Map. History of Ukraine conflict

20 มิถุนายน 2018

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Russian Defense Ministry has stopped cooperation with NATO
#Klimkin discussed the deployment of peacekeepers to #Donbas in New York
Il-76 flew to evacuate Ukrainians from Nepal - State service for emergency situations
Lavrov, Kerry support formation of working subgroups in Contact Group on Ukraine
Shelling in Opytne
Heavy traffic in Moscow
Kerry urged the EU continues to put pressure by sanctions on Putin
Klimkin met with representatives of the five permanent members of the UN security Council
Arrested a suspect in a false report about bomb on 5 bridges in Kharkiv - Police
State Department is concerned about freedom of expression in Crimea
In Shyrokyne the battle continues - "Azov"
IL-76 is to leave #Kyiv to #Nepal w/ stop in Deli. Consuls, rescue workers, doctors, media are on board @MFA_Ukraine
The Communist party intends 1 May to organize a march of peace
Ukraine: Mortar and sensitive site training at the US training of Ukraine's National Guard, Fearless Guardian
Ukraine: Mortar and sensitive site training at the US training of Ukraine's National Guard, Fearless Guardian
Militants 24 times fired at Ukrainian positions and settlements, - press-centr of ATO
Rehearsal of military parade in Moscow
#NATO: Over 1000 pcs of #Russian military equip (tanks, artillery &anti-aircraft weapons) have been moved into #Ukraine in the last 30 days
Tanks in Moscow
Copenhagen. The eldest son of ' Isa Munaev at a rally in Copenhagen
Court arrested former Deputy of Verkhovna Rada of Crimea, a suspect of treason
Russian soldier from Ufa at Donbas
Ukraine has announced a demarche to Italy concerning application of lifting of sanctions from Russia
"DPR": Kyiv increases military group across the line of contact
In LNR throughout the city hung holiday greetings in Ukrainian language
The court arrested the gas owned by the company of Firtash - Police
Mikhalkov came in "LNR", - media
The hryvnia on the interbank market rallied before 21,10 for dollar
Terrorists are actively preparing offensive after the May holidays, - Poroshenko
Humvees and Kraz armored truck in Odesa
Checkpoint near Mar'inka
RUS Tu-214R SIGINT a/c conducted a sortie earlier today. Contact lost or transnponder switched off near Belarus-Russia border.
Rally in Poltava: demanded to lustrate the management of the Department of health
Turchynov calls for accelerating the transition of the "Right sector" of the Armed Forces
Russian Cossacks went with "procession" to Europe
Second ambulance from the community of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in Italy for zone #ATO
#Shokin has shown a registry of cases of crimes against #Maida
Russia could restart Тu-160 production. Shoigu states unique machine, ahead of its time
Poroshenko hold meeting with heads of district state administrations
#Poroshenko didn't give the order to lock down the base of Right sector - the representative of the Right sector
Moskal introduces the "dry law" at the forefront
Military convoy in Crimea
The Antimonopoly Committee has fined the largest supermarkets 200 million for price fixing
#Merkel will celebrate the 70th anniversary of victory with #Putin - media
Poland & Germany are organizing joint transport of humanitarian Aid to #Ukraine
Russian army shelled a school in #Artemove w/artillery last night
The government has allocated for the evacuation of Ukrainians from Nepal more than 7 million UAH
Armor of Army, that directed to the base of the "Right sector"
Emergency ministry of Russia is ready to fly to the area of the fire near Chernobyl
Yarosh at the base of "Right sector" in Dnipropetrovsk
#Russia and #Belarus has banned the import of Ukrainian #wallpaper
Gas pipeline exploded near Horlivka
Poroshenko assured Yarosh that he not ordered to disarm the Right sector.
