Map. History of Ukraine conflict

21 กันยายน 2018

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Explosions in the area of Troitske
Outgoing shelling from Stakhanov from area of meat factory
Dokuchaevsk: heavy fighting
OSCE: We haven't got any notification on sapper works near Shirokine as Russian side claimed
Maryinka: escalation on the frontline
Maryinka: escalation on the frontline
The contact group will meet in Minsk in two weeks
The trilateral contact group to discuss the creation of a subgroup to regain Kyiv control over the Ukrainian-Russian state border
Flashflood in Donetsk after yesterday rain
Svitlodarsk UA positions: "We have the real full-scale war hear near Svitlodarsk and Lohvynove"
Donetsk: Russian forces on the move
54 Ukrainian brigade: reports of 11 wounded
Fighting in the area of Vuhlehirs'k - Svitlodarsk
Most EU member states rejected talks with Scotland at summit
Spanish PM opposes EU talks with Scotland after Brexit
Svitlodarsk: No electricity in entire Svitlodarsk, single projectiles hit closer and closer
It's propaganda
Russian terrorist Bezler panics spreading rumors on Ukrainian offensive near Debaltseve
Contact group started Minsk talks
Russian militants accounts reporting on some Ukrainian tanks+infrantry activity near Debaltseve
13 foreigners among the 36 people killed in the #AtaturkAttack. From Saudi, Iran, Irak, China, Ukraine, Tunisia, Uzbekistan
NABU came to ATO prosecutor Kulik
No KIA, but 4 WIA among UA servicemen in the warzone in southeast Ukraine over the last 24h - official
ATO spox: UA mil intel reports, 2 trucks with ammo, 1 with spare parts for mil equipment and 7 tanks with fuel arrived from RU to militants
ATO spox: Ukrainian troops delivered charity aid to children in Severodonetsk, Luhansk region
Death Toll From Istanbul Attack Reaches 40. Media Publishes Names And Citizenship
Several Ukrainians wounded, 1 reportedly killed in fighting near Debaltseve
Debaltseve: Ukrainian troops cleared one militants position
Reports of fighting in the area of Debal'tseve
Heavy explosions reported in Yenakieve from the area Vuhlehirs'k - Svitlodarsk
Among the 36 people killed in the airport attack in Istanbul yesterday are one Ukranian and one Iranian citizen
[email protected]: The Ukraine conflict is slowly re-escalating.The human rights situation in Crimea has worsened.
Consequences of shelling in Trudovskie of Donetsk
Jeff Monson in occupied Lugansk
5:30AM Salvos towards Popasna.
In Kharkiv detained ex-MP of Communist party in case of separatism
Russian Navy's New Improved Kilo Class Sub, 3rd of the BSF, Stary Oskol heading north on the Bosphorus.
Vasyl Slipak, a Ukrainian opera singer who quitted French opera theater to fight for Ukraine, has been killed in eastern Ukraine
Imp.Kilo submarine for Russian BSF, Stary Oskol passed through Istanbul this morning. TCG Tekirdağ trails.
1 Ukrainian woman confirmed dead in Istanbul attack
BSF rescue towtug Professor Nikolay Muru SB45 transits Bosphorus and returns to the BlackSea after 117 days
ATO HQ: 51 attacks at Donbas yesterday
Shell hit house at Lenina street in Dokuchaevsk
[email protected] Soldiers, @NATO and partner nations gather in Ukraine for RapidTrident 16
1:30AM Maryinka, Krasnohorivka, Petrovsky district of Donetsk reports of renewed fighting
Chubarov condemned explosions as Istanbul, urge to remove terror states from UN
A pair of RAF Typhoons intercepted a Russian Il-20 over the Baltic today, Swedish and Finnish QRA also involved.
Toretsk is very loud right now even the windows are shaking. Ukraine, Donbas
#IstanbulAttack: At least 1 Ukrainian citizen injured at Istanbul’s Ataturk airport
Avdiivka: launches on East to Avdiivka, flying to north
23:30 Avdiivka is still under heavy fire.
Heavy fighting in Maryinka - hearing in Kurahove audible
Donetsk Petrovskyi dstrict - both incoming and outgoing heavy fire now.
Avdiivka: with darkness launches somewhere far and landings near
Azov rally in Bakhmut
Turkish Presidency Spokesman Ibrahim Kalin said Turkey's policies on Ukraine, Syria and Crimea will not change.
Incoming artillery shelling near Lebedinske
Dokuchaevsk: single reactive artillery launches
#ExRT2016 Marines seized the dam during the exercise "Rapid Trident-2016"
ExRT2016 Marines seized the dam during the exercise Rapid Trident-2016
Yavoriv, Ukraine—Exercise RapidTrident is in full swing, promoting cooperation between Ukraine and NATO
Aksenov said that on the southern coast of Crimea "disgusting nest of vipers"
It's propaganda
Basurin of DNR: Ukrainian forces shelled "republic" positions 734 times in last 24 hours
It's propaganda
Basurin of DNR: Ukrainian army captured 8 sappers working near Mariupol
NATO, Partners Begin 'Rapid Trident' Exercises In Ukraine
ATO HQ: 1 Ukrainian soldier killed, 6 wounded in hostilities at Donbass yesterday
Poroshenko: we stay strong on path of Freedom, Democracy and European reforms
President Poroshenko: Constitution amendments will be voted only after dealing with security issues
Turkish PM: We aim to improve our relations not only with Russia and Egypt but also with all countries around Black Sea and Med.
Rally in Gurzuf against restriction of access to the beach
Rally in Gurzuf against restriction of access to the beach
RuAF strategic air force HF-net active.
ATO HQ report: 71 ceasefire violations yesterday at Donbas
Night fighting in Maryinka, West to Donetsk
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