Map. History of Ukraine conflict

20 มิถุนายน 2018

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According to investigators @GennadyKernes involved in the kidnapping and beating 2 people
New vehicle for the marine corps from volunteers
Detained driver of bus "Artemivsk-Horlivka"
General prosecutor office has opened a case of corruption against officials of Ministers Cabinet - Shokin
Yatsenyuk will give evidence in case about abuse in Cabinet of Ministers, - Shokin
A rally in front of the White House in support for #Ukraine today
Lavrov accused Kiev in an attempt to hinder of political process in East Ukraine
Poroshenko offered to Yarosh post in Defence Ministry
Ukraine ranks 43rd among 102 countries in government openness, new study shows
Poroshenko visited Graduation of lieutenants in the Academy of national guard
Poroshenko visited  Graduation of lieutenants in the Academy of national guard
General prosecutor office has confirmed reopening of investigation against Kivalov
In Kramatorsk police found a cache of weapons
Ambassadors of Georgia,Moldova & Ukraine are holding a reception on occasion of ratification of Association Agreements by Bundestag
Russian tanks roll through Donetsk
Russian tanks roll through Donetsk
Moody's downgraded the ratings of MHP S.A., Ferrexpo Plc and Metinvest B.V.
Belgian #F16 at #22BLT #Malbork #Poland in Baltic #airpolicing
Private business must manage private assets, state must manage by government assets, - Poroshenko
Three years ago SBU was at 80% of recruited FSB agents of Russia, - Poroshenko
Poroshenko presented new Governor of Dnipropetrovsk region
Advisor to Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Kava turned to Lithuania with a request to transfer unused trains
Charge against Kernes transferred to court - General prosecutor office of Ukraine
Journalists were forbidden to communicate with Savchenko. She asked how the weather in Kyiv, in response deathly silence and sad looks.
Poroshenko in Dnipropetrovsk
The inquest called the accusations of Savchenko in the abuse of prisoners technical error
Convoy of vehicles near Lipetsk
Poroshenko in Dnipropetrovsk: a private business must manage its own assets, the state companies needs to control of the state
Belarusian volunteers in #Pisky recorded address to the nation on the occasion of the Day of freedom
Investigators had intended to accuse Savchenko in torture - the lawyer
Chancellor Angela Merkel assured Rada Speaker @GroysmanV in her continuous support of reform agenda in #Ukraine
Savchenko in the Basmanny court #FreeSavchenko
Poroshenko arrived in Dnipropetrovsk
A fierce firefight near Donetsk
The Chinese company agreed to give Ukraine a loan of $15 billion
The authorities of Evpatoria want to attract doctors from Russia service housing
The airline "Grozny Avia" will fly in #the Crimea in the YAK-42D
The Ministry of infrastructure will persuade Wizz Air not to go
#Kolomoisky has denied media reports about his personal page in @Facebook
Novikov: investigative committee has included the arrest of materials testimony of a priest from the LNR, who claimed that Savchenko threatened to turn him for organs
#Savchenko was delivered in Basmanny court
Volochkova going to entertain the militants in the Donbass
Moscow does not support the OSCE access to places of withdrawal of heavy weapons
Putin demands from the border guards to catch the Ukrainian "punishers"
Police detained three men, who opened fire in the center of #Kyiv
#Putin demands from #FSB close #Crimea for the militants of the "hot spots"
Poroshenko: Kyiv is ready to withdraw tanks from the separation line in the Donbas
#Poroshenko called the condition for the continuation of talks with Putin
Two "recruiters" of illegal armed formations "LNR" was neutralized
Command post vehicles "Svityaz" went to the ATO
The supermarket "Amstor" called "Multicol" since 22/03 in #Donetsk. This is due to the change of the owner, who is in Moscow now
"Spare" charges are prepared for #Savchenko - lawyer
The police detained a man with a riffle gun in Kyiv
Price of cold water will growsince 1 may in Ukraine
Kikhtenko forbidden to sell alcohol to the military in Donetsk regoin
Citizens of Kyiv brought flowers to embassy of Germany.