Right Sector has completed action at Bankova
In Kharkiv SBU found cache of weapons including 2 Russian sniper rifles "Vintorez"
Poland expelled suspected of espionage propagandist of Russia Today
SBU: Provocateurs wanted to create "Kyiv people's Republic"
In Dnipropetrovsk #SBU exposed the separatist network
In Dnipropetrovsk SBU exposed the separatist network
Fire in Donetsk
Applicants are picketing the Ministry of education, through the tests
At the rally of "Right sector" near the Administration of President
SBU detained subversive group in Odessa
There was a new explosion On the railway in #Donbass
Russian military vehicles in Kerch, Occupied Crimea
ATO spokesperson: #Canada delivered yet another batch of 51 night vision goggles for the National Guard of UA
Against Yulia Liovochkina opened a criminal case over a lover of Yanukovych
Ukrainian servicemen spotted 27 enemy UAVs. Also observed RU MI-8 helicopter over border with occupied Crimea
Alexander Lukashenko ordered to take all Jews in Belarus under control
Alexander Lukashenko ordered to take all Jews in Belarus under control
Heavy police/military presence blocks RightSector from Presidential building after #Ukraine moves to disarm the group
Yarosh and Poltorak deputy has arrived at "surrounded" base of "Right sector" - media
Denmark supports tougher sanctions against Russia
Ukrainian authorities says radiation levels in capital city not affected by fire in Chernobyl exclusion zone
The Kharkiv armoured plant has delivered another batch of repaired T-64B tanks back to the Ukraine military
Artem Skoropadsky, a spokesman for Right sector near the Administration of the President
Kherson regional Council recognized Russia as aggressor
Two soldiers freed from the captivity of militants
Soldier shot his colleague in the Donetsk region, - media
Municipal services Redraw the blue and yellow fence in Dnepropetrovsk in grey.
Settlers landed in #Kyiv "#Luhansk alley"
"Right sector" gathering for rally
Explosion in the restaurant in Carpathian region
The epicenter of the fire aggression of militants moved yesterday from Shirokino to Chermalyk, the Staff of defense of Mariupol
The General staff called a provocation situation with the "Right sector"
Russia trying to flood unsuccessfully launched a cargo spacecraft
#Lavrov: EU says it will lift sanctions vs #Russia after Minsk accords are fully implemented. But Russia is not side in #Ukraine conflict.
Lithuania will not allow Russian bikers to #Lithuania
Gunner of #DNR and organizer of the anti-Ukrainian actions in #Donetsk were detained
#Sevastopol and #Simferopol left without a reserve reservoir of water
Cells of crown fire in the exclusion Zone remained, the radiation background is normal - Shkiryak
World Bank cuts Ukraine 2015 growth forecast to minus 7.5%
The fire near #Chernobyl: fighting with fires in the exclusion zone
The idea of disarmament of the "Right sector" belongs to the new head of the Dnipropetrovsk region:
US Army paratroopers in Ukraine training the National Guard of Ukraine -part of Fearless Guardian.
Militants shelled Schast'e, Kryms'ke and Tr'ohizbenka
Militants shelled Dzerzhinsk with artillery
Enterprises of the Crimean Tatar businessmen were set on fire in the Crimea
Photo: Russian MP of LDPR party Starovoytov in Lugansk. With a gun in his hand.
Reports of a KC-135 from @RAFMildenhall 'disapearing' from radar in the papers today. QUID 72 did have an emergency but HAS landed safely.
