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18 สิงหาคม 2018

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Shells hit "Khutor Shirokiy" of Donetsk in the night
Shells hit Khutor Shirokiy of Donetsk in the night
Tanks on Rostov M4 Don Highway
Russian convoy is going from Makiivka to Donetsk
Graffiti in Donetsk
Activists have found one more page of Russian soldier at "With GRADs to Ukraine"
MoD: There is a threat of invasion of Russian forces from Transnistria
Polish FM Sikorski to Putin: where is shop with "Buks"?
Battle in #Novosvitlivka, near Luhansk
#EU ambassadors to finalize Russia sanctions list & details at a new meeting tomorrow 09:30am
Night shelling from the Russia
Ukrainian Army enters Avdiivka
Shell hit residential building in Yasynuvata
Heavy blast in the center of Donetsk
MoD #Helatey warns of eco disaster if RU terrorists will blow up #Horlivka 'Stirol', RU-UA ammonia pipeline
#Poroshenko : Ukrainian armies released the Stepanovka
Multiple Russian T-72 hiding in a field in #Kantemirovka, 5 km north of Ukraine
Multiple Russian T-72 hiding in a field in Kantemirovka, 5 km north of Ukraine
SSU detained terrorists recruiters in Ternopil
SSU detained terrorists recruiters in Ternopil
Consequences of bombardment of Horlivka
Terrorists have shelled residential area in Shakhtarsk from "Grad"
Girkin presser. #Donetsk
Lenin statue was toppled in Mangush
Russia bans fruit import from Poland, Moldova and the Netherlands
No war in #Ukraine. Protest at #Russia's Embassy in #Luxembourg
British Embassy in Kyiv has opened a book of sorrow for victims of #MH17
Ukrainian aviation bombed Luhansk ammunition plant
PM of DNR Boroday has fleed to Russia, ex-Minister of Transnistria Alyufeev is acting PM now
Horlivka under fire. More casualties
MIA: Another mass grave was found in Slavyansk. About 52 bodies there.
MoD Geletey: Those who do not lay down their arms would be killed
President of Ukraine meets with foreign Ministers of Australia and the Netherlands
The Russians have mastered the art of saying one thing and doing another, says @statedeptspox on cease-fire in Ukraine
One more bridge was blowned-up in Horlivka
Dutch experts and OSCE monitors failed to reach the place of the crash Boeing in Ukraine again
At least 12 soldiers of Aidar Battalion were killed near Lutuhyne
Ukraine militants say lost control over part of MH17 crash site
Russian MoD on US sat images: Fakes, prep'd by Gen. Randy Kee's advisers to help Kyiv
Terrorists hit Luhansk center with MRLS Grad
Militants blew up two bridges in the Donetsk region
MH17 probe shows crash caused by 'massive explosive decompression': Kyiv
The Prosecutor General's office open the case against PoR leader Efremov
Unknown person has shot at Privatbank office in Kharkiv
Destruction in #Pervomaisk
Rus Opposition leader Alexander Skobov stabbed in St. Petersburg. He supports Ukraine
Large Militants convoy heads to Shakhtarsk from Makiivka
Along the state border of Ukraine, #Russian air forces undertake reconnaissance flights to spy on the movement of Ukraine's #ATO units
Video of Graham Phillips questioning in SSU @GrahamWP_UK
Video of Graham Phillips questioning in SSU @GrahamWP_UK
The NSDC: 4 border guards killed at Dolzhansky checkpoint
Militants holding back press from #MH17 crash site as #OSCE, Dutch and Aust. police tries to get there during heavy fighting. #Donetsk
ATO forces captured Lutuhyne
1,129 civilians killed in Ukraine during 'anti-terrorist operation' - a 'conservative' estimate via @UN
Combats near Torez, Snizhne
Combats near Torez, Snizhne
Broadcast of the Ukrainian TV channels was restored in Lisichansk, Luhansk oblast
Russia shelled village and checkpoint "Krasnaya Talovka". Fire there now
Militants of "DNR" ousted from Dmytrivka
Dnepropetrovsk government offer to rename streets, named after the Communists
Kharkiv farmer found an UAV in field
Saur-Mohyla has been taken by Ukrainian forces
Serbian football players made a proposal to LNR to hold a friendly match
Donetsk airport now
Lavrov: no negotiations on the Crimea
People demanded to disband the city Council In Slavyansk
Appratment block in #Lysichansk
#Odesa residents painted stela at the entry to the city in national colors
Muslims celebrate Eid al-Adha in Moscow
#Luhansk national agricultural University
Australian police to renew bid to access Ukraine crash site
Press service of Stirol: Militants has set bombs on ammonia chemical plant in Horlivka
Militants received weapons from the occupied Crimea through the Azov sea coast
Russian MRLS in Crimea, ready to attack Kherson
Pic from #ATO in Donbass
New photo of the truck with Buk in the morning of July 17 near Snizhne #MH17 #Boeing777
#Donetsk: sounds of heavy fight coming from #Makievka direction. Smoke and fire rising in the sky. Big fire
