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18 กรกฎาคม 2018

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Russia(n) tanks in #Putin`s DNR with Russian military marking & camouflage
Russia(n) tanks in Putin`s DNR with Russian military marking & camouflage
Leader of "LNR" said that he is ready to sign the agreement on the withdrawal of weapons
The Netherlands say will present its report into #MH17 crash on 15 October
Ukraine SBU held arms smugglers in Chernivtsi region with poss. links to insurgents
Ukraine SBU held arms smugglers in Chernivtsi region with poss. links to insurgents
Poroshenko met with the leadership of the states members of the Joint group for the investigation of the #MH17 plane crash
Russian base at Dyomina street in Luhansk
Russian base at Dyomina street in Luhansk
Small arms fire at Spartak, North Donetsk
Russian minority in Białystok is asking Putin for a "plan to stabilise Poland" if anti-Russian sentiments persist
Russian Federation Council called peacekeepers to Donbass inappropriate
Reports of RPG shelling in Krasnohorivka
ATO press office: Today from 9.50AM to 11.35AM there was a battle with enemy DRG at NW outskirts of #Zaitsevo. Attack repelled.
Putin convened Russian security council today on results of UNGA
Pentagon's top Russia & Ukraine official Evelyn Farkas resigns
#France confirms it canceled #Mistral warships deal with #Russia under pressure from @NATO
In Minsk signed an agreement about the withdrawal of guns of caliber less than 100 mm
[email protected], @NATO and partner nations support disaster response exercise in Ukraine
Edward @Snowden joined Twitter today and already has 207k followers
Chechen court sentenced Ukrainian from UNA-UNSO organization to 24 years
#Shahtersk gathered to protest against Baptists
Poroshenko: I call upon the UN to launch a campaign to pressure the Russian authorities to immediately release all Ukrainian citizens #UNGA
Ukrainian president @poroshenko: UNSC veto right is not a "license to kill" #UNGA
Ukrainian President @poroshenko: Russia shamefully used its UNSC veto to stop justice for #MH17 #UNGA
Russia conducted an open and unprovoked aggression against our state, having occupied and annexed Crimea - Poroshenko
Girkin: While Russia is in Syria, Ukraine may free the Donetsk in 2 days
Polish Parliament Approves The Anti-Missile Shield Base in #Redzikowo
In #Minsk began meeting of the contact group on Donbass
Entrance to #Odessa from Nikolayev a convoy of several rocket launchers "Grad"
#Turkey to build #Crimea’s largest mosque
#Savchenko: the Enemy I call a foreign military who came to my country with weapons
In Yuzhne military van hit a child, the locals are going to the rally
Footage of Nadia Savchenko detention last year in Luhansk region
Footage of Nadia Savchenko detention last year in Luhansk region
The Russian military began an urgent drills in Transnistria
Activists of Crimean blockade ready to let the "humanitarian convoy" with food in exchange for political prisoners
Rukla, Lithuania--US & Lithuanian forces participated in Exercise Thunder
#SBU exposed man from Ternopil recruited by FSB. Provocateur was supposed to bring ultra-right to the territory of the RF for terror attack
ATO spokesperson: Ukrainian engineers continue repairing damaged in ATO area tanks
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: No single Ukrainian serviceman was either killed or wounded in action in last 24 hours
UK concerned by #humanrights situation in eastern #Ukraine &#Crimea. We call on all parties to honour Minsk agreement.
Action at Šiauliai, #Lithuania as the Baltic Region Training Event 22 is underway
At the Dutch Embassy in #Kyiv, activists burned portraits of #Putin
Russian troops conduct some 2,000 tactical drills in 2015 — defense minister
Mother of Savchenko and Ukrainian consul were allowed to court today
Trial of Savchenko today in Donetsk, Rostov region
Court extended detention term for 2 more months for Rus spec forces servicemen Aleksandrov, Yerofeyev
Ukrainian prosecutors have demanded a life sentence for captured GRU fighters
Police detained suspect in night explosion at Kyiv railway station
Poroshenko spoke with POTUS at the UN Peacekeeping Summit
President met Japanese PM Sindzo Abe. Cooperation with G7 discussed. Poroshenko to visit Japan in 2016
Putin: US behind Kyiv
Putin talks Syria, Ukraine, intl relations during brief news conf #UNGA
For the sake of peace in the world it is necessary to reform the UN - Poroshenko
Meeting of Putin with U.S. President Barack Obama
The President Poroshenko urged the UN to send peacekeeping mission to Ukraine to de-escalate the situation in the Donbas
Explosion at Kyiv railway station. At least 1 wounded
MFA of Ukraine: extension of the period of the Minsk agreement not have sense
President of Poland Duda will visit Ukraine this year
The Ukrainian delegation, which raised the flag in UN was out by guard
NYT reporter on CNN describes Putin as a "neo-Soviet."
