Map. History of Ukraine conflict

20 สิงหาคม 2018

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Russian #Grad missiles reached near the outskirts of #Lysychansk
Russian Grad missiles reached near the outskirts of Lysychansk
Marines leaving Camp Bastion, Afghanistan
Yemen's Houthis capture strategic city along the Sanaa-Aden highway
Battles at Krymske Luhansk region
Battles at Krymske Luhansk region
Death toll of the car bombing in the Zahra district in #Homs reaches 22, over 30 wounded. #Syria
WHO map shows how #Ebola response being scaled up. >30 new treatment centers under construction, 3x existing number.
Known Israeli right-wing activist seriously wounded by gunfire in Jerusalem
#Kobane Premier Enwer Muslim on #KNN: The situation is critical as #Daesh is carrying out suicide bombing +they cant advance on all fronts
Latvian plane escorted by RAF jets to Stansted is continuing its journey to Birmingham
Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia: Elections in DNR and LNR comply with the agreements in Minsk
Fire in the cinema "Zhovten" in Kyiv
Smoke over Rubkona after today's fighting
Russia successfully test-fires new Navy Bulava ICBM
Fighters of #Kobani
Britain to buy 14 of the world’s most advanced jump-jets over the next five years
A Kurdish Grandmother being chased by Turkish police while she is at the border of #Kobane 2 support her children
The encounter between 2 Norwegien F-16 and Russian 4 Tu-95 + 4 Il-78 started at 4am this morning
The 7(!) Tu-95 and one tanker flew down to Portugal and Spain and returned to their northern base
Typhoons launched to intercept a civil aircraft. It was safely escorted to Stansted. Our aircraft cleared supersonic during the scramble.
The rise of the arch in Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant
The rise of the arch in Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant
Successful liftoff of #AtlasV rocket from Florida launchpad
Atlas 5 rocket carrying GPS satellite launches from Cape Canaveral, Fla.
MLRS shellin in Novomykhailivka
Heavy clashes between French Army and Jihadis in Northern #Mali, in the mountains of Tigharghar occured today
#SAA kills 65 civilians mainly women and children in Al Naqir camp in the suburbs of Khan Shaikhoun in #Idlib #Syria using barrel bombs.
Flares over Donetsk airport. Ongoing offensive
USS North Dakota, America's newest attack sub
Ukrainian S-300
Dnipropetrovsk said goodbye to 20 unknown soldiers killed in #Donbass
The web site that lists banned web sites was banned in Russia
Flash-mob near #Russian sports store in #Kyiv: "separatists" "killed" protestors w/guns financed by Russians
In Pisky near Donetsk airport, battalion of Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists. Includes locals, Russian speakers
#Luhansk governor #Moskal: Separatists shelled, destroyed school in Toshkivka near Popasna. Lessons were over by then
ISIL terrorists destroy a holy Ezidi shrine in #Shingal, probably Memê Reshan shrine
Rosoboronexport received an invitation on November 14 for transmission of the first Russian Mistral and launching of the second
IS jihadists execute 46 tribesmen in Iraq's Anbar: local leader
Russian troop column in #Antratsyt #Luhansk region today:
6 air strikes today in Iraq near Fallujah and Sinjar.
#Shoigu: In 2015 at the airport in Bobruisk stand on combat duty 12 su-27, two training su-27 and the wing of Mi-8 helicopters
North Korea executes 50 members of government - for watching South Korean soap operas
Ukrainian Military repelled militants attack near Chernukhino
10 tanks of the Russian Federation, a lot of manpower and a lot of support at gas station in Snizhne
#ISIS militants have reportedly acquired advanced anti-aircraft #missile systems.
Military demolishing homes in N. Sinai to create buffer zone along the borders with Gaza
The Alliance air strikes moments ago destroyed grain silos and a tank to #isis in Salouq province.
#Mariupol 1 Ukrainian soldier killed, 1 seriously injured
Talakivka near Mariupol under heavy MLRS Grad shelling. Residents are hiding in basements
Russia, Belarus to expand military exercise program for 2015 in light of threats to Union State - Russian Defense minister
On the outskirts of Mariupol continues the fight. The sounds of explosions and heavy artillery heard in the city.
Russia prepares large-scale provocations with many civilian deaths for the "elex." on November 2nd.- #NSDC
#Mariupol. district Talakivka
White House officials reportedly describe Israel's Prime Minister as being "chickens***"
Yatsenyuk refused Poroshenko's coalition agreement and proposed own
#FSA Commander Abdul-Jabbar aqidi : "Im at Ayn Al-Arab (#Kobane), we are with 200 fighters(#FSA) here against #IslamicState "
More than 250 people missing after a massive mudslide in Sri Lanka
A moment ago US airstrikes hit the #ISIS positions in #Kobani.
