Map. History of Ukraine conflict

21 November 2017
In ranks of #terrorists in the Donbas, international group of professional mercs.#Ukraine #ATO
#Kyiv: peace March on wheelchairs
A Russian T-72B1 rolls through an Ukrainian playground in #Donetsk city today
Salary for rally in Moscow was paid Poklonnaya mountain at 21-00
Malaysia will ask the UN to send peacekeepers to the crash site of MH17
With reinforcement Russian militants could attack Mariupol on Monday
LNR Parliament
New cognac In Odessa. "Putin is dic*head"
Six posters like this were seen at the Moscow-organized demo to support the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
#Lviv: adults & children on Rynok sq painted United #Ukraine. Works displayed, best awarded.
After stopping gas supplies to #Ukraine, Hungary's PM says country will import more gas from #Russia's Gazprom
NATO warns on Ukraine truce as fighters set to pull back
In Kharkiv awarded pilots for participation in the ATO
#UNGA: Speaking about Ukraine crisis, Russia's FM Lavrov again uses words like 'coup', 'self-declared Kyiv govt'
Russian Grad shelling Mariupol
Russian Grad shelling Mariupol
Alternative use of the "Uragan 9М27" missiles
Lavrov at UN GA: Russia continues to promote a political settlement in Ukraine, for the sake of peace, not to appease someone's ambitions
Ex-Lenin monument in Kyiv
pro-Putin rally in Moscow today
Secret documents of DNR were found by hackers on Russian LDPR party( Zhirinovsky) servers
"The humanitarian aid" from the "Devil": jam 200 UAH., honey 150 UAH.
Russian militants shelling with D-30 howitzers from residential area
Russian militants shelling with D-30 howitzers from residential area
Small clashes in Kharkiv. Stun grenade used
Russian Grad missiles hit extremely close to eastern Mariupol
Russian Grad missiles hit extremely close to eastern Mariupol
Mariupol. Burning fields after shelling
Penny Pritzker, US Secretary of Commerce at @uacrisis
Buses bring participants of "Donetsk memory victims rally" to the Victory Park
Kremlin Gas Wars: EU warns #Russia not to block reverse flow deliveries to Ukraine
Guy from Arhangelsk, Russia was killed in Ukraine "Donetsk rebel"
In Odessa, the patriots broke up a rally of separatists
DNR near Enakijevskaya mine
#Kramatorsk marks the Day of the city today
President of the Czech Republic called for the cancelation of sanctions against Russia
Protesters in #Odessa were paid 70 hryvnias to protest against #Ukraine.
In the area of the ATO continues the work of the international contact group on coordination of ceasefire
#ukraine exports to #EU +25%. To #russia -25%.
New Russian sniper rifle bullet in comparison of SVD and AK
Russian militants in Ukraine with T-72 tanks
Saur-Mohyla today
Saur-Mohyla today
Russian militants with Russian flag in Ukraine
Dnipropetrovsk. Lists of people lost and taken prisoner.
Ukrainian T-64 tanks, fight off Russian attacks in #Nikishyne. Invaders attack the village since 5 days.
"Activists" hang banner at US Moscow Embassy to deflect attention from mass executions by Russian-backed forces near Donetsk
Volodymyr Polevyi @NSDC_ua: terrorists keep attacking Ukrainian armed forces in #Donetsk and #luhansk regions
It's quite easy to distinguish between local/Russian #terrorists and Russian army #special_forces at #Donetsk airport
Russian militants fire GRAD from Dokuchaevsk to Volnovaha
One clearly audible #Grad missile attack on #Donetsk airport
Rally of separatists in Kharkiv
Entrance to #Chernyhiv
RUAF Il-87 Maxdome once again pictured. airborne at #Chkalovsk. #Russia
Russian Militant Stanislav Timofeev, friend of Graham Phillips was killed
173rd Airborne wraps up #RapidTrident exercise in #Ukraine: @USArmy
#Russia Fights to Keep Veto Right in UN Security Council
UA troops holding tight on Donetsk airport in spite of Russian attempt to take it.
#Canada FM Baird: But #Russia is the only country challenging EU security architecture through its reckless behaviour & false premises.
EU ready to discuss revisions to Ukraine trade deal – Barroso
#Ukraine mob attacks Parliament candidate, covers him in red paint & throws him in trash can
Avdiivka. Shooting heard in airport, helicopters in the sky
Ukraine conflict makes the case for Keystone XL, Canada's Natural Resources Minister says:
#Ukraine PM @Yatsenyuk_AP on #Russia:"The bear is good animal in Ukrainian fairy tales. but in reality it's better to have bear in the zoo."
Destroyed Avdiivka, artillery bombardment and search for ATMs
Russian Proton rocket will deploy a secretive payload reportedly known as Olymp or Luch from Baikonur today
Chassidic Jews celebrate the Rosh Hashanah in Uman
#Ukraine Military Convoy with BTR-4s somewhere in #Donetsk
#Ukraine Military Convoy with BTR-4s somewhere in #Donetsk
#Russian troops shelled checkpoints North of #Mariupol and near Kominternove
#Ukraine forces returns GRAD fire on Russia troops who shelled their position
#Ukraine forces returns GRAD fire on Russia troops who shelled their position
Sergey Lavrov met with FM of #Moldova Natalia Gherman
SBU detained a terrorist who participated in the attacks against the Ukrainian aviation In the Donetsk region
Chechen-Ukrainian anti-Putin protest near the Vienna international centre
Miller: Ukraine lacks 7.5 billion cubic meters of gas for heating this winter
House of last head of Yanukovych administration Klyuyev was set on fire near Kyiv
Alchevsk of LNR today
Polska sprzeda wojskowe drony Ukrainie
Deputy Chief of the General Staff of Ukraine: #Russia and #Ukraine agree to "two days of silence" in #Donbas
#LAVROV: Crimean Tatars are Russian citizens protected by our law, no plans of any Stalin-style deportations
#Russia forces inside #Donetsk Airport
Meeting of secretary @PennyPritzker and companies from AmCham/US-Ukrainian Business Council
Combat "Donbass" has denied reports of the Russian media about the defeat of battalion
Prodan: Ukraina ma $3.1 miliarda długu za rosyjski gaz
#Donetsk airport. Ukraine has its best troops there, they've been holding it for 5 months now
Volunteer that supplied battalion "Dnepr-1" was shot dead in Zaporizhye
Były prezydent narodowego banku Arbuzow obiecał sfinansować plan rozwoju wyjścia Ukrainy z kryzysu.
