Map. History of Ukraine conflict

23 ตุลาคม 2018
Saint-Petersburg. HQ of the Navy of the RF. "Sailor! The enemy in the Kremlin, and not in Ukraine!"
Russian Airborne Forces announce that all Russian paratroopers detained in Ukraine return to Russia
Evacuation of wounded in Starobeshevo
The national guard presented new medivac helicopters
Ukrainian night
Pictures from Ilovaysk
Ilovaysk. Destroyed convoy
Chechens exit from encirclement with battle, all miraculously alive. The enemy ring is broken
In Dnipropetrovsk, 200 km from Donetsk first KFC was opened yesterday
New "peaceful plan of Poroshenko" will be published next week
PM Tusk: Europe is in danger and needs strong political will to solve its problems & we have to find a common EU position on #Ukraine crisis
Looks like OG-7V, rocket w/ anti-personnel frag warhead
President Van Rompuy w next President of #EUCO Tusk & next #HRVP Mogherini press conference, Brussels, now
Tusk: 1st press conference in December will be in English. I'm really moved now, that's why I'll be speaking Polish
Gorbachev on Kyiv's military op: 'It must be stopped immediately' #Ukraine
Poroshenko & Merkel
Ukrainian aircraft AN-26 "Lucky" ready to go to the Donbass
Crowds cheering the troops in Mariupol as they depart from the city
Assassination attempt on the "PM" of DNR Zakharchenko In Donetsk. Only his driver is wounded
Pro-Ukraine rally against Russia's war in #Ukraine in Berlin right now
Russian militants killed jewish businessman and philanthropist in Donetsk
Smoke comes from farmers burning fields of wheat stubble
Meanwhile at the outskirts of Mariupol, a big rally. 'Away with Putin, this town is Ukrainian'
Damaged APC near Komsomol'ske
Lots of military traffic around Komsomolskye this afternoon. Soldiers looking like they've been in hard battle
Ilovaysk under full control of Russian forces as of today, #Ukraine forces retreated/surrendered
Finland plans large-scale military exercise on Russian border: Defence forces announced on Saturday
Lithuania President Grybauskaitė: "Russia is staging war in #Ukraine, practically Russia is at war with Europe"
Mariupol. Rally for Ukraine
UK Cameron expressed support for Ukraine
The main building of the training base of FC Shakhtar was destroyed tonight
#Odesa, rally against #Russia|n invasion. People blame #Putin in aggression but believe Russian people can stop him
#SaintPetersburg and #Helsinki protested against the war
The SBU detained officials demanding bribes for the rehabilitation of children from the East
The road from #Mariupol to Volnovakha is clear
Russian authorities must end impunity for attacks on journalists, says OSCE Rep following another attack in Pskov
WH to Putin: Don't 'Even Think About Messing Around' With The #Baltics
Putin: Kiev needs to end immediate this fratricidal war and to start the negotiations with southeast #Ukraine
President of Ukraine met with the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland
OSCE cars in Mariupol via
Ukrainian forces driving through Mariupol
British MP and RT(Russia Today) host George Galloway was attacked in London
Rally in Kharkiv
The Mi-28 helicopter at the airport of Rostov
Rally against war in Odesa now
Shelling in Pereval'sk
Explosions near Pereval'sk
Rally in St. Petersburg "Won't change Donbass for Parmesan"
With @poroshenko attending #EUCO, the #Ukraine flag flies next to the other EU ones at the @EU_Commission building
Rally in Saint Petersburg against war
White doves are painted on concrete blockade, with slogan 'No War'. #Mariupol
Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group 1 in port of Turku, Finland preparing for Exercise Northern Coasts 2014
Hollande - EU sanctions on Russia to be 'increased' over Ukraine
The centre left European parties meeting in Paris have backed Italian Foreign Min Federica Mogherini to be the next EU Foreign Affairs Chief
Russian-Indian air force drills started in Lipetsk
#Russian militants killed in #Ukraine are buried in Donetsk
German Vice Chancellor says EU leaders will task the EU Commission to prepare the 'next level' of sanctions against Russia
