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25 มิถุนายน 2018

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#Russia sending WW2 tanks from St Peterburg to Rostov, all-day-long shipment
Rally in #Budapest for Savchenko
Picket #FreeSavchenko in Dublin
Russian governor says Obama "refutes Darwin's theory of evolution."
In response to Putin's speech Ukrainian bloggers created "NATO Legion" insignia
#FreeSavchenko rally in Moscow. All activists were arrested immediately
FreeSavchenko rally in Moscow. All activists were arrested immediately
Putin buddy Medvedchuk is involved in #Ukraine talks again "representing Ukraine" according to this TASS report
Poroshenko with Polish President Komorovsky agreed to meet on Tuesday
#Vienna #Austria
Greek Left-Wing SYRIZA Forms a Coalition with the Pro-Kremlin Far Right
Rally in #Bulgaria
[email protected] U.S. Senator from Texas, joins Twitter Storm to #FreeSavchenko
Likely head for SAM Thor (SA-15 Gauntlet) found in Nyzhna Krynka
Abandoned GRAD near the Snizhne
Donetsk MIA: Terrorists shelling Avdiivka. A city without light and heat
FBI claims Russian state-owned media being used as cover for spying
FBI Has Arrested In New York A Russian Spy Collecting Intel In Bronx And Manhattan
#UNSC emergency meeting on #Ukraine starts now
Hungarian gas deliveries to Ukraine rise sharply, says local TSO #hungary
Canada and #Ukraine are actively engaged in negotiations toward concluding a free trade agreement as soon as possible
AN−70 STOL aircraft officialy adopted by #Ukraine Air Force
[email protected] fighters conducting Baltic air policing mission were scrambled 3 times last week. Every time involved IL-20 #Russia
[email protected] There's no NATO legion in Ukraine. The foreign forces in Ukraine are Russian
Rally in St.Petersburg for Savchenko
#Putin urged Ukrainians to run in Russia
The Russian delegation in PACE supported the liberation Savchenko
March in Kyiv today to support #FreeSavchenko
Russian Communist Zyuganov was poured blood in Strasbourg
#Russia began to send criminal-retsedivists in #Donbass
The server archive was seized at the Crimean Tatar channel ATR
Putin called the Ukrainian army "NATO Legion", without giving a logical relationship between NATO and Armed Forces of Ukraine
Savchenko lawyer has written an open letter to Putin: Nadezhda said she wants to die
#SBU published evidence of Russia's involvement in shelling of #Mariupol
A rally in support of Ukrainian pilot Nadezhda Savchenko held in New York
A rally in support of Ukrainian pilot Nadezhda Savchenko held in New York
Moscow court upheld arrest Crimean political prisoner until April
The Cabinet introduced a state of emergency in the Donets'k region
Antonov An-225 in Ostrava
Russian flag is painted on police car in Gorlivka
Possible social explosion forced the Russian authorities to abolish conscription in occupied #Crimea
Police found a parcel of ammunition in #Slavyansk
32 tons of humanitarian aid delivered to Debaltseve and Avdiivka
Source at Zasyadko says all miners safely evacuated above ground
Russian column 10 tanks, 4 trucks, 1 BMP, 2 vans at #Stakhanov
Russian column 10 tanks, 4 trucks, 1 BMP, 2 vans at Stakhanov
The militants opened fire on the city #Avdiivka, Donetsk region. There are victims
The European Union has allocated € 15 million humanitarian aid to the affected regions of Ukraine
Police officers and janitors were attracted the distribution of agendas in Kyiv
Canada announced new sanctions against Russia
New "Putin's convoy" will invade Ukraine on Tuesday
The NSDC: Fierce fighting continues in the area of Debal'tseve
75 children were evacuated from #Marinka and #Krasnogorovka
The Russian Federation does not require from Ukraine debt yet, although it's time, - Lavrov
Deputy PM @DRogozin: US missile defense system cannot intercept Russian strategic missiles
Russia stopped the funding of Transnistria: "This excessive burden", - media
Exploration has recorded numerous landing at a military airfield in Rostov-on-don
Tourists must specify the route to visit Russia
The new Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko is working 20 hours a day
