Map. History of Ukraine conflict

21 กันยายน 2018

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Standoff continues in Odessa between police and judge who was suspected in bribe and use weapons against investigators
OSCE confirmed shelling of Zaitseve with 120mm mortars
[email protected]: The threat NATO currently faces from Russia "is increasing and worse than at any time since Cold War ended"
Makiivka ~19:00 Outgoing artillery fire.
33 attacks of Russian forces at Donbass before 6 pm today. Ukr. Positions in Zaitseve were hit with 158 mortar mines
Avdiivka - industrial zone hears battle sounds and arrivals of shells. Ukraine, Donbass
Heavy explosion reported in Yasinuvata
Ukrainian Film Festival. Soon in Amsterdam theater
Tandit: in captivity of terrorists there are 115 Ukrainians
Tandit: in captivity of terrorists there are 115 Ukrainians
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Reports of MLRS fire in Donetsk
GEN Dunford: US confronted with simultaneous challenges with Iran, Russia, North Korea and violent extremism #CSISLive
64% of Ukrainians support Association Agreement with EU, 72% call on the Dutch to vote for the Agreement
Occupied Crimea - Russian jets circling over Scholkine and Lenino
USS Donald Cook begins fourth patrol in support of ballistic missile defense of Europe
Firtash with harsh words for Ukraine's current govt, which he says is "governed by the U.S." Echoes of the Kremlin.
Protest of science and education workers in Kharkiv - to not cut spendings
The U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine called ridiculous offer to exchange Savchenko for But
Situation escalating at Avdiivka. Russian troops using heavy artillery
UPD: Not grenade but cartridge exploded in Dokuchaevsk school. 2 students wounded
Russian Fontanka showed picture of "Vagner"/Dmitry Utkin - Russian mercenary group head. Vagner private military company fought in Syria, Ukraine
Hand grenade exploded in school in Dokuchaevsk. There are wounded
Group "1+1 media" stopping cable broadcast of English language channel Ukraine Today - @uatodaytv
A billionaire Ukrainian who's wanted in the U.S. says he's ready to end self-imposed exile
Salvos from Durna Balka or Azotny
About murder of attorney of Rus GRU: Matios showed a video where a lawyer refuses to protect Rus GRU
About murder of attorney of Rus GRU: Matios showed a video where a lawyer refuses to protect Rus GRU
Four Ukrainian soldiers wounded in eastern Ukraine
Russ. MFA: Russia not subject to Minsk Agreements, not obliged to release Savchenko
The important thing now is to identify new general prosecutor, the person who really is committed to the reforms - Amb.Pyatt
Reformer and Deputy PG of Ukraine Sakvaralidze removed from office
OSCE monitors patrolling in Avdiivka and Yasynuvata, Donetsk
OSCE monitors patrolling in Avdiivka and Yasynuvata, Donetsk
Rada fired General Prosecutor Shokin
Russia wants to swap Ukraine's Nadia Savchenko for Viktor Bout, in US prison, per Interfax
72 attacks of Russian militants yesterday
Fighting after midnight not stopped at Maryinka
Fighting in Avdiivka continues after midnight
Russian Pantsir Anti Air Defense System 1 km from Ukrainian border
Heavy explosion reported in Svitlodars'k
Russian self-propelled artillery
Russian self-propelled artillery
Today Donetsk airport looks like this
Clashes near Maryinka for 40 minutes
Maryinka. Serious battle in the hospital, boarding school / horse stables area w large-caliber small arms, grenade launchers, mortars.
It's fake
Russ internet runs poorly faked MinFin letter asking US to help postpone NL referendum on UA-EU AA
Ukraine launches strategic military drills to train in repelling large-scale aggression
Cabinet reduced emmigration quotas for this year
Outgoing artillery shelling from Yasinuvata
Russian tanks in Shakhtarsk area
Conscription notice for Yasinuvata to be at conscr. office on 29 March
Armed people tried to storm State enterprise in Kyiv region
Azov involved in anti-refugee protest in Yahotyn
Azov involved in anti-refugee protest in Yahotyn
Colonel Lysenko: About 130 mortar shells launched at ATO troops’ positions near Avdiivka
President honored memory of the fallen ATO heroes near Sloviansk
Serbia arrests ex-interior ministry official, Radomir Počuča, who joined Russian militants in Ukraine
SBU prevented attack on Ukrainian military
Maxim machine gun at frontline near Avdiivka
Maxim machine gun at frontline near Avdiivka
Russian militant in the area of Yasinuvata police post
Head of RuMOD general Shoigu arrived in Kaliningrad. His Tu-154 was escorted by Typhoon BAP and Su-27
Ukrainian intel: militants preparing provocations against OSCE Hug
In the Lviv region took the oath nearly five hundred contractors
Armyans'k and Chronomors'ke left without electricity
Poroshenko to Russian soldiers: get out of our Donbass. Ukraine wants peace
Ukraine MFA Klimkin: LahoreBlast is another despicable act of terror. We share the grief and extend our words of support the people of Pakistan.
Peskov: Putin will hold a prompt evening meeting with the permanent members of the Russian Security Council
Komsomolska Pravda war reporters today in Simferopol, Crimea
Kids yard in Makiivka
Monument to citizens of Belarus who were killed fighting for Ukraine was opened in Kyiv
National Guard near Kyiv prosecutor office
President Poroshenko appointed head of the ATO Sergei Popko as commander of Land forces
Poroshenko in the ATO zone listen to report on the situation at the front
Students of Military academy learn how to use drones
1 Ukrainian serviceman KIA and 7 WIA over the last day in the warzone in E Ukraine
Finland Foreign Ministry website : "Crimea is not forgotten"
Kharkiv. Demo against General Prosecutor
[email protected] in Mariupoll conducting public hearings w/local party branch of People Power on creating city charter
Clashes at demo near Region presecutor's office in Kharkiv
Three thousand military signalers of Russian West military district raised the alarm
SBU bans scandalous Russian radio host Kushinashvili for 3 years
Ukraine Today: Russia to send 51st supply convoy to Donbas
Poroshenko will visit Kramatorsk today
Reportedly DNR provocateurs already at Administration of President too
Kryvyy Rih mayor elex, exit poll: Vilkul 70,9%, Semenchenko 11,3%. Independent observers claim numerous violations
Protest near presidential administration of Ukraine against Gen. prosecutor Shokin
Militants since the morning increased attacks on Donetsk direction, - the press center of ATO
Russian occupation press in Crimea reporting on possible "near border" provocations
50 attacks of Russian militants yesterday
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