Map. History of Ukraine conflict

21 กันยายน 2018

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A civilian wounded in Zaitseve shelling.
CSTO drill in Brest region of Belarus
CSTO drill in Brest region of Belarus
Echelon with military tanker trucks near Taganrog
Echelon with military tanker trucks near Taganrog
Rally at Ukrainian embassy in Moscow: activists light flares, pelted building with eggs and apples
Rally at Ukrainian Embassy in Moscow tonight
Military convoy in Crimea
Rally at Ukrainian Embassy in Moscow
RuAF IL-76 76551 Kirovskoye - Taganrog during last hour
OSCE SMM: fewer explosions in Donetsk reg on 26/08 (at least 406) compared w/ prev reporting period (over 543)
Maryinka: fighting in the area of boarding school + artillery hits
Battle in Shyrokyne, can be heard in Mariupol
Russian forces in Luhansk
RUAF Il-76 76649 landed Taganrog
RUAF Il-76 76724 possibly from Millerovo to Kirovskoye Crimea
Russian Baltic Sea Fleet Smolny in Sevastopol
Pro-Russian citizens attempted to get to the Independence Day parade in Chisinau today
RuAF IL-76 76551 landed on Kirovskoye about 14:30 UTC
RuAF IL-76 76779 landed on UKFB about 14:35 UTС
Chisinau: police used tear gas to disperse pro-Russian citizens
U.S delivered first 5 (of 40) medevac Humvees for Ukrainian army
RUAF Il-76 78784 is heading to Seshcha
Office of Rossotrudnichestvo -pro Russian organization was attacked in Kyiv last night
August 27: 0 killed, 4 wounded among Ukrainian soldiers
Brawl in Odesa cause meeting on street rename
Non stop fighting in Mariinka
After the overnight shelling at Stanytsia Luhanska, 12.000 people don't have electricity now.
Russian forces at Yasinuvata checkpoint
Crimea, Beregove: ships, fighter jets
Protesters on a stage during the celebration of 25 years of independence of Moldova
Russian troops on drill today in Crimea
Chisinau: Ukrainian SOF at Moldova Independence parade
At least 3 groups (included 4 aircrafts at first and 4 aircrafts in third) Unidentified RuAF jet aircrafts also landed on Kirovskoye during last hour
SBU seized several arsenal of ammunition at ATO zone
Military vehicles marching through the Great National Assembly Square. Independence Day of Moldova
Feodosiya: helicopters on drill over beach yesterday
Feodosiya: helicopters on drill over beach yesterday
Military parade in Chișinău, marking the 25 years of independence of Moldova.
Policemen spraying the opposition protesters during the military parade.
Russian soldiers at Kuz'minka camp
RuNavy transport a/c 30754 Kacha-Rostov
Opening of tank drill near Torez
Black Sea fleet marines held drill on landing on unknown shore
88 ceasefire violations on August 27 in ATO zone
Romania PM Dacian Cioloș visits Moldova, shows support for the continuation of reforms
Military convoy in Simferopol
Yalta: rumors of mobilization of reservists
Mi-28 helicopters at Primorskoye, Crimea
Helicopters in Feodosiya, Crimea during snap check
The Kolomoisky claims to Russia about Crimea has reached hearings in the arbitration in Hague
Port Qavqaz today (Kerch ferry)
Ukr volunteer killed by russian sniper at Shyrokyno today.
Heavy shelling in the area of 29 checkpoint - Krymske, Novotoshkivka
Artillery volleys at Stanitsa Luhanska
RUAF Il-76 76546 departed Kubinka with 94ppl onboard.