#MH17 recovery team unearth Dutch documents in Grabovo
Meeting of Putin and Obama at the UN
[email protected]_SMM spotted TOS-1 Buratino in Russian-occupied #Luhansk region
Meeting of President of Poland Andrzej Duda and President of Ukraine Poroshenko
Russia bans Ukraine to use its airspace
20K people protested against corruption in another rally in the Moldovan capital. This time pro-russian rally
Unknown location
BM-27 MLRS "Uragan" of Militants
Lunch of World leaders at UN
[email protected] We also need to engage in international cooperation to create a more secure #cyberspace in #Ukraine
Meeting between Austrian and Ukrainian presidents.
"We should not take any options off the table" w/#Ukraine-#Russia, "...been my advice & it hasn't changed"-Gen Breedlove
New Russian Improved Kilo class sub "Novorosiysk" in Occupied Sevastopol
New Russian Improved Kilo class sub Novorosiysk in Occupied Sevastopol
Ukrainian delegation shows up with a flag flown by soldiers killed at the battle of Illovaisk.
Protest of Ukrainians against Russia's aggression in NY
Ukrainian delegation left the hall during the speech of Putin. Left flag from Illovaysk
Empty places of the Ukrainian delegation (in front of podium). Poroshenko also left
Putin: "We should all remember what our past has taught us. We also remember certain episodes of the Soviet Union" #UNGA
"We don't want to isolate Russia, we want a strong Russia that works with us," Obama says
Obama on #Ukraine "We cannot stand by when the sovereignty and territorial integrity of a nation is flagrantly violated." #UNGA
Obama: The Ukrainian people are more interested than ever in aligning with Europe instead of Russia #UNGA
#Obama #UNGA: Russia annexation of Crimea and war in Ukraine. If happens in Ukraine, could happen anywhere.
#OBAMA: America has few economic interests in #Ukraine
#NATO Exercise Northern Coasts 2015 in the Baltic Sea
State Sec Kerry greets President Poroshenko before President Obama speech
In Poland 8000 troops from UK, Canada, Germany, Poland & US participating in Exercise Dragon--an intl crisis scenario
#Lithuania MoD to procure 21 PzH2000 self-propelled howitzers from #Germany
Kharkiv - heavy smoke in the area of railway station
Video shows Ukrainian Air Force Il-76MD cargo making insane low pass over parked Su-25s in Ukraine
Video shows Ukrainian Air Force Il-76MD cargo making insane low pass over parked Su-25s in Ukraine
President @Poroshenko to meet President of Poland @AndrzejDuda for the first time today at #UNGA
Lavrov will meet Kerry later today
The Ambassador of Germany in the RF: elections in DNR&LNR would violate the "Minsk-2"
Russian Ambassador to Poland take his word about the outbreak of World War II back
Activists blocked railroad to Crimea near Chervonyi Chaban
Russian Ambassador to Germany: U.S. plans to host nuclear bombs in Germany will add tension
ATO spox: Donetsk sector: several enemy armed provocations near Svitlodarsk water reservoir & Mayorsk occurred yesterday at night
Dutch investigators arrived on MH17 crashsite
Former speaker of Ukr MinDef Alexey Dmitrashkovsky: “there is censorship in Mindef and a real loss not reported”
Terrorist group "Underground Odessa" has claimed responsibility for blast at the building of the SBU
Guards of pro-Russian Vilkul, armored with rifle-gun pulled out journalist from election commission in Dnipropetrovsk
Russian ambassador summoned to Polish foreign ministry today for making excuses for the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact.
The Russian foreign Ministry advised Poland not to dwell on questions of history
"The bandits and the militia are one coalition!" - in Zolotonosha was held a March in support of political prisoners.
In #Odessa after checking the two messages about the bomb -railway station nothing was found
Charlie Rose: "You have the army on border with Ukraine Some say you have forces in Ukraine?" Putin:"Don't you have NATO forces in Europe?"
Charlie Rose: Do you respect sovereignty of Ukraine? Putin: "Of course."
Putin says considers USSR breakup tragedy
Ukrainian helicopters over ATO zone - video
Ukrainian helicopters over ATO zone - video
Putin: Yanukovych was overthrown by US-backed "color revolution" #Ukraine
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