Map. History of Ukraine conflict

23 ตุลาคม 2018
@IlvesToomas statement on Russia's invasion of Ukraine
#Poroshenko will be visiting the White House next month, according to President Obama
Obama & Merkel had a call on Ukraine. - Russia is responsible for war in Ukraine
#Russia stop war in #Ukraine demand protesters outside #UN headquarters in New York
#Russia at UNSC: The Ukrainian armed forces have trampled on all standards of humanitarian law
Under-Secretary-General: "We cannot ignore the deeply alarming reports of Russian military involvement"
Someone brokes the windows out in Russian bank in Kyiv
Putin and Prime Minister of Italy discussed the crisis in Ukraine
In #Kharkiv car detained, found inside more than 40 different grenades, 3 MANPADS, AK and 1,000 rounds of ammunition
#Kharkiv Protesters angry near RF consulate
Rally on the Maidan in Kyiv
Kharkiv. Ongoing clashes between the police and the patriots. Flying firecrackers, was an attempt to recapture the detainees
Poroshenko's spox @STsegolko "#Ukraine asks the US to grant us the major non-NATO ally status"
NSDC decided to restore regular military service in Ukraine
Merkel: "We want a diplomatic solution... But we must observe that things have gotten more difficult and worse in recent days."
Mariupol. A lot of people at the rally. Nobody wants a war
Destroyed military truck in Rostov region
Anti-War March in #Mariupol Today
NATO will hold special meeting on Ukraine
Rally in support of Ukrainian army in Mariupol
New #NATO satellite images show Russian forces engaged in military operations inside Ukraine
Poroshenko says Ukraine soon to receive arms from partner states,no details given
Russian Soldiers in Novoazovsk claim that they have order to go to Odesa
Poland could sell weapons to Ukraine if Ukraine will officially ask
UK PM David Cameron calls for immediate halt to Russian tanks crossing Ukraine border, warns of "Further consequences" for Putin
Column of Russian armored vehicles heading to Ukraine - Reuters
Poroshenko in the NSDC: we are able to protect ourselves. The main thing is not to panic
Vladimir Putin held talks with the President of South Africa Jacob Zuma
Poroshenko says today 1st consultations between Russia & Ukraine army HQs took place
The UN security Council will meet at 21:00(Kyiv=in 4 hours)
The Russian MFA has called the sanctions of Switzerland against Russia unreasonable
Senior NATO officer: "There is clear evidence of contact between Ukrainian forces & Russian forces"
12 wounded marines delivered from Ryazan to St.Petersburg
Another 1-man picket in #Moscow today: "Stop #Putin = stop war"
French President Hollande calls #Russia troops in #Ukraine "unacceptable."
Rally on the Bankova street
Russian Representative to #OSCE: No participation of Russian military, hardware in #Ukraine hostilities
#Donetsk city center up in flames
Burning Donetsk
Russian Khodorkovsky: We are at war with Ukraine. Sent there soldiers and equipment
Subway station "Teatralnaya" in Kyiv closed due to bomb threat
Russia holds an aviation drills
NATO military officer says the 1000 Russian troops in #Ukraine figure is "quite a conservative" estimate. A lot of Russian power behind it.
Kolomoisky, Head of Dnipropetrovsk RSA, known for his successful anti-occupation policy, took #Mariupol & #Zaporizhia under his protection
In Nowoasowsk the terrorists have the #DNR flag hoisted
Shelling in Donetsk
The protesters went from General staff to President Administration
Russian army tank in #Novoazovsk
Russian army tank in Novoazovsk
Reinforcement in Mariupol
The enemy is preparing to attack Ukrainian forces near Ilovaisk - NSDC
Reuters reporter in southern Russia near border sees troops, vehicles with no military ID markings and number plates removed
Burning Donetsk
Border guards of Khersov repulsed attack of Russian sabeuters from Crimea
Finland suspects third Russian airspace violation in a week
OSCE meeting now. Ukraine demands UNSC meeting
Mariupol railway station now
President cancelled his visit to Turkey and urgently convenes the NSDC meeting
Ship "Donbass" shotdown Russian UAV near Mariupiol tonight
Military enlistment office in Kharkiv
President Poroshenko: "Russian troops enter Ukraine"
In St. Petersburg has launched a submarine Stary Oskol for the Black Sea fleet
President Poroshenko to hold an NSDC meeting
There are MLRS Hurricane of RF near Novoazovsk - NSDC
More than 100 miners blocked in mine in Donetsk
Shells hit residential house in Donetsk
Dnipropetrovsk SC hold a meeting.
MIA advisor Gerashenko: we must declare state of war and break all relations with RF
#Yatsenyuk: #Putin purposefully started a war in Europe. The whole world knows it and one can't hide it
@LithuaniaMFA: Strongly condemn #RU invasion into territory of #Ukraine,call 2immediate withdraw of its forces
Crowd blocked the street near General Staff
Russian Media: "NATO chief Rasmussen poses greatest danger to international peace today"
People require the introduction of martial law(State of war)
PM Yatsenyuk requests to hold an emergency meeting of the UNSC
DNR flag over Saur-Mohyla
#Yatsenyuk has proposed to freeze all assets of Russia and stop all transactions to complete removal of Russian forces from #Ukraine
Poroshenko has signed a secret decree of NSDC
Rally near General Staff in Kyiv
Shelling kills 11 civilians in east Ukraine's Donetsk, official says
Zaharchenko: "In ranks of the militia of DNR be part of up to 4k volunteer from Russia."
