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24 อาจ 2018

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Heavy battle in Mar'inka
UK held COBRA meeting re: #Ukraine as situation has escalated. Huge Russian offensive estimated to start soon.
Hackers who breached IRS to steal data from 100,000 Americans traced to Russia
Russian Commanders Give Servicemen Marching Orders To Rostov Staging Post, Further Deployment To Ukraine - Reuters Cites Local Sources
Bomb squad finds explosives at two addresses in Chisinau
#Berezove is shelled from #Dokuchajevsk
Battalion "Donbass" watching football at their base
Fans of Dnipro on main square of Dnipropetrovsk
HT: Dnipro- Sevilla - 2:2
The explosion near the city of Oleksandrivs'k: militants have tested the "Dragon Snake".
The explosion near the city of Oleksandrivs'k: militants have tested the Dragon Snake.
[email protected]: Corruption is becoming a new diplomatic tool. #Russia is using corruption as means of coercion
[email protected]: Kremlin working hard to create cracks in Europea. Even funding green parties abetted by hyper-active propaganda machine
[email protected] Biden: The conflict over #Ukraine is a test for the West, for the EU, for NATO
#BidenAtBrookings: Ukraine needs to use all means at it's disposal to "deoligarchise".
Russia called on U.S. to stop judging outside own borders
The fans of SSC Napoli came to Warsaw to cheer for Dnipro
Russian court refused to dismiss the case against son of Dzhemilev's
Kobzon arrived in Luhansk
In April the national debt of Ukraine grew in currency of 3.6% – Ministry of Finance
Banner with Mozgovoy at the Coliseum
Moldova suspends broadcasting of TV channel "Russia 24"
The Kremlin consider inadequate media, which announced the crematoria in the Donbass
#Poroshenko has cancelled a visit to #Poland
Poland gave fans more than 2.5 thousand visas to visit the final of Europa League
#Steinmeier after Kyiv will go to refugees
Russian military equipment on the border with Ukraine
Nuland: The goal of USA is to support the full implementation of #MinskAgreements
The lawyer of son of #Jemilev requires the closure of his case in Russia
Three Communist monuments were demolished in Kyiv
Russian Army 2S3 Akatsiya in #Rostov on their way to Ukraine
Russian Army 2S3 Akatsiya in Rostov on their way to  Ukraine
German foreign Minister will visit Ukraine
Lawyers of one of the detained military of the Russian Federation demands to let them go
Three policemen were hospitalized because of the fight with soldiers
Russia disrupted a meeting of diplomats of the "Norman four" - media
#Luhansk students will receive diploms of Russian university
Refugees from Donbass are expelled from the camp near Kazan
Militants kidnapped and then killed the son of Luhansk businessman
Yatsenyuk accuses Parliament in the fall of Ukraine in the rating Doing Business
Destroyed building in #Popasna
Ukranians sing "Chervona Ruta" in the centre of Warsaw
The national Bank has decided to liquidate insolvent "IMEXBANK"
Ukrainian programmers create unique prosthesis-"robot arm"
#Donetsk: the Price of eggs today
Military stores are burning in Chita
The Prosecutor General's office has not declared suspicion Lukasz and Tabachnik
Dozens of buildings are flooded because of bad weather in the Lviv region
The representatives of the countries-members of NATO attended in Kyiv
Elizabeth II said that Britain will continue to put pressure on the Russian Federation
Мilitary exercises with Ukraine and Poland will be held in Lithuania
In Russia shoot series about "the Prosecutor" Poklonskaya
SBU prevented terrorist act near Pavlohrad in Dnipropetrovsk Region
Avdiivka coke plant resumed its work – a statement
#Slavyansk deputies did not support the dismantling of #monument of #Lenin
Russian tanks in Luhansk region
Russian tanks in Luhansk region
EMERCOM of Russia has prepared to send 28th supply convoy to the Donbass
#Shakhtarsk 2 MTLB #520&;#512, 2 Strela-10 eastwards. Then 5 more MT-LB #524,#528,#527 etc also eastward
Russians were detained In Moldova on their way to fight for ISIS
Ukrainian flags with patriotic slogans in occupied Luhansk
Rally near the government: demanded fair rates and higher wages
The government has allocated one billion UAH for housing for participants of ATO
Rebel leadr Dryomov at Mozgovoi funeral: “We'll find killers + punish them whoever they are. Repeat, whoever they are”
[email protected]: It is a critical time for action by Russia and separatists in respect of compliance with Minsk agreements
1 #Ukraine soldier, KIA, 8 WIA in the last 24 hours
In #Mariupol separatists tried to take revenge on the offender having brought him to the rebels controlled territory
Militants adhere to the ceasefire in sector M - defense of #Mariupol
The SBU warned blowing up the bridge in Dnipropetrovsk region
Dnipropetrovsk regional state administration recognized #Russia as an aggressor
Police arrested the second suspect in the killing of Ukrainian officer at Artemivsk
The militants is intering one of the leaders of the "LNR" Mozgovoj
The Academy of Sciences of Ukraine develop hydrogel dressings
Advisors of #Putin personally supervise #DNR and #LNR
In #Kharkiv there was a big fire in a military unit
We are witnessing in the progress in reforming Defence Ministry of Ukraine, - Deputy NATO Secretary General
Bicycle Parking is mounted near the Verkhovna Rada
The Prosecutor's office qualified the shelling of Horlivka as a terrorist act
Security forces detained fleeing to Russia former Chairman of Stanichno-Lugansk district Council
Nalivaychenko told how special forces mock the Ukrainians in the Donbass
There are tough fights between the Crimean and the occupied Sokolniki
BMP-1U on tests