Spotter of Mariupol shelling giving testimony
Spotter of Mariupol shelling giving testimony
Soldiers from different volunteer battalions have visited #Yarosh in the hospital
500 miners trapped in #Zasyadko mine #Donetsk
#Russia increased strength of shock-assault aviation in occupied #Crimea
7 Ukrainian soldiers were killed per day, 25 - injured, - the NSDC
SBU has published the complete chronology of attacks Mariupol, which was led by an officer from the Russian Federation
Activists have toppled the monument of Lenin and Dzerzhinsky near Odessa
Activists have toppled the monument of Lenin near Odessa
Headquarters of ATO: Shooting again near the Mariupol
#Crimea Tatars gathered beneath the walls of #ATR to support TV channel
PACE President: now Russia is obliged to release Savchenko
PACE will provide Savchenko diplomatic immunity
Unknown demolished the monument of Lenin in Cherkasy region
The Russian delegation was not admitted to the meeting of the PACE Bureau
Militants are shelling Mariinka and Krasnohorivka with "Grad" rockets and artillery, not giving evacuated chilren
1st time ever Moscow refuses Trandniester's request for money - $100 Mil
More than 60% Ukrainians, who subject #mobilization, has already received subpoenas to army
Gerashchenko: We warned the rebels about evacuating of children, but they continued bombardment of Mariinka
Russian, who fought in the Ukraine under the guise of local Cossack, was found dead
Column of military vehicles passed Bryanka. One Ural truck broke down
The most difficult situation in #Shchastya and #Popasna
Independent Crimea Tatar channel ATR cordoned by Russian FSB,search in progress
Debaltsevo received large reinforcements
Morning artillery shelling in Olenivka
A suicide bomber exploded(VBIED) at the checkpoint in #Marinka. 1 soldier killed
In Washington, DC Ukrainians showed their support 4 Ukraine & #Savchenko
A car bomber exploded at the roadblock near Marliinka. There are dead.
Gazprom boss to EU Energy comissionner: "No more gas through Ukraine for Europe"
Vice-premier Rogozin: If the US had same president as Russia, it would have fared better
Air show in Barnaul, Russia
Russian lieutenant colonel from the Spetsnaz Interior Troops of RF in Styla, Donetsk Region
An emergency meeting of the UNSC in Mariupol will be held tomorrow afternoon
Report: Large Russian army striking group is now forming in #Stakhanov
MLRS GRAD in Donetsk
Russian militants shoot Ukrainian prisoners of war
Russian militants shoot Ukrainian prisoners of war
Ukrainian troops going offensive on Olenivka
[email protected]: Separatist aggression “with Russian backing, Russian equipment, Russian financing, Russian training and Russian troops”
Three Ukrainian ‘cyborgs’ were liberated from Russian captivity
SBU: 30 terrorists involved in Mariupol shelling were destroyed
[email protected]: I'm convening an extraordinary Foreign Affairs Council next Thursday on #Ukraine
The human rights activist Sergey Zaharchuk burned his Russian passport at a Consulate of the RF in Odessa
#Marinka: burning houses after the shelling, there are casualties
ATO HQ: the Attack on Popasnaya is directed by Russian general-mayor Kuzovlev
Pope Francis:"with deep concern watching the escalation of the armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine"
Rally in Stockholm today
Kyiv Akademgorodok said goodbye to Yuri Rosnalevich
Rally in Kramatorsk
Another coal column starts from occupied Makiivka to Ukraine
[email protected]: That's NOT "Russia-backed", it's: Russian Troops Lead Moscow’s Biggest Direct Offensive in Ukraine Since August
#Odessa buried #Putin: his coffin burned under the Consulate #of Russia in city
"Antimaidan" rally near Trade Unions in Odessa
RT, Tass And Rossiya Segodnya Forced To Cut Budgets For 2015 By 50%
Shells hit hospital in Popasnaya, one child is wounded
Additional election to the Kyiv city Council. Titushki
Emergency session of #NSDC has begun
In Kyiv unknown shot the office of volunteers
UN Security Council fails to agree on statement on Mariupol attack, cause of Russian veto
Explosion tonight in Kharkiv
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