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25 กันยายน 2018

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Miltants shelled civilians in Stanitsa Luhanska - Head of Luhansk administration
SSU has caught on a bribe two policemen in Dnipro
APC with Ukrainian soldiers blasted near Starohnativka
Ukrainian MFA urged Russia to cancel the verdict for Karpyuk and Klyh
US and German troops start the tactical relocation exercise #DragoonRide in the Baltics
Donetsk region received a new development strategy to 2020
Russians are against to participating in Eurovision-2017
Russia's MFA: Ukraine's statements on re-establishing control over Ukrainian Donbas and Crimea are "aggressive."
Yasinuvata. Battle ongoing
Security forces held searches at Saakashvilli office
Incoming shelling at Avdiivka industrial area
Russian MFA said that Savchenko release is not connected with Minsk agreements
Ukraine won court against Russia for an oil tanker worth $1 million
Mikheil Saakashvili says Ukraine's new government full of "a bunch of mediocre people" with no vision for reform.
Estonia's CHOD Gen Terras calls for Patriot shield to deter Russia in Baltic region
Ex-President of USSR Gorbachev was banned to enter Ukraine for 5 years
Speech Of Nadiya Savchenko In The Presidential Administration
Speech Of Nadiya Savchenko In The Presidential Administration
Ukrainian 25th Separate Airborne Brigade undergoes battalion tactical drills
Ukraine apparently bans Gorbachev from entering the country for 5yrs for saying he supports annexation of Crimea
DNR reporting on 2 killed and 1 wounded soldier
Ukrainian MP was not allowed to enter Transnistria
It is necessary to support not only the government but also business. So hold business forums for Ukrainian exporters - @mykolska
Odessa: A 20 meters portrait of Savchenko has been put on the facade of the State Administration.
The fund will finance future development projects of potential of Ukrainian economy - J. Johnson
In the Kharkiv region SBU blocked the channel of delivery of weapons from the ATO zone
[email protected]: We are proud that with our support was established @TheProZorro, which has already received international recognition
[email protected]: US officials impressed with that eager the new Government continues to implement reforms
Pope Francis @pontifex blessed Ukrainian soldier
Pope Francis blessed Ukrainian servicemen
G7 'rattled' by Donald Trump, Obama says
G7 talk: - Obama: G7 to push back against competitive FX devaluationn -Merkel: Monetary policy coming to its limits
ATO spox: Yesterday, UA law enforcers located another arsenal with over 400 rounds of ammo
ATO spox: 25th Airmobile Brigade has drills. Paratroopers crossed over a river, seized a bridge, shootings
ATO Spox: Mariupol sector: Enemy shelling of UA positions continued all across the front line; enemy antitank missile system destroyed
ATO spox: Yesterday, Ukrainian Armed Forces did not incur any casualties; 2 UA servicemen were wounded in action from enemy snipers
ATO spox: 1 militant KIA, 1 WIA as a result of friendly fire
Fighting since 5am at Opytne, Avdiivka, Spartak
Increased level of violence in Donetsk and Luhansk regions as compared to previous @OSCE_SMM reporting
Peskov: Putin backs Poroshenko's words for return of Donbas to Ukraine
Avdiivka - in the morning, there were landings in Opytne, MGs worked, RU came close but were repelled, ~5am-5:40am
Mortar shelling in Avdiivka
Small plane Z-37 Cmelak crashed in Volyn' region yesterday. Pilot was killed
Tensions at Kyiv city council
@reitschuster at #lmf2016: Russian propaganda managed to convince people that there is no truth
Crimean-Tatar Majilis condemned kidnapping of Ervin Ibragimov
On the website of one of the Crimean ministries appeared offensive caption in the address of Putin
Ex Trojan Footprint 16—Special forces from 11 countries (including @US_SOCEUR) test NATO Response Force readiness
Avdiivka: fighting. Ambulances on the way to frontline
Patrol police is just a minor part of national police in Ukraine that needs to be reformed - @r_romanov
Today UCMC in cooperation w/ US Embassy Rome introduced Italian journalists to the National Anticorruption Bureau
Despite his FB denial, Saakashvili did indeed call new govt "a bunch of mediocre people"
Amb Tombinski at Lviv Media Forum: Media+journalists have to be accountable to their audience. They also need to be protected #lmf2016
This pict of Russia airspace claims (Finland Sweden Ukraine etc) is real RUS MoD map
Kremlin has to explain to public why Savchenko pardoned. So that's page 1 of gov.paper. Freed Russian on page 3.
