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16 สิงหาคม 2018

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Iraqi MoD video shows multiple SVBIED attacks on the advancing ISF column north of Tikrit:
50 military trucks without plates in Rostov region
#3confrontations erupted #today in #Silwad , #Ramallah after the death of 14-year-old Orwa Hammad #yesterday. .
#Kobane: #IS sources say today they advanced towards border crossing nearly cutting it off.
MLRS shelling between DNR' gangs.
New Donetsk Republic coins
Putin: "Humiliation of the Palestinian people... is a source of danger & instability"
44 ISIS gang members were killed during last clashes and and several wounded in #Kobane
In Nikopol knocked one of the three monuments to Lenin
Russian TV Rain: "Ukraine's foreign Ministry retweeted call not to vote for clowns"
#Kurdish father in #Kirkuk, #Iraq teaches his children to safely shoot
Multiple explosions have been reported at a Sheraton hotel in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. And it appears to be electrical fire
"There are fighting At 31, 32 roadblocks" - Nastya Stanko
Barrel bombs at port of #Misrata #Libya
Reporter attacked by anti-occupyers. Man in blue followed him, yelled "Traitor!" then shook hands w police
Charlotte airport in North Carolina is being evacuated due to fire. Corridor filled with smoke
Drones are flying in the sky of #Raqqa now
Poroshenko: Decision on ceasefire was beneficial first of all for the defense capacity. Now we are much stronger than 1.5 month ago.
Around 300 people have marched to Downing Street to protest over deaths in police custody
Defenders of #Donetsk Airport got some rocket launchers
Strelkov has visited the impartial journo Yuri Yurchenko in the hospital. He gave him a medal and financial support.
Website of Central elections commission of Ukraine is under hackers attack
Today's exercises with parachutes in the Rostov region
The area of the airstrikes while ago near industrial zone (circled) east #Kobane
Rally of #antifa on Piazza Bra #Verona
India buys 8,000 Spike missiles, 300 launchers from Israel, rejects U.S. offer
Ukrainian soldiers at Volnovakha
Increased US air activity w B-1 & F-18 seen over Kobani Flying over Kobani
Increased US air activity w B-1 & F-18 seen over Kobani Flying over Kobani
DIY Fighting vehicle
In #Kagarlyk, #Kyiv region saboteurs burnt cars belonging to members of Aidar Battalion
50 hours without water: the siege of checkpoint near Smile continues
Lester Shum speech on "new Lion Rock spirit". Very CUSU style speech. He got a new haircut too. #OccupyHK
Pentagon: North Korea closer to mounting nuclear warhead on rocket:
Almost all parties are cheating in "Day of Silence". Without names, but branding present
An angry #Egypt president #Sisi with his military men says Jihadist attacks in #Sinai are an "existential war"
The NSDC: In the area of ATO sniper militant groups activity intensified
Battles in Tripoli
#LAVROV: #Norway joins EU #sanctions against Russia for external reason
#Stakhanov the Queue for water,15 thousand neighborhood sits without it for 10 days. Anger, swearing, fighting
Occupy Hong Kong, the Lego set.
Millions participated in the funeral prayers of Prof #GhulamAzam which shows that he is a true hero of #Bangladesh
Tough security in Fatemi Sq., dwntwn Tehran, near interior ministry ahead of march agnst recent acid attacks on women
The train was burnt At the Kyivsky station in Moscow
#Ebola with the movement of The doctor in new york before his hospitalization
Riga mayor apologized to Okhlobystin. "Banned" in Latvia for the proposal to burn gays
The @OrbitalSciences Antares rocket rolling to the launch pad for Mon #ISScargo launch.
Ongoing clashes on eastern fronts of Kobani and ISIS trying to capture border gate almost every night but fails
Minions' barricade
DNR switched to Moscow time
Sheriff's spokeswoman says second California deputy shot by assailant has died
Syrian rebels target the regime headquarters near Jisr Al Shugour with
Syrian rebels target the regime headquarters near Jisr Al Shugour with
#HappybirthdayUN concert 2014 Lang Lang, Sting and friends
Placer Sheriff doesn't know where Suspect Marcelo Marquez is from. Suspect arrested.
The Egyptian authorities have imposed a state of emergency in the North Sinai
Sacramento County Sheriff says Deputy Danny Oliver was shot in the forehead, killing him.
Patriots' Rally in Kharkiv today
NY, New Jersey governors issue quarantine for travelers with Ebola contact in West Africa
Syria air strikes kill 10 children, 5 women in Aleppo: monitor
India: Airports on High Alert after Warnings of Terror Attacks on Air India Flights
6 people killed, including 5 #women after 28-hour #standoff with Islamist militants near Oued Ellil, #Tunisia
Putin's warriors repair shop/armor graveyard have been hit by Ukrainian GRAD attack
Putin's warriors repair shop/armor graveyard have been hit by Ukrainian GRAD attack
Active scene, multiple police agencies surrounding an armed shooter near Belmont st in Auburn
Aircrafts striked the left coast of Mosul
Russian submarine sailing through Oresund strait between Sweden & Denmark
Ukrainian reconnaissance drone over Donetsk
UN Human Rights Committee presses #China to permit #HongKong elections w/o restrictions on who can run as candidate.