Shells hit a 25-storey house near the SSU in Luhansk
Shells hit a 25-storey house near the SSU in Luhansk
Unknown men hit SSU building in Berdyansk with rocket launchers
Long convoy of civilian/military vehicles headed north through #Donetsk. Battle coming
Hague Court: Russia must pay $50 bln in trial of Yukos
Terrorist Khodakovsky: We don't really need Debal'tseve, so we have left it
Today in Jurmala people protested against Russian propaganda music show #NewWave and showed support for Ukraine
Fighting continues in #Pervomaisk tonight. Ukr. army command to residents: "Stay in cellars. You risk your life outside"
Ukraine army advancing fast toward #MH17 crash site today. This blown-up bridge didn't slow them down too much
An Ukrainian army convoy passes #Stizhkove. Humvees and APCs
An Ukrainian army convoy passes Stizhkove. Humvees and APCs
Armed terrorists from "LNR" probably got new AA-system "Pantzir"(SA-22 Greyhound)
MP Levchenko (who was thrown out of Rada this week) on Moscow channel: Lets take Kyiv back
Lyashko detained the mayor of Stakhanov, who collaborated with militants
Activists painted Lenin statue in #Kramatorsk
#Horlivka chemical plant mined by Russian rebels are now threatening to blow it up
The Battalion "Crimea"
Horlivka is completly blocked
Lutuhyne is now under National guard control
Ukrainians use soviet shells from the past, which beat even the nazis(manufactured in 43-45yy)
Ukrainian forces striking Pervomais'k
Yasinovatsky checkpoint is burning in Donetsk
Russian millitarian parade in Ljubljana, Slovenia
Russian millitarian parade in Ljubljana, Slovenia
@PavloKlimkin on @cnn
Rally in support of Israel Counter-terrorists operation in Dnipropetrovs'k
Six activists were detained in Moscow on the rally of support of Ukraine
Journalist of Ukrainian Espreso TV wounded in ATO zone
2 Russian mil. copters violated Ukraine airspace for 200 m in #Luhansk rgn, then flew away - State Border Service
Sniper was caught in Lysychansk
Battle near Stakhanov
Horlivka under GRAD shelling again now
298 candles wre lighted near embassy of Russian Federation in Warsaw #MH17
Ukraine vs Russia tank battle possible near Marynivka soon. Russia transfered up to 10 tanks tonight
"Cotton" rally in #Kharkiv
Destruction in Lutuhyne
The day of Ukrainian Navy in Odessa
MAP of Grad shelling of #Horlivka center by terrorists from the Golmivsky
#Ukraine - 6 hours of shelling today by Grad and artillery firing from #Russia
Saur-Mohyla under shelling
Large amount of Ukrainian military came to Shakhtersk
Lot of dead Russian mercenaries at Snizhne outskirts
Large rally in Kyiv on Maidan
A serviceman inspects an unexploded missile of the type of salvo fire used by pro-Russian militants #AFP
Sen. @chuckschumer (D-NY) on Pres. Putin: He is a schoolyard bully, we should raise the sanctions
Another aftermath of a #Grad attack on #Avdiyivka
Another aftermath of a Grad attack on Avdiyivka
USA has published satellite images of Russian shelling of Ukraine
Russia gears up for Navy Day celebrations
"Black boxes" of #MH17 confirm the missile hit
Railways damaged in Horlivka
Ukrainian army go to Alchevs'k
Ukrainian troops push from #Torez towards #Snizhne, battle Russians in its outskirts
Journalist detained working for CNN in #Ukraine is freed
The police arrested the Prosecutor from Makiivka, which worked with terrorists
Vladimir Putin: strengthening the might of the black sea fleet is one of the priorities
Battles near Snizhne. Ukrainians coming
Terrorist Bezler wants 24 hours to retreatm other way the will kill all hostages
Captured militant confirmed that Boeing was hit by "Buk" of terrorists from the Russia
Minister: Crimea could be cutted of power
Rally of Kharkiv patriots near Kramatorsk
New tanks came from #Russia to #Ukraine in Roven'ky
New tanks came from Russia to Ukraine in Roven'ky
A lot of civilians killed by Militants in Horlivka
Militants have killed a lot of people in Horlivka
The Ukrainian military leadership has information, "two battalions of mercenaries from Chechnya" arrived in #Rostov yesterday
Ukrainians say they are trying to clear area for Australian and Dutch police. Not to go into site. #MH17
Ukrainian forces on the way to Krasnyy Luch
Ukrainian army enter Shakhtarsk
Ukrainian flag raised over cityhall in Debaltseve
Big convoy of 20 units passed through the city of Krasniy Luch in the direction on Snizhne
Gas station in Debaltsevo
Mig-29 crashed near Astrakhan. Pilot dead
#AP: #Putin "terrorist" unit that shot down #MH17 contained 50% men from #Sakhalin, #Russia
Battles near Yenakijeve
Ukrainian forces are clearing #Debaltseve. Reports of many Russian fighters killed
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