Map. History of Ukraine conflict

20 มิถุนายน 2018

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All that remains of Ukrainian 40-ton tank after explosion of "Rapier"
People brought flowers to the scene of the murder Nemtsov
Destroyed Russian military equipment in Lohvynove
Ilya Yashin said that Nemtsov was going to publish a report on the war in Ukraine with facts and documents
4 shots hit on the victim Boris Nemtsov. Investigatopn committee conducts the inspection. No versions
Here is pictures of dead Boris Nemtsov
Russian opposition politician Nemtsov dead
In Artemovsk two teenagers blew up
The brigade commander 23 infantry brigade of the RF Konstantin Stepanishen lost his legs and now in hospital
Message from Ambassador Deshchytsia on the anniversary of the occupation of Russia AR Crimea Ukraine
Message from Ambassador Deshchytsia on the anniversary of the occupation of Russia AR Crimea Ukraine
Poroshenko discussed with Merkel placing peacekeepers in Donbass
Russian army T-72b1 in Shyrokyne
Russian army T-72b1 in Shyrokyne
Serbia plans several military exercises with Russia
Ukraine will get the drones from France
The Ukrainian military has again declared a cease-fire violations
The Crimea. People snapped bananas in "Ashan"
Today in Bryanka. 4 armored vehicles MT-LB and 2 military trucks with soldiers
"PM" of DPR Boroday: Strelkov is fighting on the opposite side
Detained activist who collected signatures for the accession of Latvia to Russia
We must stop the panic and speculation-Yatsenyuk about the hryvnia exchange rate
Drills of Ukrainian military In Zhytomyr region
The conflict in Eastern Ukraine - not a year, not two, not even three-Yatsenyuk
Shokin promises to bring the investigation of the Gongadze case to the end
Entrepreneurs of Kramatorsk made silver badges "For the defense of the airfield"
Illegal government promise to transfer to a budget students, who fighting in "DNR"
The car of the Director of the information Agency was burned in Lviv
63.5 thousand military of RF is on the border with Ukraine
Arab Emirates won't supply weapons in Ukraine
Latvian military announced the lifting of the NATO fighters to intercept the Il-20 RF AF
Klitschko forbidden to build a shopping center on the site of the streets of Kyiv Rus'
Investigators have traveled to Kharkov, to give Kernes message of suspicion-Shockin
Began an extraordinary meeting #Council #UN
The President of Germany has made it clear that he is not going to Moscow on may 9
Just a few days ago we were at the brink of full-scale war, and now everything is better-OSCE
General prosecutor office is going to give a suspicion to Kernes
France will put Ukraine drones and electronic warfare means
Swine flu was diagnosed in seven residents of the Crimea
In Lisichansk started shooting
Ukraine receives foreign lethal weapons - NSDC
Archaeologists found the street of Kyiv Rus' during excavations on the Poshtova square in Kyiv
SBU intercepted instructions of Surkov for militants
SBU: "Financial Maidan in Kyiv was organized by the FSB and private banks
Eyewitnesses have recorded large column of Russian military equipment in Luhansk
Eyewitnesses have recorded large column of Russian military equipment in Luhansk
#Russia considered that the application of human rights defenders about the threat to the life #Savchenko “enter the public astray”
Ajax will play with Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk in next round of UEFA Europa League
Two of the co-organizers of the terrorist attack in Kharkiv in Russia today, - the head of the SBU
Military convoy headed from #Donetsk to #Mariupol, - Lysenko
Terrorist attack in #Kharkiv was made by resident of Kharkiv, a member of the organization "Oplot", - Nalivaychenko
In the SCM reported that Berdyansk city Council postponed the question of airport rental
Terrorists are trained and recruited in Belgorod, - #Nalyvaychenko
Russian tanks at Donbass
Russian humanitarian convoy brought 40 trucks of petrol, - guards
Russian businessman organized in #London rally against #Putin aggression in Ukraine
The Kremlin bots began to actively promote the theme of the meeting near NBU, - Ministry of information
300 Ukrainian military students in #Kharkiv graduated earlier due to RU aggression. First time since WW2
3 Ukrainian soldiers were killed and 7 got wounded in the last 24 hours. - @NSDC_ua
Investors from G7 will arrive in #Kyiv
Eight citizens, who fought in #Ukraine with the terrorists, were detained in #Spain
The Marines arrived in Nikolaev on rotation
Airport of Donetsk
Rally near National Bank of Ukraine
Putin announced the reduction of salaries on 10% in the administration of the Kremlin
Reservist: We were forced to watch Russian channels and TV of "LNR" at the training camp
Moskal: "LNR" is entirely on Russian electricity
Gazprom: Naftogaz payment will be enough for 1 day
#Polish 12th MechBrig and US @2dCavalryRegt troops joint training #AtlanticResolve
US to donate 100 used humvees to #Ukraine
#Savchenko - Jemilev: You were starving 303 days. I have an example
Fighters of #MIA forced to retreat terrorists who also appeared in Lebedinske
The President urged Ukrainians prepare for constant military threat from Russia
Yalta film studio was nationalized in Crimea
Fans of Kyiv "Dynamo" had a fight with fans of French "Hangama" because of the provocative banner about Crimea
MPs demand from #GPU to check Kolomoisky
Member of the Council on human rights under the President of the Russian Federation: "Nadezhda Savchenko may die in the next days"
Poroshenko: we began the removal of some heavy weapons, but. at any time our military is ready to return it to the previous position.
