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18 สิงหาคม 2018

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The National Guard, that very reassuring presence on a Target parking lot in #Ferguson
BOSTON NOW #ShutItDown #Ferguson
Floor of a house collapsed on Rapaport St moments ago, no injuries
Humvees in Ferguson
OSCE observers came under fire in the East of Ukraine
#LondonToFerguson Protesters Clash With Police #Ferguson
Ferguson first snow
Russians fly drone over entirely destroyed Piski
Russians fly drone over entirely destroyed Piski
#Poroshenko talked to #Putin by phone. He threatens to go offensive
#London #Ferguson protest heading to #Parliament and #downingstree
Police released two gun-layers of "DNR", which were caught by Dnepr-1
A Single protestor preaches peace in front of #Ferguson PD
Heavy shelling at #Donetsk airport in #Ukraine today
Heavy shelling at Donetsk airport in Ukraine today
#Ferguson in London - "no justice no peace."
President Obama: "You guys want to pet him?"
Explosion In Artemivsk in a military unit. Four Ukrainian military were injured
Enormous #Ferguson crowd marching and has stopped traffic on N Bond St. #London
One of three protester arrests made earlier this afternoon at City Hall. Photo by Lawrence Bryant #FergusonDecision
Dnipropetrov'sk MP Filatov exit Poroshenko fraction
Hundreds outside the US embassy as families of UK police brutality victims speak. #Ferguson
Russian supplied automatic mortar Vasilek firing at Ukrainian positions
Russian supplied automatic mortar Vasilek firing at Ukrainian positions
Russian Ambassador Zurabov came out From AP, which is the headquarters of the fraction of block Poroshenko
#Libya: the #ISIS court in #Derna, reportedly hit by RPG fire a short while ago
Russian terrorists shell #Donetsk rocket came from South East- Russia held area #Ukraine
Russian terrorists shell Donetsk rocket came from South East- Russia held area Ukraine
#Putin "court" rape women who go to bars #Ukraine
Putin court rape women who go to bars Ukraine
Police deploy teargas and tackle a protester at St. Louis City Hall. Demonstrators are furious.
#Ferguson protesters shut down I-5 in #SanDiego
Peaceful #Ferguson protest moving westward on Market Street in downtown St. Louis right now.
Appears protesters are now mostly moved to the right shoulder of 101, but traffic still slow
Protest in Kyiv. Police used tear gas
Police protecting concert of singer "Ani Lorak"
The March has made it to the old courthouse. Mock trial is about to start #Ferguson #PeopleVTheState
#ISIS says they are set to execute 90 #SAA prisoners tomorrow in #Raqqa, #Syria
SBU detained marauders, who had disguised himself as a Ukrainian military
Ukraine returned to their property more than 1400 km of Russian gas-oil pipeline
Egypt jails 78 minors for joining pro-Morsi protests: judicial sources
Riot in the suburbs of Lugansk - the village Yuvileyne
#Russia to provide #China with S-400 AA missile systems. Six for $3 billion
In Moscow was a picket in support of Nadezhda Savchenko
Russia shelled residential area in Popasna
Russia shelled residential area in Popasna
The monument of Zhiznevsky was opened in the center of Kyiv
The Russians wanted to steal the Ukrainian military aircraft.
SBU detained ten terrorists in Donetsk & Luhansk
NATO general Breedlove says "large number" of Russians in Ukraine providing "backbone guidance and training" to separatist forces.
"For your safety, leave this area as soon as possible." The police haven't said it is an unlawful assembly yet.
Ukraine has spent 19 billion UAH on the army and purchased hundreds of pieces of military equipment, - Yatsenyuk
Confrontation heats up at Shandong/Sai Yeung Choi junction.
Dnipropetrovsk region has accepted 538 refugees
2 Russian jets violate Ukrainian airspace in Luhansk region - NSDC
Yatsenyuk: Ukraine is in state of war with a nuclear power. This is the main factor of our difficulties
International terrorist Girkin in St Petersburg, Russia
ATMs and POS terminals must be disconnected for uncontrolled territories in the zone of the ATО, - NBU
The Ukrainian military repelled dozens of attacks of militants at ATO zone
US Court decided what to do with Lazarenko's money
Russia has placed 14 jets in the Crimea
Provincial Russian airports, where passengers get out and push a plane like it's no big deal.