#Russia violations in #Ukraine to top agenda at extraordinary meet of #OSCE delegations 11:30 CET today in Vienna - stay tuned
One more convoy of armore vehicles came to Mariupol from Zaporizhia
Moscow. "Mass" protest against the war. One came. Was detained
Group of Russian army with tanks settled in Novooasovsk
Morning photo from Novoazovsk
In #Donetsk the shells hit the school. Center in smoke
MP Pushkov: Rapprochement with NATO means the end of the neutrality of Finland and Sweden
Advisor to #Ukraine's Min of Interior at @EspresoTV: There has been full-scale #RussianInvasion in #Ukraine in several directions
Two more people arrested in the painted star case, accused of helping @MustangWanted8 when he painted Moscow landmark in Ukraine colours.
Reports from Mariupol about a large number of UAV
Report: Russian tanks in 40 minutes drive from Mariupol. The battles are in the area of the settlement Bezimenne
Putin also told Merkel that Moscow is sending more aid to eastern #Ukraine, which will surely complicate matters
Ilovaysk today. Battalion Donbas today without losses, 1 wounded after MLRS Grad shelling
Green men near Mariupol
Ukrainian MFA in Twitter: "#UkraineUnderAttack #RussiaInvadedUkraine RT PLZ"
Ukraine is preparing to defend Mariupol
State Dept: "a Russian-directed counteroffensive likely underway in Donetsk & Luhansk"
Chancellor #Merkel spoke with President #Putin about #Ukraine. #Russia must contribute to ceasefire and border control
Reports: Novoazovsk under Russian control
Russian hackers attacked the U.S. financial system in mid-August in possible retaliation to sanctions
@carlbildt: We are now evidently seeing fighting between regular Russian and regular Ukrainian forces in Eastern Ukraine. There is a word for this.
Camp of Russian saboteurs was found near the Novoazovsk
Lysenko: All documentation from the military factories in the zone #ATO was taken in advance, in order not to fall into the hands of #terrorists
Former head of the state property fund Valentyna Semeniuk-Samsonenko has shot herself in own house
Shooting in Sahanka (15 km from Mariupol). Fights. Jets passing-by
Russian airborne troops from Pskov in Kuteinikove. Enforcing positions. Tanks in "siege"
Ukrainian force has left Saur-Mohyla
#Russian SOF have started using K-9 units against #Ukraine SOF in Ukraine. 6 #RUS SOF & 2 dogs are eliminated
#Ukraine to construct a large spent nuclear fuel storage facility in the middle of Europe, via US company Holtec
Lysenko: chemical plants and coal of Donbass are stopped
3 civilians burned in the car in Donetsk
Criminal cases were opened against detained paratroopers
CF-18 Hornets depart #CampiaTurzii on their way to #NATO Ally #Lithuania as part of #OpReassurance in Eastern Europe
#Russian tanks reported from #Krasnodon heading for #Luhansk.
The soldier without head was buried In Bashkiria
Ukraine's PM says Russia has plans to block gas flows to Europe
#Ukraine will participate in NATO Summit in Wales. The only non-member of the alliance asked to join the summit.
Lavrov: Moscow demands to tell about attempts to use Western fuel for Ukrainian nuclear power plants
#Moldova no longer 100% dependent on Russian #gas amid #EU pipeline inauguration #Romania
Relatives and friends of Battalions "Azov" and "Aydar" picket the Administration of President
Military Convoy of Russian Federation was destroyed near Illovaysk
Novoazovsk taken under full control of the ukrainian forces - NSDC
Russian MFA: West should stop political games around Russia humanitarian aid to #Ukraine
Kharkiv. In the area of meat factory something is burning. Possible power station
Polish intel: regular RF army units operate in Ukraine
US military aircraft crashes down in Augusta, Virginia
Convoy of Russian MRLS Grad enter Torez
Detained Russian troopers hold a presser in Kyiv
Russian armored vehicles near Illovaysk
Russian armored vehicles near Illovaysk
Lavrov: the Second humanitarian convoy to Ukraine will not be last
NATO is ready to help treat the wounded Ukrainian soldiers - Chaly
Cluster bombs from Russia
Club is burning in Donetsk, Kalininskiy district
Lithunia MFA: we need to discuss question of military help to Ukraine
The Committee of soldiers' mothers has compiled a list of 400 killed and wounded Russian soldiers
Russian tanks in #Novoazovsk
Turchynov requires Poroshenko immediately hold a meeting of the military Council
The city of Starobesheve has been lost by the UKR army who fled the city
Temur Yuldashev, head of antiterrorist department of MIA was killed on Saur-Mohyla
#Kyiv mayor @Vitaliy_Klychko donating military truck to volunteer battalion #Aidar
Russian terrorists have captured 7 villages near Novoazovsk - NSDC
Large convoy with heavy equipment arrives in Mariupol
FM Klimkin says text of Association Agreement with the EU won't be modified,contrary to Russia expectations
#Novoazovsk is under shelling now. Explosions to the north and to the west from the town
"PM" of LNR Igor Plotnitsky: Kyiv left pensioners without pensions
Ukrainian flag over Amvrosiivka after battles
Ukrainian pilot Nadia Savchenko, kidnapped from #Ukraine, appears in Russian court v @mark_feygin
There are about 20 thousand terrorists In Donbas, - @MVS_UA
Putin's press Secretary Peskov: Russia will continue to provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine
#Russian regular armed forces set up HQ for a tactical battalion group outside of Pobeda near Snizhne
In Shostka, Sumy, terrorists shelled local police office.
Militants shelled airport in Donetsk with MLRS Grad
#ATO reports in last 24h they liquidated 225 #Russian terrorists, 1 SMERCH MLRS
Belarus send AA B-M1-2 Buk to Russia
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