Lavrov: US violated international law in Syria, Libya and Ukraine
Putin marks 1 year of #Crimea annexation by instituting new holiday to celebrate the special ops forces that did it.
Another Russian army supply convoy entered Ukraine
Supply convoy on the road to Donetsk
Head of Russian parliament: US is guilty for events in Ukraine, and it's obvious for all the world
UNSC will be hold today
Avakov: After last night conflict near National bank, head of district police was fired
We want to prepare up to one hundred instructors in Ukraine,-Tomasz Siemoniak
"Shidniy Korpus" was returned to Kharkov from the zone ATO
Shop in Dnipropetrovsk.
The Czech Republic intends to grant Ukraine a non-lethal military aid
Cyprus and Russia sign military deal to let Moscow's ships use its ports
"Prosecutors DNR" detained "Minister of coal and energy DNR"
Georgian students filmed a video in support of Ukraine
Georgian students filmed a video in support of Ukraine
In Donetsk heard guns
Poland refused political asylum for more than 2 thousands of Ukrainians
Russian tanks in Bryanka
Clashes near National Bank of Ukraine between police and activists
Clashes near National Bank of Ukraine between police and activists
The bridge in Debaltseve
In Mariupol detained terrorist
Rally at the Russian Embassy in London
Finnish Red Cross sends 20 000 kg of humanitarian aid to Ukraine
Photo of the destroyed Uglegirsk
Lieutenant Chayka Pavel Nikolaevich - 79 commander of the platoon,while ATO was awarded the order "For Courage" of all degrees
Khodorkovsky: re: Ukraine I'm sure at some point verbal nuclear threat on table but knowing Russian elite I doubt they've gone that insane
Rebecca harms: While there is a chance for a truce, Ukraine weapon will not receive
Caricature as amended Kyivpost
In Lviv region since the beginning of the fourth wave of mobilization from 100% willing to serve under contract 41% are women
Ukraine and Russia have confirmed the holding of the tripartite meeting on the gas talks in Brussels
NATO warned the militants on the unacceptability of capture new territories
Putin wants to gain control over two regions in Eastern Ukraine, - Director of National intelligence of USA
Ukrainian armed forces divert heavy weapons from the separation line
Kharkiv police detained one of the participants of "antimaidan"
Russia "withdraw" heavy artillery to Donbas. Echelon of military vehicles in Tahanrih
Lithuania urged Russia to immediately release Savchenko
Russian journalist Shipilov received asylum in Ukraine
#Parliament will convene in extraordinary session
The military of Ukraine divert heavy weapons
Fighters of "Right sector" burnt cottage of terrorist Zakharchenko near the Donetsk
Fighters of Right sector burnt cottage of terrorist Zakharchenko near the Donetsk
#EU complained of #Russia into the world trade organization #WTO
The terrorists turned off the gas for a number of settlements in the Luhansk region
Dzhemilev requires Poroshenko completely block annexed Crimea
In Warsaw refused to return the monument to the Polish-Soviet brotherhood
Odessa investigators found a cache of weapons
Dzhemilev urged Poroshenko to impose a complete blockade of the Crimea
Center of Dnipropetrovsk is blocked cause of suspicious package
Czech artists chained themselves to the fence of the Russian embassy in protest against Putin's aggression in Ukraine
The search takes place in the framework of criminal proceedings concerning judges Oksana Tsrevich and Victor Kizsuk in Pechersky court
#Infrastructure Ministry has proposed to build concrete roads instead of asphalt
DNR issued an ultimatum to Ukraine, - to withdraw military vehicles no later than evening of 27 Feb