SWAT teams called out in #Ferguson.
Teargas again in #Ferguson, pushing crowd back from burning police cruiser.
Protestors at 8th & Broadway in #Oakland start fire in 2nd night of demonstrations. #Ferguson
Police guarding burned and smashed patrol car outside Ferguson City Hall. Huge response
#Ferguson protesters overturn police car.
Police staged at Turnpike entrances off Copley Sq and Stuart St. Bystanders tell me #ferguson protesters have left.
Tear gassed protestor in Denver. #Ferguson
Another police cruiser torched in #Ferguson.
#Ferguson protesters in downtown LA have reached LAPD headquarters
#Ferguson police car torched.
Police cruiser attacked in #Ferguson
Protesters are on the move again along Marietta Street
NB lanes of I-35 closed in #Dallas as #Ferguson protesters march on highway
Police in the street. Helicopter flying overhead. Protesters yelling **** the police. #Ferguson
Protesters gather in front of the White House, opposing the #NoIndictment decision. #Ferguson
Rally in Austin Texas in support of Ferguson
A shot from above as #Springfield PD shut down Main St. while #Ferguson protestors marched through. #WesternMA.
Outside the LAPD, police line up waiting for protesters.
Main body of protesters stay on sidewalk, but more going onto street. #Seattle #Ferguson
#Ferguson demonstrators sitting down stopping traffic on Shelby Av, Nashville
Things being thrown from crowd #Ferguson #FergusonAction
Smoke over crowd
#OccupyHK protestors nearly cleared from Nathan Rd, Mongkok. The clean-up begins
3 helicopters overhead. #Ferguson
Anonymous flag in New York city
Some sort of smoke device was used, unclear who set it off #Ferguson
Rally in support of #Ferguson in #SanDiego
March, organized by Baltimore Bloc, began near City Hall and went throughout the downtown area #Ferguson
Protestors lying on I-24 - traffic at standstill in both directions near Shelby Ave in #Nashville #Ferguson
#HongKong police clear half of Nathan Rd #occupyhk
Protestors have shut down the intersection of University and Snelling in Saint Paul #Ferguson
Nashville protest increasing in size, officers worried they don't have enough on the ground.
#FergusonNYC solidarity march continuing Southeast on Flatbush Ave. passing @barclayscenter #Ferguson
Big crowd being pushed back slowly by a line of police led by tactical unit. Clearing as they move forward.
6 protesters now laying on front of cops. Ignoring requests to disperse. #Boston #Ferguson
#HandsUpDontShoot moment of silence in front of the United Nations. #FergusonDecision NYC. #Ferguson
FDR totally shut down by #Ferguson protesters
Police pushing crowd back in #Ferguson. So far peaceful.
Occupy protesters with makeshift shields prepare for police action #OccupyHK #OccupyMK #UmbrellaMovement
#Ferguson #NYC on FDR. Protesters tell this is just the beginning.
The Brooklyn #Ferguson march is headed down Flatbush Ave toward the Barclays Center. At least a thousand strong
Protests in 37 states
Protestors march in #Denver - block traffic on Broadway over #Ferguson grand jury decision
Outside Dallas Police Department
#Ferguson #Oakland has shut down Hwy 24. Police are moving in to make arrests.
Singing & applause as peaceful demonstration reaches end. 2nd march moving North on 3rd Ave. #Ferguson
Approx 400 ppl. gathered for #Ferguson demonstration in downtown #NorthamptonMA . No arrests, no injuries.
Dozens protest #Ferguson decision outside #Miami courthouse #Florida
Protestors shutting down I95 in providence #ferguson
Market St Shutdown At Louisville, Kentucky Protest In Solidarity With #Ferguson
Police cleared protesters off I-75 in Detroit tonight after demonstrators blocked traffic. #Ferguson
#Ferguson protest march in downtown Portland
A moment of silence for #Ferguson at Eaton Plaza
Protesters escalate confrontation as they surround LAPD and climb on cars
Protesters in Los Angeles destroying a police car
Burning American Flags in front of the Providence Police Department with chants of "people over property" #Ferguson
#NewOrleans manifestation en cours #Ferguson
Protesters have surround @CHPsouthern patrol car #Ferguson
Protesters take the streets of #Boston: #Ferguson
Protestors staging a non-violent sit-in at the intersection of Natural Bridge & Kingshighway
3 gatherings peacefully converge into 1 as hundreds gather in Durham in solidarity with #Ferguson
Protesters underneath the 110 Freeway near downtown L.A.
