Map. History of Ukraine conflict

16 สิงหาคม 2018

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"Right sector" captured office of "Oplot" in Kharkov
Right sector captured office of Oplot in Kharkov
'Crimea: the invasion begins' Tomorrow's Independent front page
US believes troops on ground in Crimea are indeed russian.
President Obama to give a statement in the briefing room on Ukraine
'Russia 'troops aim to provoke Kiev',says main story,while Rus BBC goes"Crimea: armed ppl in airports, APCs on roads"
'No Russian troops' in Crimea airports says EU's Russian ambassador
Armed men at Simferopol airport
Armed men at Simferopol airport
Simferopol airport is working despite seizing by unknown
Simferopol airport is working despite seizing by unknown
U.N. Security Council meeting on #Ukraine crisis requested by Ukrainian mission to be at 3 pm ET
One of Simferopol's three synagogues last night graffitied with 'death to Jews', swastikas
AP in Crimea spots convoy of Russian armored personnel carriers en route to capital
UK Foreign office alert warns against all travel to Crimea - British nationals already there should leave by commercial means
Kerry spoke today to Russian FM Lavrov and was told Russia is not engaging in any violation of Ukraine's sovereignty and does not intend to.
Putin's biker club "Night Wolves" came to Crimea
Guys on the self made check point to Belbek airport
Russian bikers take lead at block posts in Crimea
Russian flags have gone up on two border points btw Crimea and mainland Ukraine. Pro-Russia men w/guns checking cars
Russia refused to negotiate on the Crimea, on what insisted the Ukrainian side according to the Treaty of friendship
Yanukovych: I rented some space at Mezhyhirya to fulfill function of head of state. Not all mine. I paid $3.2M for my part. Rest not mine.
"Russia needs to use all the leverage it has to prevent the chaos, the terror, that is unfolding in Ukraine." - Yanukovych
Ousted Ukraine President Yanukovych says he will return to Ukraine once personal security assured
Yanukovych: "I had a phone conversation w/Puntin after arriving to Russia and soon we'll have an opportunity t meet"
Russian warship in Balaclava bay
'No takeover' at Crimean capital’s airport, ‘self-defense squads’ on nearby patrol
The armed men blocking the way to Sevastopol's Belbek airport:
Provocateurs draw "Ukrainian slogans" on memorials dedicated to WW2 in Dnipropetrovsk
Unknown in camouflage with RPGs
Turkish Airlines from Ankara to Moscow makes sudden u-turn over Crimea
Near Rostov-na-Donu hall where Yanukovych will speak
In Dnipropetrovsk 25 city buses were burned tonight
2-3 dozen militiamen at Simferopol Crimea airport quickly piled into a truck - with no plates - and are leaving.
Simferopol airport is blocked by the GRU, not Black Sea fleet troops
Russian frigate patrolling the entrance to Balaclava port.
AtlasJet KKK8003 Back to Istanbul.Simferopol airport was occupied by people in military uniform
Helicopters flying to Belbek
Helicopters flying to Belbek
Russian helicopters on the way to Bel'bek
Russian helicopters on the way to Bel'bek
Crimea is a question for Nato': Swedish FM
Putin vs Ukraine cover
A soldier at Crimea's Semferipol airport has confirmed to local Channel 1 TV that they are Russian
Ukraine's interior minister accuses Russian military of blockading Sevastopol airport in Crimea, in "armed invasion"
This is found in the office of "Ukrainian choice"
Right Sector fears a repeat of the “Crimean scenario” in Dnipropetrovsk
Canada welcomes the appointment of a new, legitimate govt today in Ukraine
Today in Dnipropetrovsk - Tent and wood for fire
Unidentified APCs in Crimea
Unidentified APCs in Crimea
Unknown seized Crimean Parliament
Unknown seized Crimean Parliament
Russian fighter jets on alert after gunmen occupy Crimea parliament building.
Yatsenyuk: I don't want to run for President and give up the parliamentary mandate
'Ukraine will use all legal & ;Constitutional means to preserve territorial integrity' -Yatsenyuk
Chechens in Ukraine has denied Kadyrov's statement that they are snubbed by terrorists
460 votes of @Europarl_EN in favour for #visa free travel for Moldovans
Thousands of flowers at Institutska street
Rasmunsen: I'm concerned about developments in Crimea. I urge Russia not to take any action that can escalate tension or create misunderstanding
Turchynov: If Russian military will go out of their territory, it would be considered as aggression
Military convoy In Simferopol
SBU is moving in Simferopol district "to intercept Russian armored vehicles"
Russian APCs near Simferopol
Russian flags over the Crimean Parliament. The building was seized by armed men
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