Lviv paratroopers ready to defend Ukraine from the Russian invasion
OSCE confirmed the presence of the Russian military at the tripartite meeting on the creation of buffer zone
Informacje o ciężkim ostrzale artyleryjskim w Mariupolu
Addressing UN General Assembly, Lithuania's President Dalia Grybauskaite says international community must protect Ukraine's sovereignty.
The Prime Minister of Japan expressed the desire to improve relations with Russia
EU propose Ukraine to pay $3.1 billion of gas debt to Russia
Günther Oettinger: it is Impossible to carry out reverse gas supplies without the consent of Gazprom
If Russian oil goes under $100 a barrel, their $2T economy will enter recession, survey says
ATO forces repelled the attack of militants near Karlivka
Ukrainian special forces uncover pro-Russian terrorist group in a #Mariupol
Ukrainian special forces uncover pro-Russian terrorist group in a #Mariupol
#Russian emb in #Kyiv: free 2 #Ukrainian activists detained after #PeaceMarch in Moscow
Russia threatens to claim a $3 billion Putin-Yanukovych loan
Closing ceremony of Exercise Rapid Trident in Ukraine.
The EU has confirmed receiving a letter from Putin on the revision of the AA with Ukraine
Court hearing re case of ex-Berkut officer Sadovnyk postponed till 1Oct - he's "in hospital"
Moldova asks to withdraw "peacekeeping troops" of the Russian Federation from Transnistria
Communists party flag in Kharkiv at Rally
Yakunin: US willing to erect impassable barriers between Russia and Europe.
Fire at the metallurgical plant In Alchevsk
Dmytro Kuleba, Ambassador at large @MFA_Ukraine: Russia information war against Ukraine reaches new heights
#Ukrainian soldiers fighting in E.#Ukraine receive 10 ambulances from #Kyiv mayor @Vitaliy_Klychko
Gorbachev: the main global threat - not Ebola, but US
Russian #ruble Hits Historic Low Against USD
Putin wrote Poroshenko letters with threats of the consequences of the ratification of the agreement on Association
Late night of Sept 25, a special charter from Russia with men in full uniform arrive at Kharkiv airport.
Rally near Kharkiv region administration
Russian forces post footage of their night time attacks vs. #Donetsk airport
Russian forces post footage of their night time attacks vs. #Donetsk airport
MP of Russian state Duma Mizulina wants all jews in Russia to be deported to Israel
Deputy PM @Rogozin: "Deputy Yatseniuk: to save gas, Ukrainians have less to cook - And at the Donbass less to live?"
In Kyiv region SBU detained two militants of DNR
"Trash bucket challenge" of a corrupt bureaucrat in Rivne
'Mighty project': Russian MPs ratify Eurasian Economic Union agreement
#Lysenko NSDC: we don't know anything about shelling in Schastye
The KAMAZ factory suspend production until the end of September, no one is buying trucks
Kremlin: Russia supports the non-aligned status of Ukraine
Russian militants begin offensive on Schastye
Russia's Federation Tower has become tallest building in
(Pro-)Russian green men gang threatens violence in Kharkiv
Elena Vasilyeva: approx 4K #Russian soldiers killed and missing in Eastern #Ukraine - presser
Representatives of Ukraine, Russia and the OSCE began to define the boundaries of the buffer zone in the Donbas
Military enlistment office was set to fire In Naro-Fominsk, Russia
Rally in Kharkiv
Trilateral Russia-Ukraine-EU gas talks to start in Berlin.
Adobe leaves Russia due to sanctions and new laws
[email protected]: Putin disowns agreement with EU and threatens new measures against Ukraine. He aims to completely sabotage Ukraine EU policy.
Duma wants Russia to claim former colony of Fort Ross in California
Today soldiers from the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment, #UK arrive in #Latvia for the „Silver Arrow 2014” exercise
Head of Luhansk region administration Moskal: militants violate the ceasefire agreement
Rouhani: Iran ready to take the Central role in the European gas supply
Russia orders Google, Facebook and Twitter to comply with local storage and censorship laws
US will help Dnipropetrovsk airspace industry
Russia has threatened the EU to stop gas supply due reverse to Ukraine
Naftogaz: gas supplies from Hungary suspended after visit of Gazprom head Miller
Russia will insist on independent international probe into mass graves near Donetsk – Russia's #OSCE envoy
Not all heavy weaponry was removed from line of contact in East Ukraine – Russia's OSCE envoy
Hungary has confirmed the cut of gas supply to Ukraine
#Putin demanded major changes in #the Association Agreement EU-Ukraine
Mediterranean Sea-- Guided-missile destroyer USS Cole in replenishment-at-sea with USNS Leroy Grumman
House in Kharkiv was shelled with rocket launcher tonight