Ukrzaliznytsia has recognized that they buy products of factory from the occupied Crimea
The militants shelled Ukrainian military with the tank near Opytne, - speaker of #ATO
The car was shot on Besarabsky area
SBU gave the deputies declassified documents about Maidan
Putin Tells FSB Board: NATO Developing Response Force, Attempts Being Made To Disrupt Nuclear Parity
Two columns of Russian armored vehicles invaded in #Donbass
Minsk agreement are going to be discarded in favor of a peacekeeping operation, said Alexei Pushkov
British Lord arrived in the area of the ATO
Ukrainian Armed Forces didn't suffer any casualties over the last 24 hours
OSCE chief #Ukraine monitor now to nat'l dels: unacceptable that "DPR" &; "LPR" declaring border area a 'no-go zone'
Today, the Bundestag ratified the Agreement on Association of Ukraine with the EU
Azov have destroyed Russian tank and Terrorists HQ near Shyrokyne
Azov have destroyed Russian tank and Terrorists HQ near Shyrokyne
Terrorists with T-72B
The President: teachings of national guard with the participation of American experts will be in April at Yavoriv polygon
#Shokin removed the top #of the General Prosecutor office at the time of the official investigation
Poroshenko arrived in Kharkiv on the first anniversary of the creation of the National guard
Semenivka near Slovyansk
[email protected] on the situation in east Ukraine at U.S. global Ambassadors conference
Over Lithuania -- Italian Air Force Eurofighter Typhoon
Drone spy on the office of the charity fund in Kharkiv which helps military
A child was beaten cause of the Trident on the sweater in Lviv
The guards opened the contents of the new "convoy" from #Russia
The General staff: volunteers of the "Right Sector" are offered to join forces
The French frigate La Fayette has arrived in the port of Odessa
Firm of Kolomoisky wants to block the payment of dividends "Ukrnafta" through the court
A drunk driver at jeep rammed a car of Traffic police in Rivne region
Wizz Air stops its activity in Ukraine
An old slope Yurkovitsa mount, on which the town was founded, is destroyed
Poroshenko flies to introduce the new Governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region
SBU detained a policeman, that was working with saboteurs in Mariupol
Six members of the production of pseudo rally for the Russian media were detained in Odessa
In the state Duma encouraged to bring proceedings against Psaki and Tymoshenko, - media
Explosion near Zaporizhzhya regional state administration
Force of #ATO fought off a militant attack on a strong point in Trekhizb'onka
Ukraine has received military equipment for the army from the Czech
The OSCE observers recorded the new facts of illegal export of coal from #Donbass to Russia
Operation Atlantic Resolve expands to Romania and Bulgaria
Shelling heard in Donetsk
A.Zaldostanov: The Ukrainian language and nation do not exist. We must stop the Ukrainianisation of Ukraine.
In Volhynska region the plane fell on a house
Ukrainians to gather in front of @WhiteHouse
Russia will send to Donbass another "humanitarian" convoy
Marina Poroshenko traveled on the train Kyiv-Kharkiv
Bundesrat President: conflict in Donbas threatens not only Ukraine, but also throughout Europe
Heavy battle in area of Spartak, Donetsk
Austria is going to increase its representation of OSCE mission in Donbas
Destroyed bus near Artemivsk
Bus #Horlivka-#Artemivsk, 4 dead, 11 #injured taken to hospital, including 3 heavy
Damaged Russian tanks T-72,MT-LB on the road to Kamensk-Shakhtinsky
"Right sector" not leaving front lines and consolidating positions, - Chorniy
Fighting in Shyrokyne near #Mariupol. Fighting intensifying in #Ukraine
Fighting in Shyrokyne near Mariupol. Fighting intensifying in Ukraine
A bus Artemivsk-Horlivka exploded at checkpoint near Artemivsk. There are dead.
Oleg Tsarev: Kolomoisky losing war against Poroshenko
Attorney General of Ukraine dismissed his Deputy
European Parliament has voted in favour of granting Ukraine 1.8 billion euros
Russian armed forces not involved in Ukraine conflict — Kremlin spokesman
Oil reserves in the U.S. increased again and reached highs of 80 years
Three Russian airborne units was awarded guards rank for unknown "feat"
European Commission recommends Ukraine to change financing of political parties
Poroshenko says SBU must be reformed in line with NATO, EU standards
Peskov: Putin doesn`t use "nuclear rhetoric"
A private military company from Russia at Donbass
Germany is ready to start negotiations about sending peacekeepers to Donbass - Steinmeier
Marina Poroshenko has brought to Donetsk region food sets for kids and families of displaced persons
EU, #Ukraine to hold summit in #Kyiv on April 27
Burning construction site in Dnipropetrovsk
Chechnya threatens #U.S. Department of seven States for delivery #weapons to Ukraine
National team of Ukraine on football visited heroes of ATO in hospital
Humanitarian aid from Latvia to Avdiivka
The SBU detained a suspect in the murder of an officer of the intelligence agencies
#Putin not invited Poroshenko on Victory Day in Moscow
Germany is ready to discuss OSCE peacekeepers, - Ambassador of Ukraine
Putin noted two brigades and a regiment for participation in military operation
Rates in Rubles in stores of Donetsk. An unfavorable rate
#SBU exposed attempt of disguised insurgents to kidnap Colonel of Military forces of Ukraine
The consequences of shelling in #Avdiivka
The militants say they speak about prisoners only with Medvedchuk
10-year-old son of terrorist told how he shot the soldiers of ATO
Judge Oberemko was removed from office
Putin approved the call over 150 thousand Russians to the army.
Poroshenko: Grateful to US for its support
20 tons of humanitarian aid (med. drugs) and 2 car arrived today in #Severodonetsk
The monument of Petrovsky was failed in Chernihiv
Savchenko lawyers accused protection of Sentsov venality in the Kremlin
Poroshenko in Boryspil
Rally in Zaporizhie
Savchenko statement regarding tomorrow's Basmanny court
"Belarus is Europe! The belarusians are europeans!"
