'fascists'
Ukrainian POWs forced to march through #Donetsk today
Ukrainian forces in Ilovaysk
Fire in Kirovs'kyi district of Donetsk
Navy parade in Odessa. Heavy storm
Kazakhstan today
Small demos in Saint Petersburg, Russia in support of Ukraine
NSDC: There are Large amount of Russian troops near Vasilievo-Khanzhonevka of Rostov region
Girls in Ukrainian national clothes in Chicago.
Russia establish fire positions near Amvrosiivka and Novoazovsk
Rostov-on-don airport completely evacuated: all passengers and employees
Militants bombed the bus station in Donetsk
Group of African students in Ukrainian colours out in Kyiv for Independence Day
Poroshenko does his meet the people thing
Poroshenko said all the hardware would go straight from this parade to the front. Just like Moscow, 1941 #Ukraine
Ukrainian military elite.
MRLS Grad shelling in Yenakijeve
Donetsk. Shells hit The Kalinin hospital
FEMEN congratulations with The independent Day of #Ukraine
Rally in Yekaterinburg
Terrorists are trying to regain control of Olenivka
Russian Patriarch Kirill congratulated Ukrainians on independence Day
S-300 AA complexes in Kyiv
Independence square #now
Donbass celebrates Independence Day: Kramatorsk
Military convoy in Millerovo today
Ukrainian armored Cougar Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle
Ukrainian flag on the bridge in Moscow near Kremlin
U.S. President congratulated Ukraine with the Day of Independence
Tram line stopped after bomb threat in Lviv
@GeoffPyatt: A New Maidan for a new #Ukraine! Happy Independence Day!
Poroshenko laying flowers to the monument of Taras Shevchenko
#Bike ride to the Independence Day of Ukraine #Chernyhiv
Exhibition of military equipment in Kharkiv
#Donetsk separatists' anti-Independence Day display of captured #Ukraine military hardware on Lenin Square
Five people trying to hang out the flag of Ukraine were detained near Kremlin
Shelling in the center of Donetsk
#Russia DNR fighters tortured & probably killed 3 Ukrainian POW's in East #Ukraine
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