[email protected]: Sorry to learn of Antares launch failure. After investigation, I know we will move forward. Much more ahead in US-Ukraine space partnership.
Сolumn of 10 armored vehicled passed Krasnyi Luch
LNR: Militants started to shell Ukrainian position near Smile
Militants claimed that they shot down Ukrainian UAV
The fight is intense in Kobani, seems ISIS have moved. Further in the city, air strikes pounded ISIS fire position
Horlivka now
Ukrainian forces find Russian invaders' weapons cache in Mariupol
Ukrainian forces find Russian invaders' weapons cache in Mariupol
#Russia rouble basket breaking 48 this morning, bolstering the case for a chunky (75-100bp) rate hike this week
Horlivka. Battles everywhere
Battle in Horlivka
Massive accident on the outskirts of Kiev: due to heavy fog collided 14 cars
Head of DNR threatened to renew the war because of the refusal of Ukraine to the agreement on the delimitation
Thugs threw Molotov cocktails into office of "Batkivshchyna" In Odessa
About 100 unknown persons in masks stormed Elections Commission No. 37 in Kryvyi Rih of Dnipropetrovsk region.
Donetsk republic is creating an academy of science.
Sounds of explosions in #Benghazi
Taruta: Bezler is the only one who is ready for dialogue, he and DNR have different agendas.
Russian Reinforcements moving to Mariupol
#Russia launches Soyuz-2.1A on Progress M-25M carrier rocket from Baikonur space center
Rotated soldiers from Donetsk airport met by 250 people at Dnipropetrovsk. Chanting "glory to heroes!"
Kyiv recalls signature on delineation agreement with East #Ukraine - #DPR official
FIFA map shows Crimea as part of Russia. And your card has the Crimea?
U.S. Senator: we can arm the Ukraine in a few weeks
Col. Suheil Al-Hassan in Morek following its liberation; this guy is a military genius.
U.S. rocket carrying #Cygnus cargo spacecraft explodes seconds after launch; no injury reported
Sky lit up and explosions heard at Donetsk airport
U.N. council to hold emergency meeting on recent tensions between Israel and Palestinians:
A column of Russian tanks not far from Krasnyi Luch, Luhansk region
@BarackObama: "The truth is we're going to have to stay vigilant here at home, until we stop this outbreak at its source."
EU envoys decide to keep #sanctions on Russia in force - diplomatic source
Gubarev in Facebook: today i speak to you as a woman and mother of 3 children
Clashes east of #Mariupol intensify. From around 5pm, Russian forces fire from tanks at Ukrainian positions near #Pavlopil.
Tanks near in #Donetsk
US military operations against Islamic State cost $8.3 million per day
NATO Baltic Air Policing QRA Eurofighter jets on 28 OCT scrambled to intercept RU Armed Forces 2x MiG-31, 2x Su-34, 1x Su-27, and 2x Su-24.
Russia will build 13 airfields and 10 radars in Arctic to safeguard national security in the region- Russian military
In Dnipropetrovsk felt crane, four people were killed
Pirates hijack police gunboat in Niger Delta, killing 3 officers and kidnapping 6 oil workers
Shenyang J-31 has arrived in Zhuhai
Tanker truck overturned in Kyiv
Ukrainian troops of the 80th Brigade leave Roadblock 32 by night. Now under Russian occupation.
Nearly all #Internet down in #Yemen amid fighting-only
President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko laid flowers to the Grave of Unknown Soldier in Kyiv
Russia to send some 50 humanitarian aid trucks to Ukraine on Tuesday - Russia’s Emergencies Ministry
Centrbank Russia spent $5,18 bln to help Rubble in 2 days
Coalition aircraft striked eastern front of Kobane
According to eyewitness reports, #Russia|n column of about 13 tanks and APCs was spotted near Antratsyt this morning
US will not recognize any election held in separatist-held areas that does not comport w/Ukr law & not held w/express consent of Ukr govt
300 Taliban militants launch attack in #Afghanistan's northeastern province of Badakhshan, captured 16 policemen in ongoing battle
Queue at the Kerch ferry has grown to almost 700 cars
Artillery and mortars fire near Nikishyne
Poroshenko had a telephone conversation with the Vice President of the United States
Poroshenko had a telephone conversation with President of Slovakia
Security forces repelled the attack near Mariupol, the militants had suffered losses
EU unlikely to roll back Russia sanctions before March
Shelling near Volnovakha
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