Rally in Columbia SC #Ferguson
Two arrested in front of #Ferguson PD. About 50 Guardsmen backing up STL Co. Police.
#FergusonDecision Protests Shutting it down in Washington #DC for #Ferguson
Manhattan bridge currently being taken over and halted by protesters marching for #Ferguson.
Protestors shut down intersection of Kingshighway and Natural Bridge. Cops block streets and give space. #ferguson
Hundreds Marching In #Nashville -#Ferguson
Police say 107 men and 9 women were arrested yesterday. 20 police officers were injured. #hongkong #occupyhk
Cops grabbing people trying to pass through police lines & throwing them around at #Chi2Ferguson demo on Michigan ave
By police station in St. Louis #Ferguson
Protesters block lanes of street in front of #Ferguson PD
Protest in Minneapolis right now; #Ferguson
Protestors have shutdown the Williamsburg bridge in #NewYork #Ferguson
Georgia state troopers called in as #Ferguson protesters march toward the State Capitol in Atlanta, @FOX5Atlanta reports.
#Ferguson protests shut down Massachusetts Ave #DC. Chant: '#BlackLivesMatter'
Large protest now in Roxbury Boston, near the police station marching towards South Bay Jail, the jail is on lockdown. #Fergsuon
Protesters are removed from blocking the Lincoln Tunnel by the New York Police.
Thousands of people in every single direction taking streets of boston. #NoIndictment #IndictBoston #BlackLivesMatter
#Ferguson protestors blocking traffic on I-75/I-85 in downtown Atlanta
Protests marching down 14th street
Protestor against police-invovled shootings approach front door of @DallasPD chant "black lives matter". #Ferguson
West Houston Street shut down for #mikebrown #ferguson against #FergusonDecision
Protesters Now Marching Down The FDR Drive, NYPD Aviation Overhead #Ferguson
Reports of pepper spray deployed in Times Square
National Guard on the move. Headed west on HWY 40. #Ferguson
Dudley Square, March mobilizing. "No justice, no peace, no racist police"
NYPD beginning arrests for disorderly conduct #Ferguson #NYC
Police moving in to Nathan Road to prepare for clearance.
#Ferguson protesters turned off Wheeler onto Cullen & are marching thru the University of Houston campus
#ISIS executes four female parliamentary members in #Mosul
I-75 In #Cincinnati shutdown Due To #Ferguson Protestors
Standoff at Lincoln Tunnel entrance- police won't let protesters pass, traffic stalled. Pushing, shoving
At least two thousand people now at Ferguson rally in Toronto
Rally in Crenshaw #LosAngeles #Ferguson
West Florissant Avenue has been shutdown. #stl #Ferguson
Defense Ministry of Russia: There were no Russian soldiers in Ukraine, but the families of the dead will receive 5 million rubles
Fire rekindles at burned out Advance Auto Parts store on W. Florissant in #Ferguson, MO
Mandatory curfew has been established for East St. Louis for those 17yo & under beginning at 6:00pm; according to authorities.
#NYC to #Ferguson crowd is growing very quickly. Anticipate 7pm action #MikeBrown #EricGarner #AkaiGurley
Police at Dundas St. barrier. Helmets and flags at rest, the events of the night feel a hundred years away. #OccupyHK
#Map: Here's how #Ferguson exploded on Twitter last night
The entire road looks like a battlefield. Glad it's both warm and dry for the sleeping protestors. #OccupyHK
Protest at University of California Los Angeles against #Ferguson, grand jury decision - @jeffnguyen
Louisville residents protested in front of police headquarters a day after the #FergusonDecision
#Seattle Protesters Marching In Solidarity With #Ferguson At Westlake Park #FergusonDecision
Crowd beginning to gather at Underground Atlanta for #FergusonDecision protest.