Selebration Day of Freedom near Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in Kyiv
London Ukrainians gave the soldiers of #ATO three SUVs
SBU said that prevented to carry out an attack in Odessa
Day of the historical faculty in #Donetsk national university
Central area of Zaporozhye was renamed Maidan of the Heroes
29 Russian soldiers were destroyed near Mariupol
Jet fighters low over center of Dnipropetrovsk
Jet fighters low over center of Dnipropetrovsk
Water in #Luhansk
Fire in Donetsk. Perhaps burning hangars near airport
Freedom day in Minsk.
Russia has moved to Luhansk 20 wagons with ammunition
Avakov investigates cases against the former heads of the Ministry of agriculture and Ministry of environment from "Svoboda"
The UN will contribute more than 2 million dollars to create jobs for immigrants
Day of Freedom In Minsk
Cabinet has dismissed Krivopishin as the head of the South-Western railway
#SBU work in Odessa
Drills near Mykolaiv
The Belarusians have held the event "Together forever" on Ukraine's support in Belgium
Belarusians celebrate freedom Day in Kyiv
The First US Humvees. Borispol
The leader of the Pro-Kremlin party wants to put Pro-Ukrainian activists for insulting Putin in Poland
Ukrainian army are conducting regular exercises in career in #Kramatorsk. In addition to exercise - routine check of the sirens.
There was the wedding of two soldiers of the battalion of "Karpatska Sich" cyborg "Bison" and the Lera Burlakova yesterday in Pisky
Ukrainians are responsible and will use American weapons in the case of providing, - General Wald
#SBU will interrogate the organizers of rally in #Dnepropetrovsk
Railway track between stations blown up, Demarino - Prosyana in Dnipropetrovsk region
Plane with US Humvees arrived in Kyiv
No victims among military per day in the zone of #ATO, 4 wounded, - Lysenko
Zorian Shkiryak was appointed as the new head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations
Russian #General Lentsov announced the installation of observation points in difficult areas of #Donbass
Rally near City Council in Odessa
On the Maidan today bid farewell to two dead soldiers of "Aidar".
The weapon of the regiment "Dnipro-1" was found in the suspects in the murder of the SBU officer in Volnovaha
The President was asked to return Bandera and Shukhevych the title of hero of Ukraine
Also detained first deputy of minster Bochkovsky
All law enforcement agencies of Ukraine has launched a massive security operation - Poroshenko
Head of emergency ministry of Ukraine Bochkovsky was detained at the meeting of government of Ukraine
Mironov asked the Prosecutor General's office to check the legality of the transfer of Crimea to the Ukrainian
Poroshenko approved the Law on the strength of the Armed Forces of Ukraine up to 250 thousand people
DNR and LNR should not consider Kolomoisky as ally - Pushilin
Russian Col-General Lentsov (with OSCE bodyguard) making second visit to inspect frontline east of #Mariupol today
The court arrested the first of 69 vessels that was in the annexed #Crimea
Bomber of #RF developed supersonic speed over the Baltic sea
#Klitschko arrived on bike in Trukhaniv island for inspection
The authorities ordered supermarkets to reduce prices after buckwheat panic
A Russian Paratrooper from the 98th Airborne Division in Stanytsia-Luhanska District of Ukraine
Pro-Russian Deputy Kvasnuk held in the hall of shame, in Odessa
Putin employed former minister Zakharchenko
Russian journalists came under fire near Mariupol
Russian Marines will conduct shooting in Crimea
In Makiivka heard a gunfight from Spartak-Opytne
#Lugansk East. A lot of aircraft traces
Militants staged a deadly accident in #Donetsk
State Duma wants the resignation of Ambassador of RF in Ukraine Zurabov
Rally against Yatsenyuk in Kyiv
Ukrainian mobile anti-air radar near Milove was destroyed by landmine not RPG
Luhansk region. There were clashes between the forces of the ATO and "Cossacks" - Moskal
Russian forces bombed #Shyrokyne for the entire night with medium weight and heavy mortars. At least 7 attack waves.
#DragoonRide: 1800kms, 6 NATO Allies in Poland
Battle in Piski
Military, who carried out of the zone #ATO grenade launchers for sale, was detained in Khmelnytsky
The meeting of the Federation Council of the RF on Crimea. Askenov and Konstantinov are present
Aircrafts fly over Luhansk
Aircrafts fly over Luhansk
French missile frigate La Fayette sent to the Black sea
#Donetsk 7:15 again the battle in the district of Spartak-Opytne. Machine guns, tanks
Moody's believes that the default of Ukraine "almost" inevitable
A few @usairforce A-10 #warthogs joined up w/ @2dCavalryRegt Soldiers during a #DragoonRide stop in #Poland
Poroshenko signed resignation of Igor Kolomoisky
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