Map. History of Ukraine conflict

20 November 2017
Rally at Maidan, dedicated to 1 year of brutal police action
Euromaidan crowd chanted "Thank you @Canada" for #wintergear support. Applauded @pmharper #getoutofukraine msg to RU.
Russian army command and control unit in #Donetsk city
Inscription about Putin returned to Maidan
Tu-134. Going to the Museum of aviation.
Patriarch of Kyiv handed Ukrainian soldiers in the Donbass region 4000 cans of food.
Kyiv, #Ukraine. Remembering violence against protesting students on Maidan one year ago.
#Donetsk Airport Control Tower (or whats left of it) The symbol of #Ukraine defiance to #Putin
The NATO jets in Latvia intercept the Russian Il-20
Empty shelves of Donetsk shops
Moldovan constitutional court: "there is massive and unwanted Russian involvement in Moldova's election process"
Romanian president in Moldova: "I promise you that we will protect the territorial integrity of Moldova"
Two cars was burnt tonight in Kharkiv
#Russian 2S1 Gvozdika Self Propelled Guns firing at #Ukraine troops
#Russian 2S1 Gvozdika Self Propelled Guns firing at #Ukraine troops
Ihor Bezler in new Video said that he is alive and is in Poltava region
Ukrainian army shot down Russian UAV in Schastye
Criminals raise flag of "DNR" in Odessa
On Zalesskaya street in Kharkiv burned car
Clashes between "Don Cossacks" and "LNR" reported in Krasnyi Luch
AN-30 on the Boryspil highway.
Queue for food in Stakhanov
Rally of Right Sector in Kyiv
Mykolaiv today. Joint March of the Right Sector and SNA.
Communists party office burnt in Kyiv
Communists party office burnt in Kyiv
Russian troops in Transnistria organize mass riot exercises, 2 days before Moldovan elections
Report: 7 self-propelled artillery "Hvozdika" passed Torez
Large Fire in Kharkiv
Jets are being repared at Mykolaiv plant
#Makiivka, Russian bus is burning. Heard explosions of bullets
#Makiivka, Russian bus is burning. Heard explosions of bullets
Two were killed by shelling in Horlivka
In Dnipropetrovsk Police and National guard trained to storm Yuzhmash rocket plant
Nothing changes in #Chicago: Ukrainians keep dancing gopac. But now they raised $16,000 and an armored vehicle
Nothing changes in #Chicago: Ukrainians keep dancing gopac. But now they raised $16,000 and an armored vehicle
Russian submarine Alexander Nevsky succesfully fired ICBM Bulava
Russian submarine Alexander Nevsky succesfully fired ICBM Bulava
Naval infantry forces of Russia in Djankoy
Car was burned In Dnipropetrovsk
Lots of counterfeit Hrivnas spreading over Donbass
Military help from Canada came to Ukraine
Ukraine banned Aeroflot flights to Kharkov
In Kharkiv grenades were found in two subway stations
Russia has already lost in the Donbass more soldiers than the US in Iraq for 12 years - press
Member of the party of Putin proposed to oust Yanukovych from Russia
OSCE will try to persuade the militants to cease fire
In Odessa mercenaries saboteur was exposed
Putin met with CEO of Total Patrick Pouyanne
Lavrov wants the Council of Europe monitor the situation on all territory of Ukraine
Militants tanks attacked the forces of the ATO in the area of Vuhlehirsk
Militants claimed that Antratsyt Commendate was killed by Ukrainian snipers, and there are no riot
In Dnipropetrovsk drivers are fined because they have license plates with slogans about Putin
Russian battleships in the English Channel, say they’re training
Kyiv pupils weave winter camouflage nets at classes
Poroshenko warns Ukraine's parliament not to seek NATO membership
Russian troops stationed in #Transnistria increase intensity of combat training. MoD 28 Nov
Russia will revive train missiles
Lavrov: Moscow extremely negative attitude to the idea of Ukraine's accession to NATO
The Polish Parliament unanimously supported the ratification SA #Ukraine
Vladimir Putin: OPEC's Decision to maintain quotas on oil production suits Russia
Sumy "cyborgs" were robbed by official
"We are not a puppies". Lukashenko and Nazarbayev against Eurasian integration
The network has a visual justification for reason the Kiev subway considered unprofitable.
Data and high-tech equipment stolen from Mistral.
Russia makes the Crimean Tatars to voluntary deport, - Dzhemilev
Kositsyn could be arrested. The commandant of Anthracite killed by LNR militants
Sweden plans to allocate 25 million euro every year to support reforms in Ukraine
Shells damage Donetsk water board building, - city council
Billboard of the Socialists in #Chisinau: "Together with Russia!" #Putin shall solve the problems of #Moldova.
#Lavrov: It is important to strengthen #Crimea interregional relations to neutralize the attempts of its isolation
The foreign Ministry believes that Ukraine should declare total mobilization
"Ukrainska pravda" office was evacuated due to bomb threat. Also Ocean Plaza
The Russian training program is being introduced in the schools of Lugansk
LNR go offensive on the Antratsyt, controlled by "cossack" Kozytsyn.
#Donetsk. People came to militants for social benefits. There is no money.