Map. History of Ukraine conflict

25 มิถุนายน 2018

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The profit of the National Bank of Ukraine grew almost 7 times
Rescuers stopped the fire in the direction of the Chornobyl: no threats, – Shkiryak
Ukraine urged the UN to counter Russian propaganda
Crimea was cut off from Swift - Press
The implementation of the peace plan in Ukraine has stalled, - German MFAr
Shelling in Horlivka
Departure from Gorlivka to Artemivsk
The fire at "Chernobyl Pushcha"
Massive shelling in Dzerzhynsk
Police evacuating people living in the exclusion zone
Salvos or explosions, seems to be from #Svetlodarsk
Right sector reported that their base was surrounded by military
Convoy of Russian military equipment in Crimea
Convoy of Russian military equipment in Crimea
Avakov: there is a reasonable suspicion of arson in Chornobyl wood, National guard on alert
Wildfire near Chornobyl
Wildfire near Chornobyl
The situation with fires in the exclusion zone under control – Shkiriak
#US State Secretary John #Kerry: Russia disregards the Budapest Memorandum
Battle in Shyrokyne
Battle in Shyrokyne
Fire aviation managed to knock down the top fire and surround main sources in Chornobyl
Russian Defense Ministry denied the information of USA about Russian air defense systems in Donbas
Police: Militants killed a man in district of Mariupol
Ukraine will open access to its gas storage facilities to international traders - Demchyshyn
In the area of Lyubotin derailed train Kharkiv-Kyiv. As a result of incident, no injured
Fifth wave of #mobilization started in Ukraine
Hyundai train Kharkiv-Kyiv derailed
Russia has led to humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, - British Ambassador
Battle in Lysychansk, - reports
A Turkish delegation arrived in Crimea
The fire around Chernobyl is amplified through the wind
Belarus has restricted the import of Ukrainian wallpapers
Militants has fired 30 times at Ukrainian position
Finance Ministry hopes to receive $1 billion under warranty USA in May
Kuchma: Putin turned Donetsk in Karabakh
Property of the Lipetsk factory were arrested in Russia
Jet in Kharkiv
OSCE: Situation around #Donetsk airport "has seriously deteriorated". SMM heard 550 explosions (120mm mortar and heavy artillery rounds)
The District Court was burned in Kyiv region
Ukraine could increase gas production by 44% until 2020 – Kobolev
Official was poured green paint in #Zaporizhya
#Bikers "Night wolves" tried to get in #Lithuania
#Lviv: the burials of warriors of UPA, murdered by agents of the NKVD, were found in the Skole district
Ukrainian chess players won the silver medal at the world team championship
Fires in zone of Chernobyl forest
#Avdiivka: heavy explosions at Opytne
Kyiv will celebrate the 9 of May without military parade
Ukrainian SOF improve their skills for military training
Some Ukrainians refused to evacuate from #Nepal - foreign Ministry
Bomb threat at Kharkiv railway station Levada. Passengers were evacuated.
Poland and Germany are preparing a joint humanitarian convoy for Donbas residents
Savchenko was transferred to Moscow hospital
Passenger died at the metro station in #Kyiv
Satellite photos of the landfill in Rostov region
Staff and visitors were evacuated from the mall in Lviv
Norway will invest 35 million euros for reforms in Ukraine
The lustration Committee posted a blacklist of officials
Cildren from Mariupol arrived in Slovakia
The Communist party will carry out the decision and will not hold the rally on 1 of May in Kharkiv
"DNR" declare 50 prisoners of the separatists in Ukraine
Zyuganov said that he sent to Symonenko troopers to prepare for 1 of May
Volunteers were beaten for the action against the newspaper "Vesti" in Kyiv
Militants in Sverdlovsk
The Ombudsman requires to close the site Gerashchenko, who publishes data of separatists
$70 million was frozen in accounts of officials of Yanukovych in Switzerland
"LPR" leader Plotnitsky reported arrested & taken to Russia. Militants say he's ill
One Ukrainian serviceman was killed and 14 wounded during the day in the area of ATO
SBU detained 2 investigators of one of regional departments of Ukrainian Police in Kiev
State of emergency declared in district of Rostov region
State of emergency declared in district of Rostov region
Railway blown up in Odessa region
Finnish military fires depth charges at suspected #submarine #Finland #Sweden
Drunken militant staged an accident and shot the car in #Donetsk
Road police detained in Kyiv region auto with an Arsenal of weapons
#Russia's Northern Fleet’s fighter jets hold drills with missile launches over #Barents Sea
Avakov called for immediate arrest of Kernes
Dozens of cars burned during the explosion at the Rostov polygon, the number of victims grows
In Kyiv #SBU with @MVS_UA seized from fighters of a battalion of the large Arsenal
Poroshenko: war may break out at any moment
Heavy explosion after fire during drills in Rostov region
Communists rally in Kharkiv
Powerful explosions on the ground in Rostov has destroyed dozens of pieces of military equipment
Destroyed building in Avdiivka
Nine flights are delayed in the Rostov airport because of bomb threat
Russian militants opened fired 22 times since evening, at least 2 times with MLRS GRAD
Russian howitzers in Bile, Luhansk region
Western politicians are scared to come on the 9th of May in Moscow, - Lavrov
Russia pulled to Donbass maximum number of AA systems - State Department
Forces of ATO has destroyed militants base in district of Horlivka, - Press
Warehouse is on fire in center of St. Petersburg
NATO in response to Russia's aggression increases rapid reaction force more than twice
Russian tanks in Sverdlovsk
2 explosions rumble in Kramatorsk - reports
Putin Signs Military Pact With Argentina on Falklands
Pension payments of Yanukovych and Azarov frozen, - Head of Ministry of social policy
European Parliament will adopt a resolution on release of Savchenko on 30 April - Poroshenko
Lithuania not allow entry for Putin's bikers "Night wolves"
Russia has no veto on relations between Ukraine and EU – Polish Ambassador
Merkel: the implementation of the Minsk agreements is delayed
Simonenko was questioning for 9 hours by SBU
Ukraine and NATO signed an agreement on cooperation
Sergey Lavrov: Moscow calls Paris and Berlin to exert influence on Kiev
Shell was found in DOnetsk
Brand new self-propelled howtizers in Donetsk
Rabbi Kaminezki in #Dnipro: Jews in #Ukraine feel secure, more so than counterparts in W Europe.
