Map. History of Ukraine conflict

18 November 2017
Residents say, Russian forces are actually storming the Donetsk airport
Residents say, Russian forces are actually storming the Donetsk airport
The head of the Lenin in Kharkiv.
Russian girl on Mercedes, owned by MP of "Party of regions" rammed several cars at the oncoming lane
Lenin's monument in Kharkiv was toppled
MIA Avakov about the demolition of the Lenin: Ordered to close criminal case, police now protecting people from provocation, not monument
Man was injured with the cable, used to down the monument to Lenin
Explosion in North-North East part of Donetsk every 30 seconds
Parubiy: I don't believe in peace plan
Tank battle on Donetsk airport' runway. 2 killed soldiers of Ukrainian army. 2 destroyed tanks of Russia
Toppling of Lenin is long process
Sappers came to check the bomb threat about Lenin in #Kharkiv
A old woman today in Pervomaisk, eastern #Ukraine, sitting down in a residential area shelled a few weeks ago.
Poroshenko assured that no federalization of Donbass
#Kharkiv celebrating and enjoying. Music, flying firecrackers.
Ukrainian govt and separatist forces swapped 30 for 30 POWs outside #Donetsk this evening. Observed by @OSCE.
#Kharkiv begin to saw Lenin
Jewish Festival in Kyiv
Gazprom Chief Warns of Disruptions to Europe's Supply of Russian Gas
Crowd plan to topple Lenin in Kharkiv
Thick black smoke still billowing from area near #Donetsk, reportedly a mine in #Makiivka, shelled earlier today.
Powerful explosions across #Donetsk
Roskomnadzor has started preparations to block Facebook, Twitter and Google in Russia
Explosion at Kazan gunpowder factory
Lysenko: Russian militants declared martial law and forced conscription in Alchevsk
NATO flag at rally in Kharkiv
@HassanRouhani leaves New York for #Russia
Nato chief: My biggest regret is Putin's Russia
Unity march is about to start in #Kharkiv
23rd battalion of territorial defence returned to Zaporizhia
Shyrokyne near Mariupol. Consequences of Russian shelling
#Makiivka, fire in the area of the Pochenkova mine
Heavy smoke in Donetsk
Shells hit "Tochmash" plant in Donetsk
In front of the Russian Consulate in Istanbul #protest against pressure of #Crimea Tatars
Attack at Donetsk airport was repelled
Donetsk is burning again
Airport district, Metro, Putilovka, Spartak, non-stop shelling Gun battles in some areas of Donetsk
Russia pulls more military vehicles to Dzhankoy
Russia deploy field tent camp near Chonhar. About 300 military personnel
NSDC: Russian militants shelled Schastya with mortars
Truck blocked road in Kyiv
Self-declared #Luhansk People's Republic apparently issuing passports to residents
Advertising in DNR. Looking for volunteers for elections
32 people were evacuated from the burning house In Lviv
LAVROV: I don’t think we're on verge of new arms race, Russia definitely won’t be part of it
Rada will vote on non-aligned status of Ukraine on 14 of October
Man with weapons was detained on the Russian-Ukrainian border at the checkpoint "Novoshakhtinsk"
Lavrov: Russian volunteers are fighting in Ukraine
Seven Ukrainian soldiers were freed from captivity
Clashes between police and Moscow's muslims
Clashes between police and Moscow's muslims
Russian soldiers from Ryazan last week in Starobeshevo, south of Donetsk
Lavrov: Comparing Russia with "Islamic state" - beyond good and evil
#kyivhalfmarathon has just started in Kyiv #ukraine
"Baggage delivery service" in Donetsk airport
#LAVROV: West should realize inefficiency of ultimatums, threats toward Russia
Hungarians of Transcarpathia will sue Ukraine in European court
Every 30sec bursts of something heavy in Donetsk center. Floor is shaking.