EU's Barroso says 'Russia should not underestimate the EU's will and resolve to stand by its principles and values'
#Poroshenko: "most important thing now is peace. Aggression against Ukraine will not be without a response from the EU"
GAZ-2330 "Tiger" near Shakhty few days ago. First appearance at this stage of war
UA village #Novosvetlovka after attack of RU tanks this
Russian Ministry of defense: Militants uses the weapons of the USSR from Ukrainian warehouses
200 RU conscripts in Ryazan forced to volunteer for Ukraine duty. Commander: "If you don't sign, I'll do it for you"
EU FMs on #Ukraine: In 21st century unthinkable for a nuclear power to rely more on 'green men' than on international law
T72-B3 was captured near Illovaysk
Poroshenko met with Barroso in Brussels. Now there should be a briefing
Semenchenko: There are tanks and airborne troops of Russia near Illovaysk
Blowned-up bridge near Hranitne, Tel'manove district
Battle near Dokuchaevsk. Russian Tanks, but enough Ukrainian forces too
Battle alert in Mariupol. All civilians ordered to go home
The HQ of the ATO declares that all tactical missile complexes SS-21 in stock. No one was captured
Russian tanks near Novoazovs'k
@poroshenko: "Invasion of Russian troops in Ukraine is an act of aggression and requires an adequate reaction from the EU"
Ukrainian delegation marches during opening ceremonies of Exercise Combined Endeavor 2014 multilateral training
Ukraine airplane crashed in the South of Algeria. 7 peoples aboard
Terrorists shelled Luhansk airport from tanks and MLRS
Terrorists shotdown the Ukrainian Su-25 yesterday
@carlbildt: "Very little doubt now that Russia will use also its regular armed forces to try to carve out a Novorossyia semi-state from Ukraine"
100 soldiers went from Illovaysk - Avakov
Poroshenko At a meeting with European Council President Herman van Rompuy. Discuss the situation in Ukraine
UA servicemen stepping back are now surrounded in Novokaterynivka, Starobesheve, Krasnopillya
#Poland delivered 280 tons of humanitarian aid to the Ukrainian army
Strelkov's rules come to Novoazovsk via @mashant: "We came to stay long, our goal is to advance"
Kazakh President says #Kazakhstan may leave Eurasian Union if its interests infringed
Russian and Western neo-nazis are meeting in the Russia-occupied #Crimea for a conference
The plane of the Russian MoD returned to Moscow
Semenchenko talked with Poroshenko: Vehicles will be blown, soldiers passed through corridor to main forces. Detained fighters wiil be exchanged in Kharkiv
Terrorist battalion "Kalmius" firing with Self-propelled artillery Hvozdika
Terrorist battalion Kalmius firing with Self-propelled artillery Hvozdika
2 Russian Tu-22, 2 Mig-29, 4 warships were spotted near Latvia shore
Embassy of #RF in Kyiv officially declares about the disappearance of two Russian diplomats
Lysenko: Russian tanks enter Novosvitlivka and shot everything: house by house.
A destroyed column of Russian mercenaries near Lisiche Amvrosievsky district
A destroyed column of Russian mercenaries near Lisiche Amvrosievsky district
OSCE established an advance monitoring team in Mariupol
Putin Warns West Against Action Over Ukraine With Nuclear Threat
Humanitarian corridor for the Ukrainian fighters was shelled. Up to 100 killed
Dnipropetrovsk hosted a rally against the aggression of Putin's Russia
Pskov-based politician Lev #Schlossberg was beaten after reporting about paratroopers gone to #Ukraine. Broken nose
Column of the APCs near the train station in Kursk
Shopping in #Donetsk
Paratroopers from Kostroma: Russia haven't contacted us
In Odessa SBU found a cache of explosives
Advisor of Putin Sergei Glazyev: Russia should not allow the US to bully the world into a new world war
The NSDC: Russian militants shelled Ukrainian with some kind of tear gas
Georgians supported Ukraine, burning portraits of Putin in Tbilisi
Dnepropetrovsk said goodbye to the two fighters of battalion "Dnipro 1"
Tomorrow at the European Council in Brussels Poroshenko will speak to Europe's leaders on Ukraine
Russian troopers: "After what happened, few actually want to serve."
