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21 มิถุนายน 2018

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BBC reveals the secret training camp of militants from the Donbass in St. Petersburg.
Russian Hackers Leak List of Pro-Russian Influence Group Made of High-Profile European Individuals
Confirmed death toll from #Mariupol rocket attack rises to 31
Poroshenko: Thanks PACE for the support of Ukraine, especially for Savchenko
#Mariupol Artillery heard at Vostochny
#Avdiivka Koroleva 5. On Koroleva 6 the same
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Militants reports about loses in Debal'tseve offensive: over 100 killed
More than 50 Russian Baltic Fleet ships started drills at base
Mykolaiv region, Novourivka. Lenin down
Pushkov confirmed that the Russian delegation is leaving the Council of Europe up to the end of the year
#Russia latest model of T-72 the T-72B3 tank in #Donetsk
Russia latest model of T-72 the T-72B3 tank in Donetsk
148 against 64 in order to maintain sanctions against the Russian delegation in the council of Europe
Romania Will Support New Sanctions Against Russia Tomorrow, Amid Reticence From Some European Countries
#PACE adopts amendment for Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko to be released within 24hrs
Schastye after shelling
Fighters of ATO will be awarded with a grants $2,5K for each destroyed tank, $3K for each MLRS
Documents on Russian MoD website show that Auschwitz was liberated mostly by Ukrainians, as Polish MFA Schetyna said
#Ukraine's Deputy Foreign Minister Prystaiko started his visit to #US with interviews 4 USA Today & VoA
Filatov visit Yarosh in hospital
Terrorists brought from Russia to Donbass seven mobile crematoria, - SBU
Volunteers form a single headquarters of rapid reaction
The official of Putin wrote about replacing commanders of "Buks" immediately after the fall of the "Boeing"
Poroshenko sent Putin card with allocated techniques
Poroshenko had a meeting with U.S. Secretary of the Treasury
5 civilians were killed, 10 - wounded as a result of firing Gorlivka
The new Prime Minister of Greece called Ukraine "neo-Nazi" and spoke with an ideologist of the "Novorossia"
#OSCE_SMM monitors observing the bridge in Stanitsa Luhanska during their routine patrol
#Ukraine Foreign Minister visits #NATO Headquarters tomorrow
Militants of "DNR" have shot Ukrainian soldier taken prisoner in a Krasnyi Partisan
Central square, Perevalsk, #Luhansk region
Alexander Chernikov, journalist & Ukr army volunteer from Dnipropetrovsk, KIA
OSCE observers are involved in an accident in the Donetsk region
Ukraine appoints Lazard as restructuring adviser -IFR sources
First recruits of this year went From Kiev to Lviv
Car of OSCE got in an accident for ice in the area of the ATO
Germany begins to struggle against the Russian propaganda
Russia has extended the length of stay in the country to citizens of military age
Two Russian citizens have asked for refugee status in Ukraine, - border service
27 thousand want to work in new police in Kyiv
The number of victims of the shelling of Mariupol' increased to 31 persons, - MIA
Terrorists blew up the car with the hostages in the village Zhelobok
The first channel of Russia published their map of "DNR"
Terrorists attacked with "Grad" railway station in Debal'tseve
The government will allocate 10 million UAH for the recovery of Mariupol'
Russia Preparing For North Korean Leader's Visit: Interfax
Dnipropetrovsk city Council renamed the Kalinina Avenue to Nigoyan Avenue
No light and heating in Debal'tseve
The SBU detained saboteurs, who were planning a massacre of busnessman family under the guise of the Ukrainian military
Night. Russian Grad firing, somewhere to the East of #Debaltseve, #Luhansk region, Ukraine
Car-repair plant has stopped because of terrorist attacks in the Popasna. There are dead.
#Donetsk, Petrovka, the consequences of shelling
Russian forces attacked #Novobakhmutivka last night
Miners rally near Cabinet
Lenin in Berdyansk was toppled
US allocates Ukraine $ 2 billion
MP of the state Duma of the Russian Federation wants to accuse West Germany in annexation of East Germany
Several people tried to make a "Antimaidan" in Mariupol'
The gang, consisting of three residents of the unrecognized Republic of Transnistria, arrested in Odessa
Lviv posted billboards in support of Mariupol'
6 fighters of "Azov" were injured, 1 was killed near Mariupol'
#Ukraine lost three fighters, 15 wounded during 24 hours, - General staff
Moskal: militants have shelled TPP in Schast'e
#Ireland has ratified the Association Agreement EU-Ukraine
Ukrainian soldiers from ambush destroyed two detachments of the opponent near Dokychaevs'k
Poroshenko sent a letter to Putin with a request to back to the Minsk agreement and release all hostages
Terrorists published "Novorosiya" app in AppStore.