Poland is an important strategic partner of #Ukraine - meeting between Syroyid and Polish MFA Schetyna
One person was killed and nine injured in a double road accident near #Odessa
#SBU detained the administrator of the anti-Ukrainian groups in social networks, which was led by Russians
The monument to the Communist leader was toppled in Kyiv at night
Fire in Kharkiv
"Aidar" battalion suffered casualties: killed two soldiers
President Obama and NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg today at White house
Square are planted on the site of the controversial building in Kyiv Osokorki
Obama: We will continue to support Ukraine in framework of partnership NATO-Ukraine
Poroshenko approved the national security Strategy of Ukraine
Steinmeier is going to Kiev to talk about the Minsk agreements
[email protected] welcomes the success of Ukraine in field of reforms, called for additional steps to implement them
Stanytsia Luhanska and #Shchastya under militants artillery fire
Member of Bundestag was not allowed to go to Russia
Russians shelling Ukrainian positions in Shyrokyne
Russians shelling Ukrainian positions in Shyrokyne
Shelling in Horlivka
Shelling in Horlivka
Tiraspol imposed duties on milk from Moldova and Ukraine
Thunderstorm in Kyiv
Peskov sees no need to respond to the words of Obama about Russian aggression in Ukraine
Kremlin spokesman dismisses media reports about appeals for help from Transdniestria
Drone of militants were seen in Novotroitske and Stepne – Taramchuk
Poroshenko on Wednesday will meet with Duda and Komorowski in Warsaw
Prosecutor General's office of Ukraine has prevented the alienation of Yanukovich property
Shelling in Dzerzhynsk
Lviv flooded
Terrorists focus fire on Mariupol direction
Obama says Russia adopting 'increasingly aggressive posture' in Ukraine
Shelling in Horlivka
Sudden checking of aviation and air defense forces began in the Central military district
MFA of Russia: Denial of entry to the Russians in Moldavia is unacceptable practice
Fleeing from Dzerzhinsk militant left Arsenal of weapons at home
The editor of the magazine "Stolnik" was summoned to the Prosecutor's office for questioning because of the controversial cover
Ukraine will be placed 5-year Eurobonds worth $1 billion under the guarantee of the U.S.
The journalists showed the American possession of the former Yanukovych's representative in Parliament
SMM #OSCE continues to document heavy weapons in #Donbass
Consequences of shelling of Avdiivka coke plant
Over 170 explosions thundered in the district of Donetsk airport - the OSCE
Kursk station was evacuated due to bomb threat, - media
In "DNR" began issuing "Republican" license plates
The national anthem was forbidden to sing in Ukrainian language in Sevastopol
Russia ignore the detention of Russian soldiers in Donbass – Yashin
Saakashvili, Schuster and Katerynchuk want to open in Ukraine American University
The Russian Consul visited detainees Russian soldiers in hospital in Kyiv
Arrow from Lyubotin fought in Afghanistan, Israel and Chechnya
The SBU detained the gunner in Schast'e
Dnipro arrived in Warsaw
Civil died during the shelling of Avdiivka coke plant
Depardieu will give a concert in Donetsk
The Cabinet decided to establish a national network for officials
The court of Cambodia met Knyazhitsky
A column of equipment of militants was detected on the Mariupol direction
DNR and LNR not let the OSCE mission on the assessment of conditions for elections
Russian-Moldovan Director, who fighting in the ATO, received Ukrainian citizenship
Russia requested to let the Consul to military detainees - Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Investigation Committee of Russia claim that brought 40 cases against the Directors, officers and soldiers of Ukraine
Director of the mine financed a #DNR at $420 millions - Ministry of Internal Affairs
In Kyiv a man with a gun took hostage of his own son
Groisman: to interrogate the MP may be in the walls of Rada
Security forces arrested a group of officials for helping the rebels in smuggling of goods in the Donbass
"Right sector" has suspended the mobilization of fighters in ATO
#Kyiv: armed man robbed a Bank
Russia is fenced off from the DNR and LNR to prevent the return of insurgents - Lysenko
Fighters of 1 and 501 battalions of Marines of Ukraine on drills
Chernihiv military went to the ATO zone
Teenager struck on the trip wire in #Severodonetsk
Lysenko: one soldier killed in ATO per day, 12 injured
Ukrainian JCCC patrol was attacked. One car damaged, no casualties.
SBU exposed the scheme of financing of militants using Internet banking
The trial on the terrorist attack near the Palace of Sports, which killed 4 people in Kharkiv
The interior Ministry is planning to interview Lyovochkin and Klyuev in Thursday
After one year of fighting at #Donetsk Airport
#Donetsk Airport new and old terminals
No obstacles for visiting arrested commandos by employees of the Russian Embassy, – SBU
100 km moat appeared оn the Russian-Ukrainian border
Today in Kyiv bury Temur Yuldashev
Sweden is ready for aggression of Russia - Prime Minister
Russian diplomats have made the black list of the EU politicians, who are denied entry into the Russian Federation
Russian Anti-Air units BUK, Pantsir, S-300 put on 'active phase' during exercises
Russian Anti-Air units BUK, Pantsir, S-300 put on 'active phase' during exercises
Rally in Kyiv Council against illegal construction sites
MV-22B #Osprey at Babadagin Romania
Militants fired with prohibited weapons at Pisky - soldiers of ATO
No one can prevent the expansion of NATO, - Secretary General
Poland remains a major advocate of Ukraine in EU - MFA of Ukraine
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