Russian First Deputy Foreign Minister Vladimir Titov, Poland banning Shoigu plane from airspace "blasphemous trick"
Radio station R-166-0,5 on the base C1SH1
Terrorists of DNR claims that they shotdown 4 Ukrainian Su-24
WH @PressSec: "@BarackObama did draw distinction btw our @NATO allies & kind of commitment US has 2 a nation like #Ukraine"
In Dnepropetrovsk seized 7 thousand copies of the newspaper "Novorossiya"
#IMF Executive Board Today Enables $1.39 Billion To Ukraine
Mediterranean -- Guided-missile cruiser USS Vella Gulf pulls away from USNS Leroy Grumman after replenishment-at-sea
Russian army T-72 tanks, rolling towards #Ukraine marked with "FOR Donbass"
Russian army T-72 tanks, rolling towards Ukraine marked with FOR Donbass
Railway station is burning in Donetsk
#Donetsk trolley near Railway
Ukrainian forces were ambushed near Debal'tseve. 4 dead, 19 wounded
Gerard Depardieu: "I love Russia and Ukraine is part of Russia"
Finnish airforces now in standby state due to the violation of airspace by Russian airplanes
Putin lied as usual - there is no corridor to exit Illovaysk. Battles
Romanian President Basescu: I voice in European Council supporting Ukraine with military equipment to meet aggression from Russia
#UK trying to block #Russia from #SWIFT bank payment network
Militants reporting about another SS-21 scarab in their hands
Poland didn't allow the aircraft of Russian MoD to pass through its airspae
Second, Putin's "Humanitarian" convoy can be bring by rail
Fire in Donetsk
Fire in Donetsk
Ukrainian forces left Novosvitlivka and Khraschuvate
Celebrating Smart Defense - 5 years of 12-nation capability sharing at Heavy Airlift Wing Papa airbase in #Hungary
People preparing for war in Mariupol
Russia is not standing behind the conflict in Ukraine, said Peskov, Press-secretary of Putin
Convoy of terrorists was destroyed near Lysychansk
More Russian armored convoys enter Ukraine - NSDC
Ukraine forces killed 40 militants and captured mortar near Luhansk
Citizens of #Mariupol help UA army to build defensive trenches around the city. photo @PAndrusieczko
Putin: Our Western partners, based on nationalistic values, made a coup d'etat in Ukraine
Lavrov claimed allegations of invasion of Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine as speculations
"Cotton" woman beating a captured Ukrainian soldier in Snizhne
During the day the Russian armed forces resumed active operations near Illovaysk, Novoazovsk, Saur-Mohyla
Ukraine will receive $100 million of financial aid from Japan
General Prosecutor Office has decided not to extradite Russian Osmayev, who is accused in the assassination attempt on Putin
Cabinet: Ukraine resumes its course to join NATO.
Meanwhile, an Australian crocodile has bitten a Russian tourist
The US is ready to supply coal to Ukraine
The CSTO "peacekeepers" ready to participate in the mission in Ukraine
The reporter of, Ukrinform and ARD could erupt in Ilovajsk from the siege and survived
#Kremlin response to #Hollande's suggestion of meeting in 'Normandy format': Russia ready for dialogue in any format
#Ukraine MoD says 2 Ukr wounded officers encircled by 12 Rus paratroopers from #Kostroma blew themselves up on Aug 25, killing everyone
Russian militants shelled Ukrainian army convoy near Luhansk airport
Eyewitnesses: about 300 Russian armored vehicles went into Luhask
The Soldiers' Mothers NGO that went public on Russian casualties in #ukraine has just been declared a "foreign agent"
UN says nearly 2,600 killed in #Ukraine crisis. @afp's @mashant reports from Kiev
#Ukrainian checkpoint in Bezymenne was shelled, forces stepped back to #Mariupol, lack weapons to respond
In Libya, 23 Ukrainians, which three years were in captivity were freed
3rd Mig-29 from Belbek unit(moved to Mykolaiv) is repaired now
Ukrainian forces in Komsomol'ske, Donetsk region
Chllr #Merkel spoke with Pres. #Obama on the phone: #Russia's behavior towards #Ukraine cannot remain without consequences
Ukrainian forces killed up to 100 Russian soldiers near Snizhne with GRAD MLRS
Tymchuk: Ukrainian forces are setting up defenses including laying mines near #Mariupol #Ukraine to stop the Russian army
The dollar this morning topped 37 rubles, its all time high
Russian Navy: Black Sea Fleet to Receive 11 New Vessels by End of Year
While everyone is asleep, New military convoys moving to Crimea
Chechens in Ukraine - we didn't come here for a show we are the soldiers of the armed forces of Ukraine for special purposes
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