Heavy fighting in Zaitseve-Horlivka: artillery, tanks, small arms. Russians reporting on at least 1 wounded
Vil'ha missile launch
Video of 2 Mi-28 over beach in Primorsky, Crimea
Today's missile test
RUAF Il-76 78834 Ryazan - Taganrog
Russia urged "Kyiv and Republics of Donbas" to ceasefire
Russian Mindef: Military aviation redeploying troops to Southern Military district
Turchynov: our missiles are better than Russian ones
Another RuAF IL-76 (76733) also landed on Kirovskoye about 13:50 UTC
RIA: Su-34 bombers deployed in Crimea, Mig-29SMT to Krasnodar region, Mig-31BM to Rostov region, helicopters Mi-8,Mi-24, Mi-35, Mi-28 to Kuban'
Rally in support of Ilmi Umerov
Sudden readiness check: military on the way to firing ranges
Pro-Russian militia warlord Mikhail Tolstykh aka Givi, threatens to attack Mariupol from the sea
Maryinka: checkpoint is closed due to shelling, 1 man wounded
"Raid" sirens and airplanes flying over Crimea
Another 3 RuAF Il-76 (76551, 76724 and possible 78791 ) also landed on Kirovskoye during last hour
Second launch of new missile is successful too
B52 bombers in Slovakia show US commitment to European security
Ukrainian Polnocny-class U-401 Yuriy Olefirenko amphibious warfare vessel in Izmail
Avdiivka: Aug25-26 shelling aftermath
About 20 Il-76 aircraft began to transport troops to the south of Russia in the framework of checks
Ukraine successfully tested new missile complex
Oschadbank has filed a lawsuit against Russia at $1 billion
The victors of the Olympic games returned home
Helicopters flying over Sevastopol
NSDC secretary Turchynov at new missile test
The car run over worker of highways in Kharkiv region, three people were killed
Col. Motuzyanyk: NGU servicemen undergo tactical military training in Kyiv region
ATO spokesperson: UA police confiscated a rocket launcher with rounds for it and ammo from a SUV heading from ATO area
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: Luhansk sector: In Stanytsia Luhanska, militants shelled UA positions twice
Rally in Kyiv demands demobilization of "6th wave"
Direction of Mariupol: Fighting around the site. The militants used mortars tonight – the speaker of the AP
Armed provocations near Horlivka, Pisky and Opytne – the speaker of the AP
Hot spot: Avdiivka. Fighters for 10 hours shot from artillery, the speaker of the AP
Donetsk direction: Militants fired more than 100 rounds of 152-mm artillery. Got the middle rear – Speaker of the AP
The most troubled in the area of Popasna. The militants opened fire from small arms – the speaker of the AP
Lugansk direction: Two attacks in Stanytsia Luganska. The first of the armored vehicles, the second – the mortar – the speaker of the AP
ATO spox: military intelligence: echelon full of ammo arrived to Krasnodon, 4 train carriages w/ full to Mospyne
ATO spox: Six militants tried to escape and avoid meeting w/ Russia’s National Guard troops. Two fled with guns
ATO spox: 1 Ukrainian serviceman KIA, 2 WIA on Aug 25
Internet is down in Armyansk - Northern Crimea
Ukrainian checkpoint "Zolote" fired from modern Russian sniper rifle
SBU detained the murderer of the Moldovan policeman
26 military became a Hero of Ukraine during the ATO
Map. Situation in eastern Ukraine August 26, 2016, 00:00 EET
11AM: 120mm mortar shelling of Ukrainian positions near Vodyane
Minsk contact group meeting today after summer vacation
Exercises in Russia's Southern Military District involve 5,000 artillerymen, 500 units of military hardware - Russian Defense Ministry
Military in Sevastopol on full battle alert
AFU and National Guard units’ gets certificates for 141 items of armament
At least 3 RuAF Il-76 (76738, 78784,76767) landed on Kirovskoye (Crimea) this morning
Russian Navy training ship BF Smolnyy 300 (x-210) transits Bosphorus towards the Black Sea, its second visit in 2016.
Reservist mobilisation campaign launched in Stavropol region of Russia
Russia pushed over 20 MLRS GRAD units through border near Amvrosiivka
Russian Mindef: units are almost prepared to redeploy over 2000 km during readiness check
Russian Mindef: Aviation preparing to relocate to operational airfields
Russian military convoy yesterday at Kerch Ferry
Russian military convoy yesterday at Kerch Ferry
President of Ukraine discussed the escalation of the situation in Donbas with NATO Secretary General
Sudden Battle readiness check of Russian army
76738 Pskov- Kirovske (Il-76)
15 Russian Navy ships on military drills in Black Sea
48 ceasefire violations at Donbas yesterday, - 122, 152mm artillery used
7:07AM Mariupol woke up by a series of loud explosions from Shyrokyne area.
Lavrov and Kerry arrive in Geneva where they area expected to discuss conflicts in Ukraine and Syria
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