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18 สิงหาคม 2018

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Dayton rally downtown today
#Wichita #Ferguson blocked intersection, cops show up very fast, now we continue to to cross the crosswalk protesting
Protestors gathering in Grand Park, telling arrest stories and going over tactics
Kansas City Plaza, Three arrested at today's #BlackoutBlackFriday event
Protests and Rallies in #Minneapolis
Protesters in #Seattle came prepared for pepper spray. This is what they pour in their eyes to combat it.
#BlackoutBlackFriday Milpitas Wal-Mart
West County mall has re-opened after briefly closing due to protests
Surprising turnout for protest in Portland ME
Rally of Right Sector in Kyiv
Shoppers/workers seem confused as to why West Co Mall is closed. Protesters have moved on
Mykolaiv today. Joint March of the Right Sector and SNA.
#Blackoutblackfriday is in Union Square #NYC
Like, more police than people still walking around in Mong Kok #OccupyHK
Communists party office burnt in Kyiv
Communists party office burnt in Kyiv
Marching down 23rd st
West Lake Station shutdown by police #Seattle
Protesters in #Seattle have now pushed their way into Pacific Place shopping center
Police attack #BlackoutBlackFriday march slamming protesters head on concrete
#Ferguson in Des Peres. Chants of no justice no peace.
More arrest #BlackoutBlackFriday
This police helicopter is hovering over this protest. #blackoutblackfriday
Protesters blocked entrance ramp on I-270 northbound from Manchester at 3:45 p.m.
Russian troops in Transnistria organize mass riot exercises, 2 days before Moldovan elections
Report: 7 self-propelled artillery "Hvozdika" passed Torez
Large Fire in Kharkiv
Police are moving in at West County Mall #ferguson
Crowd ordered to disperse from front of Macy's #BlackoutBlackFriday #ShutdownBlackFriday
Solidarity with #Ferguson from #Sarajevo tonight.
#NYPD are trying to surround #BlackOutBlackFriday marchers in front if Macy's #NYC.
Rally in West County. #Ferguson
Now back to mosque and walking through Nathan Road northwards again #OccupyHK
The police have formed a blue wall at 35th and Broadway
#BlackoutBlackFriday NYC two arrests made at Herald Sq.
Jets are being repared at Mykolaiv plant
4:45am Hongkong crowd arrived at TST seafront
Police standoff. Arrests started #BlackoutBlackFriday
Another #Ferguson protest. This time outside Westlake. It's in the midst of Black Friday shoppers
At least 120 now reported dead and 270 wounded in Nigeria mosque suicide attack
#Ferguson Galleria forced to close doors after protestors stage a "die in" protest
#NYPD warning #Ferguson protesters in #TimesSquare to get out of the street of face arrest
Police arrive at BART where #Ferguson protest decision shut down Transbay service
#DPRK top leader instructs flight #drill of KPA
#BlackoutBlackFriday Marching up broadway ave in NYC
#Makiivka, Russian bus is burning. Heard explosions of bullets
Makiivka, Russian bus is burning. Heard explosions of bullets
Crowd growing at Long Beach @Walmart - "If you don't respect the workers, you don't respect our community!"
Protesters quiet each down as they see homeless person sleeping soundly #OccupyHK
HMS Richmond and HMS Lancaster departing Plymouth several hours ago
Protestors moving in unpredictable directions #occupymk #occupyhk
Two were killed by shelling in Horlivka
Riot police clashes in #OccupyHK police using pepper spray
6 dead in attacks and pro-Morsi protests in #Egypt
In Dnipropetrovsk Police and National guard trained to storm Yuzhmash rocket plant
Nothing changes in #Chicago: Ukrainians keep dancing gopac. But now they raised $16,000 and an armored vehicle
Nothing changes in Chicago: Ukrainians keep dancing gopac. But now they raised $16,000 and an armored vehicle
Black Friday #ferguson justice protest in Boston
On the 3rd floor of St.Louis Galleria, the officers have congregate
NYPD reports group of peaceful #Ferguson protestors heading for Time Square. #BlackoutBlackFriday
#Ferguson march stops in the middle of Damen/North/Milwaukee intersection.
