Map. History of Ukraine conflict

23 October 2017
Yanukovych: Firtash and Liovochkin directed the Maidan behind my back
Trump administration calls on Russia to observe ceasefire in east Ukraine
Tube artillery is active near Stakhanov(Kadiivka)
Rally in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia: "Crimea Anschluss is a shame of Russia"
"Day of resistance against Crimea occupation" in Istanbul
[email protected]:We condemn Friday’s targeting of @OSCE_SMM monitors and seizure of UAV by combined-Russian separatist forces
St.Petersburg: Crimea is Ukraine, annexation of Crimea is an International crime
Kolosova street of Avdiivka, unexploded shell
US urges Russia to 'immediately' observe Ukraine ceasefire: State Dept
"Stop the repressions in Crimea. Freedom to Ukrainian prisoners"
Crimeantatars today at Nemtsov march in Moscow
In Kyiv march in support of Crimeantatar people
DNR group now says that there are no more Ukrainian troops at Donetsk filter station(there were no)
49 attacks on Ukrainian positions by Russian forces. 5 soldiers wounded
Ukrainian army is not in control of Donetsk filter station - ATO HQ
[email protected] signs Doctrine of Info Security, defining Russian propaganda as a source of warmongering, threat to territorial integrity
32 attacks of Russian forces on Ukrainian positions since midnight to 6pm
"DNR" declared an emergency video conference of the contact group on Donbass
Rally in Ankara against Crimea annexation
OSCE: armed men targeted OSCE monitors at Yasinuvata, Pikuzy
Heavy clashes at Pisky since morning
92 attacks of Russian forces on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 16 Ukrainian soldiers were wounded. Tanks and 122mm artillery widely used
"Ukraine's NSDC secretary Turchynov: Russia's war against Ukraine step in preparation for 'big war' "
Clashes near Dokuchaevsk, mortars, artillery, at least one tank reported
OSCE Chief Monitor in Ukraine condemns targeting of monitors and seizure of unmanned aerial vehicle
MP of Verkovna Rada Savchenko arrived today in Donetsk
Russian artillery pounding civilian areas of Avdiivka
Russian artillery from "Poligraf", Donetsk pounding Pisky
Ukrainian tycoon Firtash released on bail in Vienna
Artillery pounding Avdiivka Industrial area for an hour