Map. History of Ukraine conflict

22 กรกฎาคม 2018

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5 Channel: Avdiivka on fire
5 Channel: Avdiivka on fire
Head of Donetsk region Zhebrivsky: Situation in Avdiivka stabilized, heat coming to houses, Emergency ministry deploying more forces and resources in the city
Fighting continues today in Luhansk region: artillery/mortar shelling of village Staryi Aidar West to Schastia
Russian Rostov "cossacks" website issued "order by chief commander of cossacks Kozitsin" to form new volunteer units due to deteriorating situation at Donbas
State of Emergency declared in Avdiivka
President Poroshenko urges emergency Minsk contact group meeting
Clashes all day long in Krasnohorivka, more intense in the evening
Clashes near Starohnativka
Blackout in Maryinka
Ukraine Vice-PM Zubko: minimal needed supply in Avdiivka restored with emergency pumps
Mortars and howitzers pounding area East to Mariupol
Clashes renewed East to Mariupol
MFA of Ukraine urge Russia to cease fire at Donbas and follow ceasefire regime
Poroshenko has cut his visit to Germany short because of the shelling of Avdiivka, close to "humanitarian catastrophe".
PM Groysman: difficult situation in Avdiivka, Emergency services working. Diesel generators, heating points deployed
JCCC: Militants refused to stop hostilities near Avdiivka
Town of Avdiivka near Donetsk is without water, electricity and heating in -20C due to shelling
Consequences of shelling in Makiikva - Repina and Cherepanovyh streets
Heavy clashes with howitzers and MLRS near Svitlodarsk
Muzhenko: Strategic Advisor US General John Abizaid returning from Washington said me: "Governments change, but faithful allies unchanged."
Damage at Donetsk filter station after shelling yesterday
Avdiivka coke-coal plant is completely without power. Plant is being shut down
17 Ukrainian soldiers wounded, 3 killed in 37 attacks today before 6pm in Eastern Ukraine
Merkel re Minsk: "We have heard over the past hours that the ceasefire does not exist, that fallen soldiers are to be mourned."
Shooting in Donetsk today
Moscow does not react to the requests of Ukraine and the OSCE regarding the attacks at Donbass - Poroshenko
Poroshenko in Berlin: Russia shells Ukraine forces from residential areas of Donetsk and Yasynuvate. A known murderous tactic
Commander of DNR group Basurin says 25 Ukrainian soldiers killed, over 40 wounded in recent clashes. 3 KIA and 4 WIA from Russian side
We are very happy that despite the war in Ukraine has economic growth — Angela Merkel
Damage in Lastochkine village after shelling today
OSCE monitors at hospital in Makiivka
Dodon: If Clinton had won the election there would have been a colour revolution in Moldova.
Russian forces attacked Krasnohorivka with mortars
Poroshenko and Lammert agreed with the importance of the continuation of sanctions against Russia until fulfillment of the Minsk agreements
President Poroshenko urged German Parliament to recognize the Holodomor as genocide of the Ukrainian people.
Interfax: Russian court decision on recognition of coup in Ukraine in 2014 comes into force.
Lifenews: Consequences of shelling of Makiivka
Additional police units were deployed to Avdiivka to help people under shelling
Ukrainian military intelligence says 15 "militants" of the Russian Hybrid Army killed in two offensives on Avdeevka yesterday
ATO HQ: 2 Ukrainian soldiers killed, 5 wounded today in Avdiivka (As for now - noon in Ukraine). Heavy clashes ongoing
Artillery pounding Yasinuvata checkpoint, Avdiivka Industrial zone
Ukrainian army reportedly now close to M04 Donetsk-Horlivka after yesterday counter-attack
Ukraine President has arrived to Germany. @Poroshenko is to meet with Angela Merkel, Norbert Lammert and Sigmar Gabriel
NATO troops deployed to Lithuania for a response to Russian aggression
Map. Situation in eastern Ukraine January 30, 2017, 00:00 EET
West to Khartsyz'k spotted column of 2 Strela-10M SAM on the way to Makiivka
2 battle tactical groups massing north to Makiivka
Donetsk: 37-B, Partyzanskyi Ave - impact this morning
Avdiivka: shelling lasts for more than 24 hours, only now cellular connection restored
Krasnohorivka: artillery hits
Ongoing clashes in Northern Donetsk today with artillery
Blockade of occupied territories of Donbas is ongoing amid rumors of police crackdown
72 Separate mobile brigade: 4 Ukrainian soldiers were killed in Russian attack: Kizilo Anriy Olexandrovych(1993), Balchenko Volodymyr Ivanovych(1992), Overchenko Dmytro Olexandrovych(1989), Kryzhansky Volodymyr Oleksiyovych(1982). Attack repelled, new positions gained
56 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, BM-21 GRAD used against Talakivka, 5 soldiers killed, 13 wounded
Possible MLRS Grad at Svitlodarsk Bulge
Windows are shaking in Mariupol, some locals taped their windows today in anticipation of fightings. Ukraine
Ukraine: 152mm Artillery at work in Makiivka, Donetsk.
Russia's state TV: "Theresa May attempted to utter something about Ukraine, but received no response [from Trump]."
Fighting in Donetsk this evening
Artillery working from Azotny, Donetsk
March to commemorate Heroes of Krut in Pavlograd
Rally in memory of Heroes of Krut in Kharkiv
Artillery salvos near Stakhanov
4 Ukrainian soldiers reportedly killed in Russian forces attack on Avdiivka, attack repelled
Near the Marine station of Sevastopol found the dummy bomb
President Trump and Putin discussed fighting terrorism, but barely mentioned Russia's annexation of Crimea
Sen. McConnell opposed to lifting sanctions against Russia: "If anything we ought to be looking at increasing them"
UK Defence Secretary: "The values of freedom and democracy cannot be traded. Britain... standing firm with our Ukrainian friends."
UK to send Royal Navy warship to Ukraine
Map. Situation in eastern Ukraine January 29, 2017, 00:00 EET
Violent clashes at Avdiivka: artillery are being used in full force
Donetsk water filter station is damaged again
Blackout in Avdiivka
Finland: Chief of defense @CharlesLindberg: Attack would come as a surprise like in Crimea.
5 wounded in cylinder explosion in Kharkiv region
Artillery pounding Avdiivka
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
DNR's Khodakovsky says commander of brigade was killed in action this morning
Morning in Dokuchaevsk: clashes with artillery, far
Fighting audible in Donetsk this morning
Khodakovsky of DNR says groups' reserves are on battle alert, at least 11 wounded in recent clashes
Violent clashes in Northern Donetsk this morning: Yakovlevka, Donetsk, North Makiivka, West Donetsk: Krasnohorivka, Maryinka
Avdiivka: a lot of hits
55 attacks of Russian forces on Ukrainian positions yesterday
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