The profit of the National Bank of Ukraine grew almost 7 times
Rescuers stopped the fire in the direction of the Chornobyl: no threats, – Shkiryak
Ukraine urged the UN to counter Russian propaganda
Crimea was cut off from Swift - Press
The implementation of the peace plan in Ukraine has stalled, - German MFAr
Shelling in Horlivka
Departure from Gorlivka to Artemivsk
The fire at "Chernobyl Pushcha"
Massive shelling in Dzerzhynsk
Police evacuating people living in the exclusion zone
Salvos or explosions, seems to be from #Svetlodarsk
Right sector reported that their base was surrounded by military
Convoy of Russian military equipment in Crimea
Convoy of Russian military equipment in Crimea
Avakov: there is a reasonable suspicion of arson in Chornobyl wood, National guard on alert
Wildfire near Chornobyl
Wildfire near Chornobyl
The situation with fires in the exclusion zone under control – Shkiriak
#US State Secretary John #Kerry: Russia disregards the Budapest Memorandum
Battle in Shyrokyne
Battle in Shyrokyne
Fire aviation managed to knock down the top fire and surround main sources in Chornobyl
Russian Defense Ministry denied the information of USA about Russian air defense systems in Donbas
Police: Militants killed a man in district of Mariupol
Ukraine will open access to its gas storage facilities to international traders - Demchyshyn
In the area of Lyubotin derailed train Kharkiv-Kyiv. As a result of incident, no injured
Fifth wave of #mobilization started in Ukraine
Hyundai train Kharkiv-Kyiv derailed
Russia has led to humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, - British Ambassador
Battle in Lysychansk, - reports
A Turkish delegation arrived in Crimea
The fire around Chernobyl is amplified through the wind
Belarus has restricted the import of Ukrainian wallpapers
Militants has fired 30 times at Ukrainian position
Finance Ministry hopes to receive $1 billion under warranty USA in May
Kuchma: Putin turned Donetsk in Karabakh
Property of the Lipetsk factory were arrested in Russia
Jet in Kharkiv
OSCE: Situation around #Donetsk airport "has seriously deteriorated". SMM heard 550 explosions (120mm mortar and heavy artillery rounds)
The District Court was burned in Kyiv region
Ukraine could increase gas production by 44% until 2020 – Kobolev
Official was poured green paint in #Zaporizhya
#Bikers "Night wolves" tried to get in #Lithuania
#Lviv: the burials of warriors of UPA, murdered by agents of the NKVD, were found in the Skole district
Ukrainian chess players won the silver medal at the world team championship
Fires in zone of Chernobyl forest
#Avdiivka: heavy explosions at Opytne
Kyiv will celebrate the 9 of May without military parade
Ukrainian SOF improve their skills for military training
Some Ukrainians refused to evacuate from #Nepal - foreign Ministry
Bomb threat at Kharkiv railway station Levada. Passengers were evacuated.
Poland and Germany are preparing a joint humanitarian convoy for Donbas residents
Savchenko was transferred to Moscow hospital
Passenger died at the metro station in #Kyiv
Satellite photos of the landfill in Rostov region
Staff and visitors were evacuated from the mall in Lviv
Norway will invest 35 million euros for reforms in Ukraine
The lustration Committee posted a blacklist of officials
Cildren from Mariupol arrived in Slovakia
The Communist party will carry out the decision and will not hold the rally on 1 of May in Kharkiv
"DNR" declare 50 prisoners of the separatists in Ukraine
Zyuganov said that he sent to Symonenko troopers to prepare for 1 of May
Volunteers were beaten for the action against the newspaper "Vesti" in Kyiv
Militants in Sverdlovsk
The Ombudsman requires to close the site Gerashchenko, who publishes data of separatists
$70 million was frozen in accounts of officials of Yanukovych in Switzerland
"LPR" leader Plotnitsky reported arrested & taken to Russia. Militants say he's ill
One Ukrainian serviceman was killed and 14 wounded during the day in the area of ATO
SBU detained 2 investigators of one of regional departments of Ukrainian Police in Kiev
State of emergency declared in district of Rostov region
State of emergency declared in district of Rostov region
Railway blown up in Odessa region
Finnish military fires depth charges at suspected #submarine #Finland #Sweden
Drunken militant staged an accident and shot the car in #Donetsk
Road police detained in Kyiv region auto with an Arsenal of weapons
#Russia's Northern Fleet’s fighter jets hold drills with missile launches over #Barents Sea
Avakov called for immediate arrest of Kernes
Dozens of cars burned during the explosion at the Rostov polygon, the number of victims grows
In Kyiv #SBU with @MVS_UA seized from fighters of a battalion of the large Arsenal
Poroshenko: war may break out at any moment
Heavy explosion after fire during drills in Rostov region
Communists rally in Kharkiv
Powerful explosions on the ground in Rostov has destroyed dozens of pieces of military equipment
Destroyed building in Avdiivka
Nine flights are delayed in the Rostov airport because of bomb threat
Russian militants opened fired 22 times since evening, at least 2 times with MLRS GRAD
Russian howitzers in Bile, Luhansk region
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