Russia push to Ukraine more than a thousand units of equipment in recent months, - NATO
Russian journalist: DNR killing Russian mercenaries in order not to pay them
#UkraineRussia Q1 2015 #gas price under EU led 'winter package' estimated at $339/1,000 cu m
EU urged Russia to immediately release Nadia Savchenko
Kirilenko has banned to use the Russian e-mail for Ministry of culture
Residential house collapsed in the center of #Odessa
The electricity will be cheaper twice at night
Head of "DNR" said that "in connection with the collapse of the hryvnia he takes control of the prices of key products"
Turchynov says that the organizers of the bloody terrorist attack in Kharkiv are caught
Column of ICBM #YARS in Moscow - preparations of 9 May parade
Reports of shelling in Donetsk
In Simferopol is a monument to the anniversary of Crimean annexation
Luhansk teachers have put forward an ultimatum to terrorists - or salaries or general strike
The sale of any goods from Russia banned in Rivno
Ukraine starts the withdrawal of heavy weapons
The NATO fighters intercepted two Russian aircraft over the Baltic
Demonstrators in front of the National Bank of #Ukraine in #Kyiv
Car was burnt near district court in Kharkiv
Bastrykin proposed to abandon the rule of international law in Constution
9K57 BM-27 Uragan MLRS in Dzhankoi
UNHCR delivering food to Debaltseve
"When you are at war, we cannot live in the world". Georgian students supported Ukraine
When you are at war, we cannot live in the world. Georgian students supported Ukraine
Terrorists entered in #Svitlodarsk and expanded their territory near #Donetsk, - map of ATO
Ukrainian servicemen spotted 7 UAVs in the #Mariupol sector. 1 trespassed UA-RU border
Kobzon visit charred terrorists in Donetsk
Kobzon visit charred terrorists in Donetsk
Ukrainian prisoners clearing shambles and looking for corpses in Donetsk airport
Terrorists of "DNR" claim that Mariupol is their territory
Two grenades were thrown in the yard of the battalion Kryvbas, one exploded
The Prosecutor's office announced the judge Tsarevich on suspicion
Kyiv rally calling for Mayor Klitschko to resign. Crowd large, but little energy and strange men in masks
Deputy chief of Melitopol police was found dead
Ukrainians from Venice gave the ambulance for military
United States may impose sanctions against Gazprom for illegal gas supplies for terrorists from Donbass
Сombat grenades handed at the point of receiving recycled at Solomensky district
A memorial plaque in honor of annexation of Crimea will be opened in Simferopol
Terrorists have shelled the mine in the Donbass
Terrorists have shelled the mine in the Donbass
#Kharkiv: About a hundred people has attended on parting with the deceased Daniel Didyk near the Shevchenko monument
Lavrov called "ridiculous" demands of Kyiv on the full truce
Russian Northern Fleet's antisubmarine aviation conducts drills in Arctic
Self-propelled artillery in Donetsk
#Lavrov: there is no perfect truces and ceasefires
#Lavrov: Kerry and Tusk statements with threats of new sanctions trying to divert attention from the Minsk agreements
US deeply concerned by Russian court decision to continue detention of Rada Member Nadiya Savchenko
The Russian Navy will be based in Cyprus. Putin said that there is nothing to worry about.
Peskov called change of power in Kyiv last year illegal
Rally in London
Kyiv says no troops killed at front for first time in weeks
Russia could target Moldova: NATO commander
There are 40 thousand Russian military personnel In Crimea on the border with Ukraine -Dzhemilev
OSCE: Russian military heavy weapons remain in place
Kravchuk: Russia never adheres to international treaties
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