New Russian supply convoy arrived at Donbas today
Large Russian provided ammunition depot, Luhansk region, 24-4-2015
Sevastopol authorities called the old women asked Medvedev about pensions, as provokators
Russia has offered Ukraine to take prisoners from the Crimea
US will continue to press Russia for complete implementation of commitments under Minsk agreements [email protected]
Rus-backed militants fired 28 times upon Ukr troops over the last day, tried to attack with antitank syst near Novotroyitske - ATO press center
Kyiv: Stabbing attack against @Turchynov's wife, nobody injured, attacker detained
EU talks about absence of progress in implementing Minsk accords.
28 attacks on Ukrainian forces yesterday at Donbas
At night there was again ruscist UAV activity over Kramatorsk, AA-gun fire reported.
Tusk: EU stays the course on Russia incl. economic sanctions unchanged as long as Minsk Agreement not fully implemented
[email protected] on Savchenko warns "Putin did not release Nadiya as a humanitarian gesture but as an attempt to weaken European resolve..."
Five people dead near Chernihiv in road accident of two cars
Cheka Monument in Kiev attempted to demolish with a hydraulic hammer, but have not yet been able to
Nadiya Savchenko announced a "big press-conference" on Friday
Ukraine has returned the tanker "Tamanskij", million dollars cost
A resident of the Donetsk region attacked with a knife Turchinov wife
Lavrov: Conditioning lifting of sanctions on implementation of Minsk Agreements by Russia is absurd - Russia is not a party to the conflict
Poroshenko says thet Ukraine will return all Ukrainian captives
Poroshenko says will return Crimea to Ukraine like did Savchenko
SBU seized ammunition, stolen from military warehouses
The first statement of free Nadiya Savchenko: We will live a worthy life in Ukraine as a person should live
Savchenko arrived in Ukraine barefoot
Putin says Viktor Medvedchuk asked him to pardon Savchenko on behalf of victims' widows.
Savchenko in Boryspil
Putin has no meetings with Russians Yerofeyev and Alexandrov on his schedule yet - Peskov.
GRU officers in Moscow
Peskov says Putin pardoned Savchenko at request of families killed in attack in which they say she was complicit.
Matvienko: the transfer of Savchenko to Ukraine and Erofeev and Alexandrov to Russian Federation is not swap
Savchenko's sister Vira and mother Maria have boarded a minibus and set out down the airstrip to meet her.
In the morning, Putin met with the families of VGTRK journalists killed in the Donbass
Putin signed a Decree to pardon Savchenko
Mother of Nadya Savchenko just talked to her daughter. She is already in Ukraine
President's plane with hero of Ukraine Nadiya #Savchenko aboard landed
Savchenko plane just landed in Ukraine
Around 100 reporters gathered near the Terminal B waiting for Savchenko's arrival
"ATO zone" museum was opened today in Dnipro
Savchenko is free! President will deliver a statement at 15:15 EET
The plane with Alexandrov and Yerofeyev landed in Vnukovo
Ukrainian official: Russia has released jailed pilot Nadiya Savchenko and she is being flown to Ukraine
Russian prisoners leave Ukraine, opening way for pilot Savchenko swap: lawyer
Just after Savchenko prisoner swap. Russia expects Normandy leaders conference call on Ukraine, says Lavrov
The swap took place. Savchenko on Ukrainian board flew from Rostov
The plane with Erofeev and Alexandrov will arrive in Moscow at 13:33
Savchenko is coming to Ukraine at 14:45
Savchenko swap: Busy morning for Ukraine/Russia special flight squadrons
Waiting for good news from Savchenko
2 Ukrainian military were captured near Donetsk
No lethal casualties among UA servicemen reported in the warzone in southeast Ukraine, but 2 servicemen WIA
A Ukrainian government plane today flew from Kiev to Rostov, giving eastern regions a wide berth. Savchenko pickup?
Nadia Savchenko on the way to Kyiv from Rostov-On-Don
Poroshenko Plane Reportedly Flying To Russia With Yerofeyev And Aleksandrov To Swap For Savchenko
33 ceasfire violations at Donbas yesterday
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