Map. History of Ukraine conflict

20 มิถุนายน 2018

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Shop in Dnipropetrovsk.
The Czech Republic intends to grant Ukraine a non-lethal military aid
Cyprus and Russia sign military deal to let Moscow's ships use its ports
"Prosecutors DNR" detained "Minister of coal and energy DNR"
Georgian students filmed a video in support of Ukraine
Georgian students filmed a video in support of Ukraine
In Donetsk heard guns
Poland refused political asylum for more than 2 thousands of Ukrainians
Russian tanks in Bryanka
Clashes near National Bank of Ukraine between police and activists
Clashes near National Bank of Ukraine between police and activists
The bridge in Debaltseve
In Mariupol detained terrorist
Rally at the Russian Embassy in London
Finnish Red Cross sends 20 000 kg of humanitarian aid to Ukraine
Photo of the destroyed Uglegirsk
Lieutenant Chayka Pavel Nikolaevich - 79 commander of the platoon,while ATO was awarded the order "For Courage" of all degrees
Khodorkovsky: re: Ukraine I'm sure at some point verbal nuclear threat on table but knowing Russian elite I doubt they've gone that insane
Rebecca harms: While there is a chance for a truce, Ukraine weapon will not receive
Caricature as amended Kyivpost
In Lviv region since the beginning of the fourth wave of mobilization from 100% willing to serve under contract 41% are women
Ukraine and Russia have confirmed the holding of the tripartite meeting on the gas talks in Brussels
NATO warned the militants on the unacceptability of capture new territories
Putin wants to gain control over two regions in Eastern Ukraine, - Director of National intelligence of USA
Ukrainian armed forces divert heavy weapons from the separation line
Kharkiv police detained one of the participants of "antimaidan"
Russia "withdraw" heavy artillery to Donbas. Echelon of military vehicles in Tahanrih
Lithuania urged Russia to immediately release Savchenko
Russian journalist Shipilov received asylum in Ukraine
#Parliament will convene in extraordinary session
The military of Ukraine divert heavy weapons
Fighters of "Right sector" burnt cottage of terrorist Zakharchenko near the Donetsk
Fighters of Right sector burnt cottage of terrorist Zakharchenko near the Donetsk
#EU complained of #Russia into the world trade organization #WTO
The terrorists turned off the gas for a number of settlements in the Luhansk region
Dzhemilev requires Poroshenko completely block annexed Crimea
In Warsaw refused to return the monument to the Polish-Soviet brotherhood
Odessa investigators found a cache of weapons
Dzhemilev urged Poroshenko to impose a complete blockade of the Crimea
Center of Dnipropetrovsk is blocked cause of suspicious package
Czech artists chained themselves to the fence of the Russian embassy in protest against Putin's aggression in Ukraine
The search takes place in the framework of criminal proceedings concerning judges Oksana Tsrevich and Victor Kizsuk in Pechersky court
#Infrastructure Ministry has proposed to build concrete roads instead of asphalt
DNR issued an ultimatum to Ukraine, - to withdraw military vehicles no later than evening of 27 Feb
Russia push to Ukraine more than a thousand units of equipment in recent months, - NATO
Russian journalist: DNR killing Russian mercenaries in order not to pay them
#UkraineRussia Q1 2015 #gas price under EU led 'winter package' estimated at $339/1,000 cu m
EU urged Russia to immediately release Nadia Savchenko
Kirilenko has banned to use the Russian e-mail for Ministry of culture
Residential house collapsed in the center of #Odessa
The electricity will be cheaper twice at night
Head of "DNR" said that "in connection with the collapse of the hryvnia he takes control of the prices of key products"
Turchynov says that the organizers of the bloody terrorist attack in Kharkiv are caught
Column of ICBM #YARS in Moscow - preparations of 9 May parade
Reports of shelling in Donetsk
In Simferopol is a monument to the anniversary of Crimean annexation
Luhansk teachers have put forward an ultimatum to terrorists - or salaries or general strike
The sale of any goods from Russia banned in Rivno
Ukraine starts the withdrawal of heavy weapons
The NATO fighters intercepted two Russian aircraft over the Baltic
Demonstrators in front of the National Bank of #Ukraine in #Kyiv
Car was burnt near district court in Kharkiv
Bastrykin proposed to abandon the rule of international law in Constution
