Map. History of Ukraine conflict

25 มิถุนายน 2018

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Russians will hold a rally near US Embassy in Moscow against Twitter banning Kremlin trolls
Next round of #Ukraine reconciliation talks scheduled for Friday
Georgia buried volunteer who was killed in #Schastye
The 6th #aid_convoy, sent in by the @ICRC, entered #Luhansk from #Ukraine
The 6th aid_convoy, sent in by the @ICRC, entered Luhansk from Ukraine
Luhansk: "gifts" from Russia
Loud shelling in Donetsk
In the Poltava region detained a car with arms
#NATO will provide #Ukraine with €10m for 15 new scientific projects. 25 projects have been already realized
The Pope asked for a reconciliation in Ukraine in the traditional Christmas message
Two militants and agitator have detained by the SBU in Kramatorsk
Inscriptions about Ukraine on the streets of Simferopol is a reason for the criminal case
The city Council forbade to make fireworks to the completion of ATO
Unknowns have seized an apartment of the editor of newspaper in Lugansk region
National Guard truck hit a mine of Russian-militants forces.
#Lavrov: We don't own additional protocols to Minsk agreements on #Ukraine, so we can't publish them without other parties' permission
Militants have ceased to release civilians from the "DNR"
Rally in support of Nadia Savchenko was held in Moscow
The FSB takes an apartment of the Ukrainian military and threatens to torture in Crimea
Donetsk Press: What did you think when you saw #MH17 go down? #Zakharchenko: Well I thought we hit an Ukrainian bomber.
Banknotes of the Ukrainian hryvnia were recognized as the most beautiful currency in the world
Zaharchenko suddenly remembered that he had seen how shot down "Boeing"
Russia refused to patrol the "security zone" in the Donbass
Stage director Zakharov has compared Russians joy of capturing the Crimea with the Stalinist purges and the Second World War
The OSCE mission captures the removal of the Donbass coal in Russia
The explosion took place in a hostel in Kiev, one person was died
19 drones was recorded in the area of the ATO
Odessa police found "terrorist arsenal" in the house of a resident of Transnistria
Odessa police found terrorist arsenal in the house of a resident of Transnistria
Blizzard threatens Central Russia light outages and accidents
Terrorists of "DNR" organize "mobilization" among teenagers
Kharkiv border guards discovered explosives in the car
Suspected in planting the bomb was found dead in Odessa, - volunteers
Klitschko have urgently caused to a meeting RNBO, - media
Modern radar station "Voronizh-DM" connected to an electrical outlet in the Altai region
Protesters have blocked Khreshchatyk
Zghuladze: Most of the police officers replace and their salaries rise significantly, at least twice
Nazarbayev called on world leaders to personally sit down at the negotiating table to resolve the crisis in Ukraine
Interior Minister Advisor @Gerashchenko7 says explosion in #Kharkiv is an act of terrorism
Firefighters on the scene of explosion in furniture shop in Kharkiv
Pushilin: the Next meeting of the contact group under question
Airport Zaporozhye opened at 20: 00 on Wednesday, 24 December the Chairman of the Ministry - Interfax
Meeting of the Trilateral contact group is on in #Minsk
The leader of the terrorists Plotnitsky was accused of dishonest section money by Stakhaniv "Cossacks"
The leader of the terrorists Plotnitsky was accused of dishonest section money by Stakhaniv Cossacks
The state Duma of the Russian Federation wants to rewrite the summary and essence of the Afghan war
Blown up in Odessa train was carrying coal from #Russia
Oil has poured out to the Black Sea due to an accident on the pipeline
Meeting of the contact group about the Donbass has begun in Minsk
"Gazprom" said that it has not received money from the "Naftogaz"
Negotiators have arrived at the meeting in Minsk
Netherlandish journalists have found new evidence that Boeing was shot down by militants
Four activists were injured in clashes near the Kharkiv city Council.
More than a hundred houses were destroyed during the shelling in Krymske in Luhansk region
Kharkiv. Policemen with weapons and stun grenades used to work in the "Berkut"
One Lenin fell, and the second had lost an arm Yesterday in Kherson region
Cherkasy Automaidan picketed the building of the regional Prosecutor
Unmarked police with weapons came to Kharkiv Academy of Culture
The explosion occurred on the railway near the station Zastava-1 in Odessa
Militants began production of weapons
Kharkiv. Activists threw Kharkiv MP Skorobogatko in the trash bin
Chechen and local militants fight each other for power in Makiivka
Leaflets against "LNR" make angry militants
Titushki massing near protesters. Kharkiv
Militants set up minefield in Luhansk
Yatsenyuk: Light in the Crimea and the Donbass will turn off as long as there wielded by Russians
#Kharkiv. There was a major fight between the police and activists. A huge number of titushki at site.
Protesters tried to throw deputies in the wastebasket in Odessa
Six soldiers of ATO was wounded at the roadblock in Luhansk region
Two civilians were blown up by militant grenade in Stanitsya Luganska, - State Administration
Militants have shelled forces of ATO near Mariupol
Mobile communication is not working in Crimea
On 30 December #Russia Duma may have a bill on illegality of USSR dissolution
Activists are picketing building of the Odessa City Hall
Group of Russian diversionists was ambushed guerrillas near Novoazovsk. Several Russian soldiers were killed
Crimea is fully cut from the power
On the outskirts of Kharkiv activists block road
Protesters have blocked the Constitution square in Kharkiv
Protesters are trying to break into Kharkiv City Hall
Yanukovych has accused Levochkin overclocking Maidan
Kharkiv. Police reinforcement arrived at city Council
Kharkiv.On the steps of city Council people conftonting police
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