Map. History of Ukraine conflict

15 December 2017
Makiivka - heavy outgoing, Yasynuvata - heavy outgoing and incoming, Avdiivka - heavy incoming fire now
The OSCE SMM Principal Deputy Chief Monitor Alexander Hug is travelling to Donetsk city tomorrow.
Petrovka, Donetsk: Mobile networks have shutdown
August 26: Russia, Rostov region, M4 highway: military convoy
The worst day for Avdiivka: Militants fired at the settlement over 400 shells
The US is concerned by the detention of Crimean Tatar leader Ilmi Umerov. The Russian govt. should release him.
Amnesty International: SBU holds at least five people in secret
The legal frontier: Ukraine files another lawsuir against Russia in ECHR
RUAF Il-76 78831 Kirovskoye, Crimea-Taganrog
Russian military convoy near Dzhankoy
Russian military convoy near Dzhankoy
Rally in support of Azov in Mariupol
Massive increase in intensity of artillery fire along eastern Ukraine front reported by OSCE SMM
Russian forces in Sevastopol call up reservists "for mil.exercise"
Unknown location
Russian Mindef video on anti-air defense/air forces drill during snap check
Russian PM Medvedev: Moscow will protect "Russian citizens abroad"; cites S. Ossetia and Crimea as examples of Russia "not abandoning its own"
French fighter jets land in Siauliai, Lithuania to take over the @NATO Baltic Air Policing Mission
Russia is straining its relationship with @NATO by snap military exercises- DSG Vershbow
German government declare intention to continue negotiations between the US and the EU on free trade
'Roskomnadzor' banns @uacrisis website as it calls for extremist activities
Russian forces commited 450 attacks per week in Donbas
Deregulation and simplification of doing business will attract investors to Ukraine – President
The budget deficit is about UAH 23 bn in six months
Putin clearing schedule. No Turkey trip this week and no Sept UNGA trip. Staying home
Video: shelling of Krasnohorivka with GRAD missiles
Ukraine: Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker jets passes over the runway at Myrhorod.
Putin convened National security council, agenda: US-Russia talks on Syria
Dragon Cap: Capital investment in Ukrainian economy increased by 9.6% yoy in 1H16, agriculture +72% yoy in real terms, real estate +87%
Igor Raynin was appointed as new chief of Presidential administration of Ukraine
The Budapest Memorandum was the usual piece of paper that no one was going to follow, - Turchynov
Interfax: Russian citizens at Donbas could vote in Rostov region
"Horlytsia" and "Phantom" is the latest development of the "Ukroboronprom". Drone and a remote-controlled minproperty.
Turchynov calls on Parliament to approve the confiscation of assets of Yanukovych
Russia held military drill in Transnistria
Russian forces in Prymorskyi, Crimea
Russia demand Ukraine to protect it's foreign property
Ukrainian border guards strongholds near Maryinka and Berezove shelled by militants. - State Border Service.
Ukraines MoD: Russian Reports are false, no mobilization, 'nothing has changed in our position'
RIA: Ukraine's Military commissariats ordered to prepare for new wave mobilization
ATO spox: Yesterday, one Ukrainian serviceman was killed in action; nine other soldiers were wounded in action
Col. Andriy Lysenko: Luhansk sector: hotspots: Stanytsia Luhanska, Zhovte, Zolote and Popasna
3 killed in attack on L'viv entrepreneur. RPG and AK guns used. Criminal related
Yasinuvaya, Gogolya str 19: Shell damaged a house, 1 woman wounded
Five Ukrainian soldiers were wounded in Avdiivka
Map. Situation in eastern Ukraine August 29, 2016, 00:00 EET
Kyiv plant refurbishes 120 military units in 2 years
Marines near Mariupol'
Consequences of attack on Toretsk last night, gas pipeline damaged
Severe damage in Krasnohorivka after latest attacks
[email protected] chief of staff @lozhkin_boris reportedly resigns; likely will remain advisor.
Russian Ministry of Defense declared mobilization of reservists
Russian Mindef: on South direction created army battle group
Russian Mindef video: Sudden military check drill
Russian mindef: deployment of military to Crimea
76 ceasefire violations at Donbas yesterday
In framework of military sudden test Russian government, ministries, National Bank are on test on ability to work in military time
Horlivka, Stroitel: Intense flashes in the south behind the reservoir, and in Troitske direction
SBU detained 106 criminal gangs members in Svyatohirsk
2 howitzers from Yakovlivka
Artillery hitting Lopaskyne
Luhansk: Fighting Lobacheve-Zhovte: mortars
Heavy figthing in Svitlodarsk area
Ukrainian news websites are blocked in Simferopol
Heavy battle ongoing at Zaytsevo.
Toretsk: artillery hits in the area of Dyliivka
Russian artillery from Horlivka/Zaitseve hit Ukrainian positions behind Toretsk
Heavy fighting in Horlivka
Avdiivka: heavy artillery shelling
Krasnohorivka was shelled with GRAD-P
SBU detained 106 mobsters from Russia, Ukraine and Moldova at funeral of "Lyoha Krasnodonsky" in Svyatohirsk
Crimea: Russian forces on drill
Travel of Russian soldier: Alabino-Volgograd-Crimea 8-11-24 August
Low Pass of Ukrainian Su-25 in Lutsk
Low Pass of Ukrainian Su-25 in Lutsk
Commemorating of Illovaysk tragedy in Kyiv
Trolleybus caught on fire in Simferopol
SBU anti-terror drill today in Kyiv
Airborne troops, naval infantry units redeployed to Crimea, Krasnodar territory as part of combat readiness inspection - Ru defense ministry
Mortar shelling of Promka in Avdiivka with mortars, despite celebration in Donetsk(city day+miner day)
ATO HQ: 2 military killed, 4 founded in last 24 hours in Eastern Ukraine
27 Aug: LTG Hodges presents ambulances to Ukrainian armed forces #JMTGU
27 Aug: LTG Hodges presents ambulances to Ukrainian armed forces #JMTGU
Ukrainian Military intelligence: Russia deployed 41600 troops, 4 Tochka-U, 298 MBTs, 1566 armored vehicles, 363 artillery units, 169 MLRS, 468 planes, 303 helicopters in Crimea
Kyiv: SBU held anti-terror drill with shooting
Russian Mindef: troops finished relocation and are ready to held excercises
RUAF An-124 82013 departed Seshcha heading to Belarusian airspace
Riots in Odesa region after rape and murder of 8 years old girl. Police already detained suspected
Riots in the village Loshchynivka, after the rape and murder of 9-year-old girl by suspected Roma man
Riot in Loshynivka of Odesa region
Anti-Roma riot in Odesa region
Mortar attack near Shyrokyne
Russian Black Sea Fleet landing exercise in Crimea
Russian Black Sea Fleet landing exercise in Crimea
59 ceasefire violations at Donbas yesterday
Artillery hits at Yasinuvata checkpoint-Promka
KyivOperativ: Russian journalist Alexander Schetynin found dead in Kyiv - suicide