Map. History of Ukraine conflict

24 กันยายน 2018

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It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Yasinovata. Outgoing shelling
Donetsk. Outgoing shelling from Kalininsky district
#Donetsk, Incoming and outgoing volleys of artillery to the north, ongoing battle.
#NATO jets scrambled twice over #Baltics in past week
Road accident in Donetsk: Military truck hit truck with food
Majilis: "Cossacks" raided houses of Crimean tatar
ATO Press center show pictures of Russian armored vehicles in Kominternove
The deployment of military warehouses of the USA in Europe is destabilizing the situation in the region - Russian Foreign Ministry
ATO Press Center: Militants in uniform similar to Ukrainian shoot at civil objects near Zaitseve
Head of Donetsk region Zherbrivsky not exclude offensive of Russian militants
Russian minister: Kyiv has no alternatives to Russian gas
In occupied territory of #Luhansk, #Ukraine pupils were arrested for pro-Ukraine views.
Russian MP Sergey Mironov arrived in occupied Donetsk
Police seized weapons in car in Kyiv
Russian militants launched DIY armored train
Russian MP Kobzon in occupied Luhansk
Russian marines returned from Syria to occupied Sevastopol
Court jailed Kolomoysky ally Korban for 2 months
OSCE said that their patrol was shot from "DNR" controlled territory
Woman killed in Dzerzhinsk as projectile hit her house
#The security service of Ukraine prevented attempt of Russian special services to bring down the energy facilities of Ukraine
Russia starts Iskander-M drills in Western Military Districts
ATO spokesperson: UA tankmen performed trainings in Mykolaiv region
ATO spokesperson: SBU detained a militant in Sloviansk who had been one of the allies of Hirkin in 2014
Col. Andriy Lysenko: Mariupol sector: Militants fired at UA positions near Shyrokyne for about 20 minutes
Col. Lysenko: As reported by UA intelligence, 7 militants were killed and 12 wounded during the clashes near Mayorsk & Marinka on Dec. 25
ATO spox: Yesterday, a flight of enemy UAV was recorded near Mariupol
ATO spox: Ukrainian Armed Forces did not incur any casualties; no single UA serviceman was wounded yesterday
Dmitro Yarosh exit Right Sector and founding new far-right organization
Dmitro Yarosh exit Right Sector and founding new far-right organization
Tank T-72 on truck in Makiivka
Ukrainian farmers on strike
#Ukraine FM @PavloKlimkin: #Russia has to deliver on its commitments under Minsk agreements
Ukraine FM @PavloKlimkin: Russia has to deliver on its commitments under Minsk agreements
Lavrov: EU considers a mistake to confront Russia over Ukraine
ATO press center:13 #ceasefire violations overnight. There was a 30min battle with enemy scout group near Novoselivka-Druga
BSF marines returned to Sevastopol from Syria
Russian MiG-29K ski-jump take-off at NITKA
Fighting at Korban court
Ukr army video: The Ukrainian front in Opytne
Ukr army video: The Ukrainian front in Opytne
Clashes in Dniporvsky court in Kyiv
Police clashed with MPs and Korban supporters at court
Clashes at Zaitsevo, Shiroka Balka
Horlivka: Shooting in the area of "Shiroka Balka"
In the OSCE confirmed the shelling near Kominternove
#Donetsk and #Makeevka listening to heavy salvos. It always starts arround that time in the afternoon.
Poroshenko approves NATO military exercises in Ukraine next year
Shelling in Donetsk
Rally in Kirovograd against renaming city to Ingulsk
MMA fighter Donald Njatah who have beaten "New Russian" Monson returned to Cherkassy
MMA fighter Donald Njatah who have beaten New Russian Monson returned to Cherkassy
It's propaganda
Lifenews claims that Russian "VGTRK" journalists came under shelling in Kominternove
1 Ukrainian soldier killed, 3 wounded yesterday
Temperature record beaten today in Odessa: +16, up to +22
At Chonhar in small bus found a bag with grenades
At Chonhar in small bus found a bag with grenades
Zahcharchenko is going to build USSR, - interview to local tv
Militants fired upon a Ukr stronghold nr Talakivka from re-occupied Kominternove, using mortars and AA systems - ATO Staff
66 violations of ceasefire yesterday
Artemivsk Champagne in Donetsk supermarket
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