9K57 BM-27 Uragan MLRS in Dzhankoi
UNHCR delivering food to Debaltseve
"When you are at war, we cannot live in the world". Georgian students supported Ukraine
When you are at war, we cannot live in the world. Georgian students supported Ukraine
Terrorists entered in #Svitlodarsk and expanded their territory near #Donetsk, - map of ATO
Ukrainian servicemen spotted 7 UAVs in the #Mariupol sector. 1 trespassed UA-RU border
Kobzon visit charred terrorists in Donetsk
Kobzon visit charred terrorists in Donetsk
Ukrainian prisoners clearing shambles and looking for corpses in Donetsk airport
Terrorists of "DNR" claim that Mariupol is their territory
Two grenades were thrown in the yard of the battalion Kryvbas, one exploded
The Prosecutor's office announced the judge Tsarevich on suspicion
Kyiv rally calling for Mayor Klitschko to resign. Crowd large, but little energy and strange men in masks
Deputy chief of Melitopol police was found dead
Ukrainians from Venice gave the ambulance for military
United States may impose sanctions against Gazprom for illegal gas supplies for terrorists from Donbass
Сombat grenades handed at the point of receiving recycled at Solomensky district
A memorial plaque in honor of annexation of Crimea will be opened in Simferopol
Terrorists have shelled the mine in the Donbass
Terrorists have shelled the mine in the Donbass
#Kharkiv: About a hundred people has attended on parting with the deceased Daniel Didyk near the Shevchenko monument
Lavrov called "ridiculous" demands of Kyiv on the full truce
Russian Northern Fleet's antisubmarine aviation conducts drills in Arctic
Self-propelled artillery in Donetsk
#Lavrov: there is no perfect truces and ceasefires
#Lavrov: Kerry and Tusk statements with threats of new sanctions trying to divert attention from the Minsk agreements
US deeply concerned by Russian court decision to continue detention of Rada Member Nadiya Savchenko
The Russian Navy will be based in Cyprus. Putin said that there is nothing to worry about.
Peskov called change of power in Kyiv last year illegal
Rally in London
Kyiv says no troops killed at front for first time in weeks
Russia could target Moldova: NATO commander
There are 40 thousand Russian military personnel In Crimea on the border with Ukraine -Dzhemilev
OSCE: Russian military heavy weapons remain in place
Kravchuk: Russia never adheres to international treaties
Anti-war social advertising in the underground St. Petersburg
Putin in Minsk: "Stop resisting and accept my terms or cease to exist as an independent state"
Western relations with Russia will never again be the same after the war in Ukraine,-Norwegian Defense Minister
Ukrainian soldier near Artyomovsk
British Foreign Office Wants UK "Journalist" Graham Phillips out of Donbass
Tank T-72b3 directly from Russia in Debaltseve
The NTV journalist was not allowed to enter Ukraine at airport Kyiv
Moody’s rating agency downgrades 12 Russian banks
Over Kramatorsk knocked down the russian military drone
NATO Baltic Air Policing scrambled to intercept RU Armed Forces An-22, An-72 over the Baltic Sea
Poland plans to send military instructors in Ukraine
Putin called stop of gas delivery to Donbass as genocide
Saakashvili in the United States will hold 34 meetings regarding the provision of arms to Ukraine
Empty shelves in the shops of Kiev
Russian aggression in Ukraine is obvious - the commander of NATO forces in Europe Philip Bredlov
The decision to supply weapons Ukraine is still pending - John Kerry
SBU arrested 10 militants for participation in terrorist activity in Debaltseve
Under the rubble of the Donetsk airport were found the bodies of seven Ukrainian military
The PM of Finland stated that the EU is already considering tightening sanctions against Russia
Russian military tanks shelled Shirokino
Workers of "Yuzhmash" have demanded payment of wages at a rally near the State Administration
The Russian MFA called the detention of their journalists in Ukraine next provocation
The German group RAMMELHOF recorded satirical song about Putin
The German group RAMMELHOF recorded satirical song about Putin
Ukraine may receive the first tranche from the IMF after March 11,-Yaresko
Russian tv: "Ukrainian soldiers the blood does not flow due American rations"
Russian tv: Ukrainian soldiers the blood does not flow due American rations
Police of Luhansk oblast have arrested the commissar for a bribe
Russian SOF of FSB "Alpha" in Donetsk.