Cleveland "Hands up don't shoot!" Marching on highway NOW #FergusonDecision
Two bus loads of National Guard troops in full riot gear just arriving outside #Ferguson police department
Russian official: #Ferguson highlights ‘serious challenges to American society and its stability’
One of a few photos showing protesters in front of Islamic Republic’s Embassy in Berlin, Germany.
Reuters: #US General Breedlove to hold talks in #Ukraine on Nov. 26
More than 2,200 National Guardsmen will be available in #Ferguson tonight, Gov. Jay Nixon says.
A map of Ferguson via NYT, red dots are violent parts last night
Clashes at the Mong Kok. Now situation a bit calm
Swedish Foreign Minister @margotwallstrom honours the fallen heroes on Nebesna Sotnya Street in Kyiv today.
Truck destroy bridge in Kaliningrad Region of Russia
France to Send Armored Unit to Poland for Exercises
Large protest in Philadelphia right now. #Ferguson
Police in riot gear forcing protestors off the 70 with pepper spray. Several arrest. #shutitdown #Fergsuon #STL
Protest underway in CLE outside Public Square. @WKYC
Police in riot gear marching down the ramp behind remaining protesters, police banging.
Protestors are currently marching across I-44, blocking traffic in downtown St L.
Police starts to arrest peaceful protesters at St. Louis highway. #Ferguson #FergusonDecision #BlackLivesMatter
Several military vehicles spotted close to St Louis Airport right now. #Ferguson #FergusonDecision
Unknown attacked a bus with "DNR special forces" near Starobesheve
Some marchers have moved onto the bridge to East St. Louis, Illinois. Major downtown interchange blocked.
The Belorussian opposition asks @poroshenko to provide "Hero of Ukraine" for Zhiznevsky
Presumptive Dep. Sec. Blinken has stated that the US is considering offering Ukraine defensive weapons.
Shells hit school №117 in Donetsk
The battalion Dnepr-1 detained 4 militants in Piski
The battalion Dnepr-1 detained 4 militants in Piski
No more blood on the streets. Eagleton Courthouse, downtown St. Louis.
NSDC: Withdrawal of (1000) #Russia|n soldiers from #Ukraine might be due to mutiny
US general says #Russia capable of launching full-scale invasion of #Ukraine
Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson thanks supporters; lawyers laud grand jury decision.
Something is still smoking over on W. Florissant.
In Moscow Region annihilated 400 tons of "sanctions" meat products
Protesters are all in hamlets now, standoff remains in #Mongkok
Massive stretch of West Florissant being treated as a crime scene, all the way up to Chambers. #Ferguson
Minibus after shooting in Donetsk
Turkey's state emergency organisation, AFAD, is constructing a camp for Kobane displaced people in Suruc in Turkey.
SBU revealed the channel of financing of DNR terrorists
The consequences of the fighting in the Georgievka: collapsed onto the road bridge and the burnt houses
#Iraq: ISIS blows up a church and a monastery in northern Iraq
President of the Czech Republic urged Ukraine to surrender to the "strong neighbor"
A volunteer center in #Debaltseve came under Russian #Grad attack,killing 1 and injuring 6, incl.civ+troops
Russia is preparing to send at the Donbass another convoy with "humanitarian aid"
Moments ago: protestors lay in solidarity outside justice center where #DarrenWilson GJ decision was read. #Ferguson
This morning in Dellwood. National Guard stationed outside stores. #Fergsuon
Church was destroyed in Donetsk
Police rush out and turn corner, pushing protesters onto reclamation street
"ISIS Help", Ferguson
Syrian opposition fighters destroy a truck carrying ammunition to #SAA fighters in
Syrian opposition fighters destroy a truck carrying ammunition to SAA fighters in
Donetsk today. #DonNTU military Department
#OccupyHK protester treated after being hit with pepper spray. Police clearing streets in Mong Kok.
Legal observers on the scene at peaceful #Ferguson protest in Clayton
The melted AutoZone in #Ferguson
Cops hold Shantung/Shanghai junction on all sides now. Lots watching from above. #OccupyHK #UmbrellaRevolution
Poroshenko had a phone conversation with @KlausIohannis who won the presidential elections in Romania on November 16.