#ShutItDownNYC marching to Times Square
A slow and calm march down Nathan Road towards TST. Just past Soy st. Around 1000 ppl. #OccupyHK
#BlackoutBlackFriday over 100 people gathered in front of Macy's Herald Sq & growing
Protestor yell "Bye" at police cordon
This is Juanita's Fashion Boutique in Dellwood
Protesters marching down St. Louis Galleria mall
Russian submarine Alexander Nevsky succesfully fired ICBM Bulava
Russian submarine Alexander Nevsky succesfully fired ICBM Bulava
US benchmark WTI crude oil dives to $66.15 a barrel
Police with riot shields gather by MTR exit
#BlackoutBlackFriday activists lock down to stop BART train at West Oakland stop
Naval infantry forces of Russia in Djankoy
Police wear helmets and shields.
Mayor of Dellwood says he tried to call Gov Nixon on Tuesday to request a meeting
Car was burned In Dnipropetrovsk
Lots of counterfeit Hrivnas spreading over Donbass
Military help from Canada came to Ukraine
"No justice, no peace" say #magmile protesters on #blackfriday
Thick smoke near University of Benghazi as a result of ongoing violent clashes
Ukraine banned Aeroflot flights to Kharkov
Casualties in SYC St #Mongkok
Rally in Memphis
In Kharkiv grenades were found in two subway stations
#SAA helicopter gunships attack kills 3 civilians in #Shaddadi #Hassak, leaves wide-scale destruction #Syria
#BlackoutBlackFriday in Chicago
Russia has already lost in the Donbass more soldiers than the US in Iraq for 12 years - press
Official police warning: "You're participating in an illegal gathering. Please leave immediately"
Member of the party of Putin proposed to oust Yanukovych from Russia
#IS images from failed ISF clearing op in Bablan north of Muqdadiyah shows IS fighters operating captured
OSCE will try to persuade the militants to cease fire
In Odessa mercenaries saboteur was exposed
At least 50 bodies seen at site of mosque bombing in Nigeria, witness tells the BBC v @PzFeed
About six protesters just walked out of the Walmart in #Ferguson chanting and holding signs.
Putin met with CEO of Total Patrick Pouyanne
Japan's Mount Aso erupts for first time in 22 years, disrupting flights
Woman shot in #Ferguson while sitting in car Tuesday, loses eye
Lavrov wants the Council of Europe monitor the situation on all territory of Ukraine
#Pope says world has 'moral obligation' to help #Turkey with Syrian refugees
Huge mass filing towards Nathan Road now. Happening at another side street as well #OccupyHK
Militants tanks attacked the forces of the ATO in the area of Vuhlehirsk
Militants claimed that Antratsyt Commendate was killed by Ukrainian snipers, and there are no riot
In Dnipropetrovsk drivers are fined because they have license plates with slogans about Putin
At the junction of SYC and Soy Streets, lots of chanting #OccupyHK #umhk
Russian battleships in the English Channel, say they’re training
Note rising casualties in Daraa. Rumor a major rebel offensive today.
Kyiv pupils weave winter camouflage nets at classes
Moment of silence for #MikeBrown at #WalmartStrikers rally in #DC #Ferguson
For perspective on the 2 cop cars torched on Mon. The 1st one was 1 block from #Ferguson PD and the 2nd was 2 blocks.