Kiev expects to receive military aid from the USA,-Parubiy
The jeep with the flag of the "Novorussia" was struck wheels in Minsk
Russia continues to import ammunition at #Donbass with trains
The court refused to arrest Yefremov
#Gazprom threatened #Naftogaz the cessation of supply for three days
The SBU detained and expelled to Russia two Russian journalists
SBU detaned 10 militants, who fought nearr the Debaltseve for money
The SBU detained 5 militants with weapons in Mariupol and 2 in the Kharkiv region
#Russia's 76th VDV division starts exercise with 2000 personnel. Scenario: take airfield, hold with live ammo.
Photo of children with guns in St. Petersburg was explained as educational campaign
Estonia held a parade with American vehicles on the border with Russia
Reports of explosion or shooting near Kharkiv airport
Ren-TV has illustrated the "moral decay" of the Ukrainian army video with terrorists
The latest set of secret communication of Russia "Vega" "was lost" near Rovenki Luhansk region
Groisman: Rada is ready to come out of turn because of the collapse of the hryvnia
The militants made the tank attack near Mariupol
Reporter of Russian #NTV Andrey Grigoriev was detained In Kyiv
Something burning in #Slavyansk
Russian APCs in Belhorod
Russian APCs in Belhorod
All businesses, who have not finalized the registration of RF, were nationalized in #Crimea
Yefremov told the court that his house in Lugansk was looted
"Judge" Mokhov left arrest Savchenko unchanged.
A grenade exploded in a grocery store in #Donetsk. One person was killed and two injured.
A grenade exploded in a grocery store in Donetsk. One person was killed and two injured.
Poroshenko has a meeting with Gontareva, Yatseniuk and Yaresko
Rally of "Right Sector" near the Ministry of internal Affairs. "The lustration or liquidation!"
Bus with the Ukrainians fell into the moat in Poland. There are victims
Terrorists seized the branchs of "Oschadbank" in Vuhlehirs'k and Debal'tseve
"Right Sector" near the Prosecutor General's office
Yesterday's explosions in Donetsk were arranged by guerrillas. They blew up the ammunition depot of terrorists
"Marsh of truth" of "Right Sector"
Russian cadet crossed the border with Ukraine, to go to war with Russia. He says that Cadets-Ukrainians were mocked in his Russian College
Nadiya Savchenko participates in the hearing through video conferencing. She often puts his head on the table.
Hearing on the appeal against the extension of the arrest #Savchenko just started
Russian tank T72 in Yenakieve
Yatsenyuk demanded parliamentary sessions due to the devaluation of hrivnya
The machine for the sale of t-shirts with Putin was set at the airport 'Vnukovo'
Lyashko threatened to withdraw from the coalition if Poroshenko will not dismiss Gontareva
Funeral of 3 soldiers in Lviv
One more monument of Lenin was thrown in the Zaporizhia region
#Kharkiv residents hold ceremony for those who died in the attack on Sunda
A bag with ammunition found in the forest belt near #Kharkiv
#Kharkiv now: people pay last tribute to activist Igor Tolmachev killed during #terror act on Feb 22
#France: More #Russia sanctions if #Ukraine port attacked
Self-propelled artillery in Donetsk
83-year-old Soviet dissident Feinberg joined the hunger strike of Savchenko
The militants have shelled Popasna - Moskal
Yanukovych asks Kyiv to talk about fulfilling their promises
The mayor of Melitopol found dead in his house
Positions of ATO were shelled 19 times in last 24 hours
In Amnesty International has opposed amnesty for war criminals in the Donbass
Mogerini: Moscow relies on the split of the European Union
"Daughter, we save you", - #Dzhemilev asks #Savchenko stop hungry strike
Ropucha class Novocherkassk 142 transits northbound Bosphorus, returning from the Russian naval facility in Tartus
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