Police told to not take photo of suspects "for their own safety"
In Kharkiv Tube plant director was wounded
The court overturned the lustration ex-Deputy Prosecutor of Kharkiv. This is the 1st case when the court canceled lustration
Rally in Kharkiv
Mayor Slay's presser begins.
Ukrzaliznytsia plans to suspend the carriage of passengers in the zone of the ATO in Luhansk and Donetsk regions
Protesters blockade White House over #Ferguson jury ruling
Donetsk city Council: killed 3 civilians, 8 injured
Police's mobile castle & Pepper Canon. We are like back to Roman age #OccupyHK
Poroshenko convene an emergency meeting with security forces
#Russia forces move along line from Pavlopol, Chermalyk to Telmanovo #Ukraine near #Mariupol
[email protected] is expected to speak at 6:30 to talk about what happened in south #stl
Armour vs armour
Students now parade the banner in front of police line. Crowd continue to chant the words. #OccupyHK
Twin blasts kill dozens in Nigeria
Police gather at Changsha/Portland intersection to push protesters back into Nathan. #OccupyHK
France delays delivery of #Mistral warships to #Russia until further notice.
DNR demand to convene an emergency meeting of the UNSC for consideration of the peacekeeping contingent in the East of Ukraine
All shops, even #KFC at Portland St & Shantung St intersection are closed at 7:46pm
Firefighters still working to put out fire at Family Dollar on New Halls Ferry in #Ferguson
#Raqqa now #Syria
Just watched this guy walk out of a shop with arms full of goods. Police rushed in. Now he's arrested.
6 Airstrike from #SAA on #Raqqa #Syria
Protesters marched on Seventh Avenue in NYC following the grand jury decision in Ferguson on Monday.
Looters just found a new place in #Ferguson. Someone got away with a new of new #AirJordans
The destruction on W. Florissant near Chambers in Dellwood. #Fergsuon
1st alarm #fire 4100 blk of Maffitt. Multiple lines off; an aggressive interior attack. Exposure side B
Mass rally today in Pyongyang to condemn #UN’s anti-#DPRK human rights resolution.
Near Donetsk, Avdiivka, Makiivka and Horlovka militants are increasing the number of artillery
During the last 24 hours The Ukrainian military has been shelled 35 times , - Tymchuk
In Donetsk the projectile hit the bus: two people were killed, eight wounded, - Prikhodko
Fires are now burning at protests in #Oakland too. #Ferguson
Police have made at least 29 arrests around #Ferguson, tonight. -Fox
#Ferguson protesters in Seattle are kneeling now. Everyone has linked arms.
The cleaners have rolled onto Arygle St and doing a speedy job. #OccupyMK #OccupyHK
Advance Auto Parts in Dellwood. #Ferguson
Police brought pickup with flatbed containing bricks thrown at police, handgun taken from protester. #Fergsuon
#Ferguson police passes a burning AutoZone on West Florissant.
Car parking is burning
"Our community's got to take some responsibility for what happened tonight," Capt Johnson says. #Ferguson @kmoxnews
Cops arrest someone at a gas station across the street from the burning nail store. #Ferguson
Seattle police have another blockade on 12th Ave. Different group of #Ferguson protesters staring at them.
#Fergsuon police moving slowly cautiously around city, Red's still burning, public storage burnt out
A Dellwood car lot and gas station ablaze right now. #Ferguson unrest continues into early morning hours.
The registers are gone
McDonald's windows smashed as the light from a business burning shines behind in #Ferguson:
A U. City police officer has been shot. Condition is unknown. Search for suspect underway. It is unclear if related to #FergusonDecision
Protestors blocking Airport Road at Florissant in #ferguson.
Protester stands at barrier, shakes it violently while yelling @ cops. "U have disgraced this mother f-ing country."
Main Mongkok protest site to be cleared Wednesday, say police.
Temple Mount activist released from hospital, lauds Arab medical workers
200ish gather in NYC's Union Square. "BLACK LIVES MATTER" #Fergsuon
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