Poroshenko warns Ukraine's parliament not to seek NATO membership
Russian troops stationed in #Transnistria increase intensity of combat training. MoD 28 Nov
900 police take part in 0400 raids in Vienna, Graz & Linz, including on 2 mosques, led to arrest of 13 #ISIS supporters
Nathan Rd, at Argyle junction right now. #OccupyHK #UmbrellaRevolution
Map of Arab twitter media support for the #IslamicState. Look at Qatar and Belgium
Airstrike against ISIS in Tal Afar (east of Mt #Shingal) annihilated an ISIS unit
Russia will revive train missiles
Nathan Road #OccupyHK
Lavrov: Moscow extremely negative attitude to the idea of Ukraine's accession to NATO
Jailed activist Joshua Wong is freed, but ordered to stay away from #HongKong protest area.
#Ferguson protesters take their demonstrations to Walmart & Target in Black Friday boycott.
The Polish Parliament unanimously supported the ratification SA #Ukraine
Masks are distributed just in case police getting funny again #OccupyCentral #UmbrellaRevolution
Crowd gathers in front of big screen again in Mong Kok. #occupyhk
Vladimir Putin: OPEC's Decision to maintain quotas on oil production suits Russia
Sumy "cyborgs" were robbed by official
"We are not a puppies". Lukashenko and Nazarbayev against Eurasian integration
The network has a visual justification for reason the Kiev subway considered unprofitable.
Data and high-tech equipment stolen from Mistral.
Russia makes the Crimean Tatars to voluntary deport, - Dzhemilev
Kositsyn could be arrested. The commandant of Anthracite killed by LNR militants
Sweden plans to allocate 25 million euro every year to support reforms in Ukraine
Shells damage Donetsk water board building, - city council
Billboard of the Socialists in #Chisinau: "Together with Russia!" #Putin shall solve the problems of #Moldova.
3 #SAA Airstrike on #Raqqa #Syria
#Lavrov: It is important to strengthen #Crimea interregional relations to neutralize the attempts of its isolation
The foreign Ministry believes that Ukraine should declare total mobilization
"Ukrainska pravda" office was evacuated due to bomb threat. Also Ocean Plaza
The Russian training program is being introduced in the schools of Lugansk
LNR go offensive on the Antratsyt, controlled by "cossack" Kozytsyn.
#Donetsk. People came to militants for social benefits. There is no money.
2nd Walmart protest tonite in #Ferguson
Civil disobedience in #Denver
Civil disobedience in Denver
Inside Macy's #NYC #BlackoutBlackFriday
#Ferguson bakery owner in tears after public donates over $200,000 in repair funds
Latest situation map in #Kobane. It's practically #ISIS-free
#Mariupol. A very loud explosion, a feeling that shell landed in Stary Krym
National Guard at Walmart in #Ferguson
Activists thrown molotov cocktail in Ukrainian channel ICTV office in Kyiv
Activists thrown molotov cocktail in Ukrainian channel ICTV office in Kyiv
National Guard defending Walmart
Day3 of #Denver protests over #FergusonDecision
The line to get into Target is finally starting to move. Some of these people have been waiting for three hours.
At least 141 die in tribal clashes in Sudan
34 arrested after #Israel foil transnational terror plot stretching from Syria to Gaza
UK: Bailiffs evict antifracking protesters from protest camp near Wrecsam in North Wales.
