Map. History of Ukraine conflict

23 September 2017
#Ukraine NSDC: Russian terrorists fired today #Donetsk Airport,#Nikishyne & #Kamyshne
In #Dnipropetrovsk Thugs poured ink in the ballot box
During his call with FM Lavrov, @JohnKerry emphasized the need for Russia to implement all 12 points in the Minsk Agreement.
Dnipropetrovsk' exit poll results - Yarosh of Right Sector will be MP of Rada
Turnout map by regions
Hundreds chanting "Russians go home!" in #Budapest during protests against planned internet tax
Battalion "Peacemaker" surrounded elections comission n 217
7 suspects in attack on the bus with candidates ( @Leshchenkos @mefimus Svitlana Zalishchuk) already detained - SSU speaker Lublivskyi
Signing of the coalition agreement scheduled to 22.00 (in 30 minutes)
Avakov: Chairman of the Election commission 217 must be already detained by police
Unknown armored people are trying to capture election commission in Pervomaisk
Police detained thugs with weapons in Kyiv
Exit-polls results of Ukrainian Rada elections
Russian checkpoint near Bryanka
SBU prohibit Ivan Okhlobystin to enter Ukraine
Wounded Ukrainian fighter lying in the hospital, but still vote
Ukrainian War veteran fills out his ballot.We wish you a speedy recovery. The inscription on his wheelchair: NTH-NHX.
Poll station in #Novotroitske . Only 226 of 2200 people voted, many afraid, many left
In Saudi Arabia Ukrainians go to vote
Titushki attacked journalists and their car in Znam'yanka
Observer with a grenade was detained in Andriivka, Donetsk region
Budapest votes
Shooting in Kryvyi Rih near polling station
Storm in #Krym: broken car, destroyed roof and halted ferry
In Melitopol hung out the flag of Novorossia and fake bombs planted
#Ukrainians vote in Naples
Ukraine forces on streets of Krasnoarmiisk. People say quiet here despite war next door, but no water for 4 months
Head of Luhansk region Moskal voted in Severodonetsk
President Poroshenko at the polling station in Kramatorsk, #Donetsk region
#ATO soldiers voting in #Ukraine
Voting in a military hospital in Kyiv
Unknown location
President Poroshenko on the election day arrived in the area of ATO
On the gas stations near Verona. Ukranians going to vote in Milan. Sing La La La
Elections to the Verkhovna Rada in Mariupol
Voting in Krasnoarmiisk near front line in #Ukraine Officials say expect only 30% turnout. Last time, nearly 100%.
Two polling station were evacuated because of bomb threat In the Kharkiv region
50 military trucks without plates in Rostov region
MLRS shelling between DNR' gangs.
New Donetsk Republic coins
In Nikopol knocked one of the three monuments to Lenin
Russian TV Rain: "Ukraine's foreign Ministry retweeted call not to vote for clowns"
"There are fighting At 31, 32 roadblocks" - Nastya Stanko
Poroshenko: Decision on ceasefire was beneficial first of all for the defense capacity. Now we are much stronger than 1.5 month ago.
Defenders of #Donetsk Airport got some rocket launchers
Strelkov has visited the impartial journo Yuri Yurchenko in the hospital. He gave him a medal and financial support.
Website of Central elections commission of Ukraine is under hackers attack
Today's exercises with parachutes in the Rostov region
Ukrainian soldiers at Volnovakha
DIY Fighting vehicle
In #Kagarlyk, #Kyiv region saboteurs burnt cars belonging to members of Aidar Battalion
50 hours without water: the siege of checkpoint near Smile continues
Almost all parties are cheating in "Day of Silence". Without names, but branding present
The NSDC: In the area of ATO sniper militant groups activity intensified
#LAVROV: #Norway joins EU #sanctions against Russia for external reason
#Stakhanov the Queue for water,15 thousand neighborhood sits without it for 10 days. Anger, swearing, fighting
The train was burnt At the Kyivsky station in Moscow
Riga mayor apologized to Okhlobystin. "Banned" in Latvia for the proposal to burn gays
The @OrbitalSciences Antares rocket rolling to the launch pad for Mon #ISScargo launch.
DNR switched to Moscow time