People hold a rally against LNR in Rovenky
Car fell in earthhole at Simferopol bypass route. Six dead
Two Crimean Tatars were kidnapped in Crimea
In ranks of #terrorists in the Donbas, international group of professional mercs.#Ukraine #ATO
#Kyiv: peace March on wheelchairs
A Russian T-72B1 rolls through an Ukrainian playground in #Donetsk city today
Salary for rally in Moscow was paid Poklonnaya mountain at 21-00
Malaysia will ask the UN to send peacekeepers to the crash site of MH17
With reinforcement Russian militants could attack Mariupol on Monday
LNR Parliament
New cognac In Odessa. "Putin is dic*head"
Six posters like this were seen at the Moscow-organized demo to support the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
#Lviv: adults & children on Rynok sq painted United #Ukraine. Works displayed, best awarded.
After stopping gas supplies to #Ukraine, Hungary's PM says country will import more gas from #Russia's Gazprom
NATO warns on Ukraine truce as fighters set to pull back
In Kharkiv awarded pilots for participation in the ATO
#UNGA: Speaking about Ukraine crisis, Russia's FM Lavrov again uses words like 'coup', 'self-declared Kyiv govt'
Russian Grad shelling Mariupol
Russian Grad shelling Mariupol
Alternative use of the "Uragan 9М27" missiles
Lavrov at UN GA: Russia continues to promote a political settlement in Ukraine, for the sake of peace, not to appease someone's ambitions
Ex-Lenin monument in Kyiv
pro-Putin rally in Moscow today
Secret documents of DNR were found by hackers on Russian LDPR party( Zhirinovsky) servers
"The humanitarian aid" from the "Devil": jam 200 UAH., honey 150 UAH.
Russian militants shelling with D-30 howitzers from residential area
Russian militants shelling with D-30 howitzers from residential area
Small clashes in Kharkiv. Stun grenade used
Russian Grad missiles hit extremely close to eastern Mariupol
Russian Grad missiles hit extremely close to eastern Mariupol
Mariupol. Burning fields after shelling
Penny Pritzker, US Secretary of Commerce at @uacrisis
Buses bring participants of "Donetsk memory victims rally" to the Victory Park
Kremlin Gas Wars: EU warns #Russia not to block reverse flow deliveries to Ukraine
Guy from Arhangelsk, Russia was killed in Ukraine "Donetsk rebel"
In Odessa, the patriots broke up a rally of separatists
DNR near Enakijevskaya mine
#Kramatorsk marks the Day of the city today
President of the Czech Republic called for the cancelation of sanctions against Russia
Protesters in #Odessa were paid 70 hryvnias to protest against #Ukraine.
In the area of the ATO continues the work of the international contact group on coordination of ceasefire
#ukraine exports to #EU +25%. To #russia -25%.
New Russian sniper rifle bullet in comparison of SVD and AK
Russian militants in Ukraine with T-72 tanks
Saur-Mohyla today
Saur-Mohyla today
Russian militants with Russian flag in Ukraine
Dnipropetrovsk. Lists of people lost and taken prisoner.
Ukrainian T-64 tanks, fight off Russian attacks in #Nikishyne. Invaders attack the village since 5 days.
"Activists" hang banner at US Moscow Embassy to deflect attention from mass executions by Russian-backed forces near Donetsk
Volodymyr Polevyi @NSDC_ua: terrorists keep attacking Ukrainian armed forces in #Donetsk and #luhansk regions
It's quite easy to distinguish between local/Russian #terrorists and Russian army #special_forces at #Donetsk airport
Russian militants fire GRAD from Dokuchaevsk to Volnovaha
One clearly audible #Grad missile attack on #Donetsk airport
Rally of separatists in Kharkiv
Entrance to #Chernyhiv
RUAF Il-87 Maxdome once again pictured. airborne at #Chkalovsk. #Russia
Russian Militant Stanislav Timofeev, friend of Graham Phillips was killed
173rd Airborne wraps up #RapidTrident exercise in #Ukraine: @USArmy
#Russia Fights to Keep Veto Right in UN Security Council
UA troops holding tight on Donetsk airport in spite of Russian attempt to take it.
#Canada FM Baird: But #Russia is the only country challenging EU security architecture through its reckless behaviour & false premises.
EU ready to discuss revisions to Ukraine trade deal – Barroso
#Ukraine mob attacks Parliament candidate, covers him in red paint & throws him in trash can