Lugovoi transported the polonium on a commercial airliner that flew Moscow to London
NTV: Kyiv pulls troops, tanks and saboteurs on the garbage trucks to Donetsk
#Lugansk is under Grad and howitzer shelling tonight
Lugansk is under Grad and howitzer shelling tonight
Mariupol said goodbye to defender of Donetsk airport Andrei Mironyuk
#LifeNews editor in chief: "Poroshenko in LifeNews studio. But slimmed down a bit. Like he's back from Auschwitz"
Transfer another Tu-95MS in the Ministry of defense of Russia
[email protected]: Grandchildren of those who defended Ukraine 70 years ago fight today for their native land against an aggressor.
Emergency humanitarian aid from #France to #Ukraine arrvied in Dnipropetrovsk
DONETSK: At least 1000 children forced to seek shelter in UNICEF bomb shelters daily.
PACE adopted a resolution: #Russian #Federation guilty of #aggression against #Ukraine
US Congress introduces #FreeSavchenko resolution
In Dokuchaevsk,where shelling hit this apt block, Virma the dog is still waiting for her owner to come home #Ukraine
Russian military base in Luhansk
Rada refused to vote for the ban to finance the Ukrainian media by the Kremlin
PACE urged Russia not to finance terrorism in Ukraine
Object, similar to the explosives, was detected in one of the premises of the KCSA, - MIA
Terrorists fired hospital with "Grad" rockets in Svitlodarsk. There are victims.
"Aviation of LNR" was destroyed by two "Uragans", - Filatov
Moscow schoolchildren are forced to write work of the topic "How do you feel about the fact that Putin was not invited to the ceremony in Auschwitz"
A convoy of Russian tanks has passed in Yenakijeve
A convoy of Russian tanks has passed in Yenakijeve
Lieutenant Colonel of SBU, who preparing a terrorist act, was detained
#Debal'tseve after Russians terrorist attack
Terrorists blown up its own self-propelled artillery
The Ministry of defence has launched an advertising campaign of #mobilization
A record amount of snow in Sumy
Nadezhda Savchenko thanks all who supported her on 26th of January
Poroshenko has awarded the heroic soldiers who helped "cyborgs" exit surrounded airport
Irina Gerashchenko asks PACE to admit "LNR" and "DNR" as terrorist organizations
Monument to Lenin was piled up in Chabot, Odessa region
Porechenkov was declared wanted by SBU
The only question on the agenda of the EU Council will be the situation in Ukraine
Ukrainian troops retreat from Ozeryanovka
Ukraine has temporarily closed air checkpoints across the state border in the Donbass
Avdiivka after yesterday's art fire of terrorists of the Russian Federation
Russian foreign Minister: Latvia promotes neo-Nazi elements
Ukrainian Pilot Savchenko Being Held Hostage in Russia on Verge of Death, Lawyer Says
60 children were killed during ATO, - President deputy
Terrorists are preparing another provocation: want to attack "Putin convoy" to give reasons for invasion of Russia, - Speaker of ATO
Former first Deputy Director General of Ukrzaliznytsia was shot
The Verkhovna Rada has recognized Russia as aggressor and the self-proclaimed "DNR" and "LNR" as terrorist organizations
In the Russian Federation openly presented a special form for mercenaries fighting in the Donbass
Terrorists continues attacking #Debal'tseve and #Mariupol'
Ukrainian soldiers have destroyed 6 aircraft, 4 helicopter, 4 "Smerch" and 12 "Grade" of militants
Russian military equipment repair on Akhmetov plant "Donetskgormash". Identified a concentration of -
Strong fighting continue in Mar'inka
Parliament gathered for an emergency meeting
Evacuation is carried out in Mar'inka and Krasnogorivka
Two buses came under militants attack in Donets'k. There are injured
@DmitroYarosh has given his first interview from a hospital bed
"We will be ashamed of such a common story", - Ukrainian students turned to the Russian students
We will be ashamed of such a common story, - Ukrainian students turned to the Russian students
#SBU has detained worked on militants "volunteer"
Merkel and Hollande called for an end to the bloodshed in the Donbass
Criminal proceeding for broadcasting on TV Russian propaganda was initiated in Luhans'k region
The average salary in Ukraine increased to 4012 UAH
Ukrainian artillery in Popasna are shelling militants
The UN believes the attack on the Mariupol war crime
Yuzhmash rocket plant in Dnipropetrovsk is stopped until march
The 12th official Russian invasion convoy departed this morning for #Ukraine.
Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, AIM, and Hipchat are down.
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