National Guard out in #Ferguson
2 men plotted to bomb St. Louis Arch, sources say
Monitors of @OSCE_SMM claims about the deterioration of the situation in the #Alchevsk
Lithuanian Minister of Energy offers Ukraine help in building LNG terminal
Texas man wrecks $1 million car less than a day after buying it
Protesters in New York for #Ferguson to #StopTheParade
In #Rennes, earlier today, demonstration against repression & police state, in memory of #RemiFraisse
Putin's militants capture Ukrainian army convoy,including T-64BM #Bulat and 2 trucks
Putin's militants capture Ukrainian army convoy,including T-64BM Bulat and 2  trucks
North Korea announces Kim Jong-un's sister promoted to senior party official
#Russia MLRS shelling #Ukraine
Russia MLRS shelling Ukraine
Cafe in Rostov was shelled with RPG
Demonstration In Downtown Anchorage Targets #FergusonDecision
ISF & tribal forces that recently liberated Dolab (NW of Hit, Anbar)
In Lysichansk police discovered a cache of weapons
#LAPD Lets All #Ferguson Protesters Out In Time For #Thanksgiving Dinner
Clashes with police on he second day of protests against concert of Ani Lorak
"Shakhterska Slavi" street in Donetsk after today's shelling
#NYPD had #StopTheParade protesters outnumbered & didn't hesitate to swing batons & arrest #NYC
The Ministry of Energy terminates energy enterprises in the zone of ATO tomorrow
Held a new prisoners swap between DNR and Ukrainian army
Russian convoy spotted on RT citycam
Ambassador of Ukraine to Canada.#Prystaiko: aircraft with military aid from Canada flew to Ukraine
#NYPD have arrested multiple protesters here in #NYC on #Thanksgiving #Ferguson
UNRWA declares emergency because of widespread floods in #Gaza & steps up emergency preparedness
Egypt's President Fog, and French President Francois hollande
Police protecting concert of pro-Russian singer in Kyiv
Estonia approves purchase of infantry battle vehicles
Heavy shelling in #Donetsk this evening
#Ukraine ("Cyborgs"and other) forces repel attack on #Donetsk airport
Dmitry Medvedev called Arseniy Yatsenyuk. Discussed Minsk deals
#AFG Kabul police chief General Zahir, 3 suicide attackers walked into Wazir Akbar Khan. 2 attackers shot dead. 3rd attacker injured & hiding
Libyan Army airstrike on area west of Zuwara, near Tunisian border. #Libya
#Russia|n BTS-4 spotted near #Rostov 3 days ago is filmed today driving round #Donetsk
Russia|n BTS-4 spotted near Rostov 3 days ago is filmed today driving round Donetsk
Oil price has now dropped 7% after OPEC decision to maintain current production levels.
Brisbane, Australia, slammed by super storm with massive hail: "The worst since 1985."
General Nazarov bailed 365 thousand UAH and was released from custody
Grybauskaite showed her portrait, which was presented hеr by the Ukrainian soldier
Donets'k plants going for scrap
The Commissioner Khan: the Accession of Ukraine to the EU depends on the Ukraine
How the deputies sweared. Photos.
Thanksgiving in Romania - General @PMBreedlove, serving traditional Thanksgiving dinner to US service members
The consequences of the shelling of Popasna by Russian terrorists
Gaza's infrastructure is destroyed. Heavy rains have flooded many areas including Al-Nafaq. #GazaUnderRubble
14-year boy was killed by shelling in Donetsk
#Poroshenko: Federalization of #Ukraine isn't wanted by its people
"Fighter with Nazism," Putin will give 40 million euros to French far-right
Parents of soldier asks court to cancel son's contract with army, cause of war in Ukraine
Reports of shelling in #Donetsk right now. #Pesky village and Kuibyshev district under fire, at least one house burning.
Donetsk. Kuibyshev district. Street Smolny 20. Burning house
Russia militaries are shooting with APCs in Ukraine
Russia militaries are shooting with APCs in Ukraine
Donetsk now. House is burning on Aurora street
Joshua Wong hit by an egg outside court
In Moldova, the special forces raided the house of "peaceful" Pro-Kremlin militants
#Raqqa one of the Airstrike from #SAA ON #Raqqa Targeting the National Hospital #Syria
Thugs have shot the armored jeep of Lifenews
Russia calls on militants to stop the looting of "humanitarian aid" in the Donbas
About 60 trucks "Putin's convoy" moved towards the Ukrainian border
Tymchuk: The #Russia|n military continues to concentrate artillery (including 24 new arti guns) in the northern part of the Luhansk region
Around the Verkhovna Rada many police and national guard
MP Dmitro Yarosh
New MPs swearing to the Ukrainian people
Poroshenko came to Rada
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