Instead Mikhail Zurabov to negotiate with Ukraine will be diplomat Azamat Kulmuhametov, - Kremlin
Russia lost $160 billion because of the sanctions – Putin
Poroshenko calls on EU to recognize the right of Ukraine to membership
MLRS Grad shelling in Avdiivka
Shelling in Avdiivka
"Night wolves" will take a new attempt to cross the border with Poland
Erdogan responds to Putin's Armenian genocide remarks by asking to explain Russia's actions in Ukraine.
"Night wolves" returned to Brest after the refusal of Poland to miss them
EU will be united in a common policy towards Russia - Tusk
Japan has allocated $1.8 billion to Ukraine
Armed forces of Ukraine neutralized the suboteur group with two citizens of #Russia
The European Parliament intends to the end of the week to demand the immediate release of Savchenko
Ukrainian Chemical Corps conducted exercises with the use of smoke machines
Russian military Debaltseve: Get to Kyiv and will rape all
Russian military Debaltseve: Get to Kyiv and will rape all
#Donetsk: Accumulation of military hardware, ostensibly for the parade on 9th of May
Another smoke column in Makiivka
The Russian opposition has named the date of the publication of the #Nemtsov report about #war in #Ukraine
Drunk man in a white Mercedes tried to break to the presidential Administration
The media reported the death in Russia the brother of ex-Minister #Klimenko, who worked on #Yushchenko party
Drone was sent to Yarosh from Chicago
#SBU exposed the separatist-Communist network in Dnipropetrovsk region
Smoke in Donetsk
Japan has offered Ukraine $1.8 billion
#SBU detained "the Commissar" of Russian militants
Putin praised Russia's losses from sanctions of $160 billion
Three members of the Majlis were summoned in Crimea – activist
#Poroshenko described the "bright future" of #Ukraine on the pages of The Guardian
#Interpol refused to add #Kluev to wanted list, - Prosecutor General's Office
Finally at the grave of Yanukovych Jr. appeared a plate
On the Polish border
Savchenko will be sent to the 20-th city hospital in Moscow tomorrow
Roofer #Mustang volunteered in the zone #ATO
60 Russian APCs 50km north of #Shyrokyne
Poland refused entry to all the bikers from the Night wolves
Latvian PM: If Russia attacks NATO, the treaty will be enforced
"DNR" wants to close 20 mines
Avdiivka. Shelling
#Moskal instructed to deal with the Communist names of the 14 villages of the Luhansk region
New monument in Artek kids camp in Crimea
The picket at the offices of Chechnya in Moscow. Youth organization Parnassus
European Council President Tusk @eucopresident honored the memory of the Heroes of the Maidan and made a statement on the Ukrainian language
The Communist leader Symonenko came in for questioning by the SBU
#Pyatt announced the granting Ukraine credit guarantees on $1 billion
Started Seventeenth summit Ukraine-EU
#EU published a debunking of myths of Russian #propaganda about #Ukraine
The doctors will hold a Council about #Savchenko health - the Federal penitentiary service of Russia
Savchenko resumed the hunger strike and the third day completely refuses food
The democratic Alliance picketed the office of the company Akhmetov
Russian Militants drawn up a tank platoon defiantly opposite Ukrainian positions in Troitske
The GPU has prepared materials for the Hague regarding the annexation of Crimea by Russia
Atillery intelligence of Russian army appeared in #LNR
#Avakov said, that only half of miners, who participated in the protests in Kyiv, were real
Famous American economist became an Advisor of Jaresko
The defense Ministry presented the plan for the demilitarization of the most shelled areas in the ATO
The last trip of the Russian driver of truck that carry Buk
The last trip of the Russian driver of truck that carry Buk
Simferopol train station
Simferopol train station
Russian tanks at Donbas
Russian tanks at Donbas
House under construction near Kyiv by Akhmetov's company
#Donetsk. Black smoke rising from #Spartak area
Makiivka/Donetsk. Something is burning
ATO presser: 23 ceasefire violations reported from 6PM till midnight. #Pisky & #Avdiivka shelled w 120-mm mortars.
OSCE monitors report large tank movements and intense artillery fire from separatists close to Mariupol
Canadian MFA: Russia should be judged not by words, but by deeds
Ukrainian MFA cannot establish communication with 91 Ukrainians after earthquake in Nepal
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