Kidnapped candidate Tamil Ulyanov got in contact - Police
Hospital says 3 victims in critical condition after school shooting in North Marysville
Todayin the Sibuyan Sea, #carrier GEORGE WASHINGTON
Tank crashed into ZIl truck in Donetsk
US-led coalition hit HQs of the Iraqi army 2nd division in eastern #Mosul
In Ukraine - Germany, save us from Russian fascism
#Russian army brand new single shot 43 mm grenade launcher spotted in hands of Putin's terrorists in #Horlivka
Huge rally on Avenue Bourguiba, hours before campaign period ends. #Tunisia
Putin's militants at the airport in Donetsk today
Car bomb targeting Egyptian soldiers kills 25, wounds dozens in Sinai, near Gaza border
Poroshenko: Transnistria doesn’t exist as a state
34 Channel of Dnipropetrovsk accused Deputy Governor Filatov in intervention in their work
Cpl. Cirillo leaves #Ottawa on his way to #Hamilton
The UN has allocated Dnipropetrovsk region $2 million for the needs of the settlers
Authorities in #Iran confirmed Reyhaneh Jabbari is to be executed at dawn
WHO says Ebola patient in Mali exposed many people to virus, traveled by bus while showing symptoms
High school students now coming out with their hands up in what appears to be a school shooting in Washington State
Nina Pham gets a hug from President Obama just hours after being declared Ebola free
At least 3 people shot at in Marysville Pilchuck High School in Washington
Patrushev of FSB: Ukraine will simply not be able to develop successfully without Russia, whether anyone likes it or not.
Blind man pushed onto railway tracks during savage attack by thugs
It's fake
UN report on human rights in Ukraine does not reflect real situation - Russian Ambassador to UN
The UN security Council, #Ukraine: the Ukrainian army has never used cluster bombs #UNSC
In Paris, the artists held a rally in support of Ukraine
Putin: "The greatest nationalist in Russia is me"
The factory of chemical products is burning in Donetsk
Two huge explosions just now in Kabul near the US embassy.
Symbol of #energy self-rule of #Lithuania - #LNG tanker #Independence - has embarked on the final leg of its journey
Poroshenko took part in the simultaneous launch of two units of the Dniester Power Plant
Putin: Russia blocked part of the Ukrainian military in the Crimea before the referendum #news
Major #shootout in Trans #Ganga between criminals and villagers leave 3 killed. #Kanpur.
Ukr. intelligence arrests 2 pro-Russian terrorists in #Odessa,planning to blow up a railway bridge tomorrow eve.
Mong Kok street meeting on Friday night.
Russia's defense ministry calls @courtneymoscow a "naive girl" for writing about Russian soldiers we met in Ukraine.
Russia Still Has Troops In Ukraine, NATO Says
#PUTIN: Authors of 'controlled chaos' theory and 'color revolutions' lost grasp on their creations as 'the genie is already out of bottle'
Speaking in Sochi, Russian President Vladimir Putin says U.S. "unilateral diktat" is responsible for escalating global conflicts.
China launches unmanned spaceship to orbit the Moon
UR-CCC of CABI AIRLINES at the airport #Donetsk is destroyed. Previously called as Akhmetov Plane
Istanbul Univers.students in Support of Kobane /against IS
Protesters are guarding their barricades at Portland Street.
The Polish foreign Ministry has denied accreditation of correspondent of "Russia today" without explanation
The Russian military continued aerial reconnaissance with Mi-8, - #NSDC
An aide to Russia's Deputy suspected of organizing rebellion of national guard was arrested
Police searched offices of TV companies that broadcasting Russian TV
Tank spotted in Mongkok. #OccupyHK
Russian Ruble Hits Historic Low of 42 Rubles to Dollar
#Iran & #Pakistan exchanged mortar in a border conflict, iran fired 5 mortars & Pakistan 2
Locals are reporting massive buildup of Russian armor inside the city of #Donetsk #Ukraine near the airport
Chair Centr Electoral Commission of #Ukraine: considerable part of voters will not be able to vote #donetsk
The Interior Ministry suggest that the head of lustrating Committee of Dnipropetrovsk could be killed
Consequences of morning shelling in Kyrovske
Ebola patient in NYC used subway
Cpl. Nathan Cirillos dogs a day after he was killed in #OttawaShooting
New York mayor says "no reason for alarm" after first Ebola case confirmed
Spectacular helicopter Lion Rock banner operation upstaging Tung Chee-wah snore-fest
2 dead after fatal crash in Hamilton, Canada
Artillery battle is going on in the triangle Nikishine - Fashika - Redcodup with MLRS and howitzers D30
A plane and a truck collided in Ekaterinburg airport
The car of the head of Chervonograd #Automaidan" was burned last night. The vehicle that drove things and food to the area of #ATO. #Ukraine
New York doctor returning from Guinea becomes fourth case of Ebola diagnosed in US
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