Map. History of Ukraine conflict

24 September 2017
Sky lit up and explosions heard at Donetsk airport
A column of Russian tanks not far from Krasnyi Luch, Luhansk region
EU envoys decide to keep #sanctions on Russia in force - diplomatic source
Gubarev in Facebook: today i speak to you as a woman and mother of 3 children
Clashes east of #Mariupol intensify. From around 5pm, Russian forces fire from tanks at Ukrainian positions near #Pavlopil.
Tanks near in #Donetsk
NATO Baltic Air Policing QRA Eurofighter jets on 28 OCT scrambled to intercept RU Armed Forces 2x MiG-31, 2x Su-34, 1x Su-27, and 2x Su-24.
Russia will build 13 airfields and 10 radars in Arctic to safeguard national security in the region- Russian military
In Dnipropetrovsk felt crane, four people were killed
Tanker truck overturned in Kyiv
Ukrainian troops of the 80th Brigade leave Roadblock 32 by night. Now under Russian occupation.
President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko laid flowers to the Grave of Unknown Soldier in Kyiv
Russia to send some 50 humanitarian aid trucks to Ukraine on Tuesday - Russia’s Emergencies Ministry
Centrbank Russia spent $5,18 bln to help Rubble in 2 days
According to eyewitness reports, #Russia|n column of about 13 tanks and APCs was spotted near Antratsyt this morning
US will not recognize any election held in separatist-held areas that does not comport w/Ukr law & not held w/express consent of Ukr govt
Queue at the Kerch ferry has grown to almost 700 cars
Artillery and mortars fire near Nikishyne
Poroshenko had a telephone conversation with the Vice President of the United States
Poroshenko had a telephone conversation with President of Slovakia
Security forces repelled the attack near Mariupol, the militants had suffered losses
EU unlikely to roll back Russia sanctions before March
Shelling near Volnovakha
Czech Intelligence Sees 'Extremely High' Number of Russian Spies
"Dasha" #Uglehirsk.
Lavrov: Moscow recognise the election results in #LNR and #DNR
The "#cyborgs" still hold #Donetsk
Taxes in DNR
Battle in Novoorlivka
Checkpoint 32. Everyone out of surrounding
Krasnogorivka, Donetsk region. Infantry fighting vehicle burns near school number 2
Cannonade near the Uglegirsk
In Konotop Aircraft repair plant upgrading Mi-24 to SuperHind: night vision + new gun.
Biden to travel to Ukraine, Turkey and Morocco in the week of Nov. 17, office announces.
Artillery attack on 3 Ukrainian checkpoints in Mariinka
[email protected] congratulate the people of Ukraine on holding successful parliamentary elections
Rally near elections commission in Lutsk
Storm in Yalta
Russia could provide emergency humanitarian relief to residents of Ukraine's Southeastern regions
A large unmarked Russian army convoy moves north in #Crimea
A large unmarked Russian army convoy moves north in #Crimea
Egorievsk highway, about 15-20 trucks with the military numbers. Label "Humanitarian help"
[email protected] SG: #NATO continues to support #Ukraine’s sovereignty, independence + territorial integrity w/in its int. recognised borders
Destroyed #Luhansk #airport
Destroyed #Luhansk #airport
At #Donetsk-#Russia border today, slow flow of vehicles sans ID plates driven by camo-clad men, 20+ convoy of trucks
The staff of the national defense of Dnipropetrovsk region does not recognize the election results for 38, 32 31 districts
Donetsk's Kobzon concert is being played on a giant tv outside the theatre
#Poland to move 1,000s of troops east
Putin's army firing on #Donetsk Airport in new AFV
Putin's army firing on #Donetsk Airport in new AFV
Another #Lenin lost his head, this time in #Volgograd #Russia
#Avdiivka Zelena St hit by shells
#LAVROV: Moscow recognizes election results in #Ukraine
#Ukraine parliamentary elections were held in line with democratic standards – OSCE
10 houses were damaged or destroyed in heavy Russian #Grad fire on #Talakivka, NE of #Mariupol.
SSU: Russian Saboteurs were detained In Odessa
First #mistral helicopter carrier to enter Russian navy in 2014 - official
One civilian was wounded During shelling of Talakivka, Donetsk region
Russias consumer protection agency says selfies spread lice.
Militants with "Grad" and the tanks go offensive on villages near Mariupol
Kalininsky district of Donetsk, repeatedly heard bursts of automatic fire in the morning and now again
Artillery crawler crashed from truck In Zaporizhye
#Ukrainian positions outside #Mariupol around Pavlopil-Hnutove reportedly under fire from mortars, tanks.
Putin's militants shelled positions of Ukrainian forces in the district Talakivka with mortars and Grad rockets - the headquarters of the defense of Mariupol
Near the Donetsk airport and Novoazovsk - active reconnaissance of militants and RF
LPG Tanker "Independence" came to #Lithuania