Map. History of Ukraine conflict

20 November 2017
Defense Ministry of Russia: There were no Russian soldiers in Ukraine, but the families of the dead will receive 5 million rubles
Reuters: #US General Breedlove to hold talks in #Ukraine on Nov. 26
Swedish Foreign Minister @margotwallstrom honours the fallen heroes on Nebesna Sotnya Street in Kyiv today.
Truck destroy bridge in Kaliningrad Region of Russia
France to Send Armored Unit to Poland for Exercises
Unknown attacked a bus with "DNR special forces" near Starobesheve
The Belorussian opposition asks @poroshenko to provide "Hero of Ukraine" for Zhiznevsky
Presumptive Dep. Sec. Blinken has stated that the US is considering offering Ukraine defensive weapons.
Shells hit school №117 in Donetsk
The battalion Dnepr-1 detained 4 militants in Piski
The battalion Dnepr-1 detained 4 militants in Piski
NSDC: Withdrawal of (1000) #Russia|n soldiers from #Ukraine might be due to mutiny
US general says #Russia capable of launching full-scale invasion of #Ukraine
In Moscow Region annihilated 400 tons of "sanctions" meat products
Minibus after shooting in Donetsk
SBU revealed the channel of financing of DNR terrorists
The consequences of the fighting in the Georgievka: collapsed onto the road bridge and the burnt houses
A volunteer center in #Debaltseve came under Russian #Grad attack,killing 1 and injuring 6, incl.civ+troops
Russia is preparing to send at the Donbass another convoy with "humanitarian aid"
Church was destroyed in Donetsk
Donetsk today. #DonNTU military Department
Poroshenko had a phone conversation with @KlausIohannis who won the presidential elections in Romania on November 16.
In Kharkiv Tube plant director was wounded
The court overturned the lustration ex-Deputy Prosecutor of Kharkiv. This is the 1st case when the court canceled lustration
Rally in Kharkiv
Ukrzaliznytsia plans to suspend the carriage of passengers in the zone of the ATO in Luhansk and Donetsk regions
Donetsk city Council: killed 3 civilians, 8 injured
Poroshenko convene an emergency meeting with security forces
#Russia forces move along line from Pavlopol, Chermalyk to Telmanovo #Ukraine near #Mariupol
France delays delivery of #Mistral warships to #Russia until further notice.
DNR demand to convene an emergency meeting of the UNSC for consideration of the peacekeeping contingent in the East of Ukraine
Near Donetsk, Avdiivka, Makiivka and Horlovka militants are increasing the number of artillery
During the last 24 hours The Ukrainian military has been shelled 35 times , - Tymchuk
In Donetsk the projectile hit the bus: two people were killed, eight wounded, - Prikhodko
Fire teams on the site of explosion
Reports about heavy blast near "Holodna Gora" in Kharkiv
Azov Batt.located #Russia terrorists by radio sig.& #Ukraine mil neutralized
Azov Batt.located #Russia terrorists by radio sig.& #Ukraine mil neutralized
Finland FM on violations in Ukraine: Russian foreign ministry is "embarrassed by this, including Lavrov himself"
Kyiv meet "cyborgs" of 95-th brigade
Head of OSCE urged Russia to withdraw troops from Ukraine
Putin & Shoigu discussed the results of the "drills" of the Russian army
The consequences of today's shooting in Kirovsk, Luhansk region
Putin says Arctic strategic command to start work on Dec. 1
Rally in Prague
March of Solidarity With Ukraine Took Place in Poland: "Putin Is the Biggest Terrorist in the World"
Russia and Abhazia are creating joint armed forces
Lavrov: It’s not about anti-Americanism. Simply the American push provokes reaction according to Newton’s third law
Prodan confirmed that Russia has suspended deliveries of coal
Taruta said that the government must regain control of Crimea and Donbas "at all costs"
Ukrainian exoskeleton. This suit will allow to reach the Kremlin. This costume of gunner, 50 kg.
Signed minutes of the Seventh meeting of the Council of Presidents of Ukraine and Lithuania
Russian Communist wants Russia to return Azarov and Pshonka to Ukraine
3 soldiers killed, 24 injured over the past day
@GrahamWP_UK was wounded by shrapnel. Admitted to #Donetsk hospital. Surgeon says he will be fine. #Ukraine
In Kharkiv The Security service of Ukraine has arrested the terrorists who planned the explosion on the police Department building.
Colossal flashes engulf Donetsk skyline #Ukraine