Map. History of Ukraine conflict

24 September 2017
Russian tank near Donetsk airport
#Slovyansk activists block separatist backers from deputy mayor position
Tymchuk: the Russians place the battery of tactical missiles "Tochka U"(SS-21) near the border
Poland marks Ukrainian goods with ribbon
Police detained car with ammunition in Zaporizhia region
New Ukrainian armored vehicles
Battle in Nikishyne. 1 wounded
Oil price down
Trains from the occupied Crimea to Moscow were cancelled for 4 days
Yatseniuk: the Government has purchased winter clothing for army
Google Maps Updated aerial photography of Donetsk on 23 July 2014. Now there is visible damage from fighting
Donetsk airport is surrounded by militants on tanks - Seleznev
Pro-russian MP Schufrich was beaten in Odessa
#Luhansk oblast admin: @OSCE_SMM refuses to assume its responsibilities. Ukr. intel tells them where Rus. artillery is and they don't go.
MLRS Grad of Russian militants in the Popasnaya damaged the School,near a kindergarten and a hospital. There are wounded and dead.
Moscow official proposes to prohibit "the Simpsons", Spanchbob, Disney
The armored vehicle was given to Soldiers of special forces company "Kremenchuk"
In 10 years #Estonia will be completely disconnected from power systems of Russia
1/3 of Poland within the Russian air defense system
Lenin was toppled in Svatove, Luhansk region
In St. Petersburg opened a case against the seller of t-shirts with emblems of 'Azov' battalion
Mercenary from China join Russian militants in Donetsk
Makiivka. Queue for pensions
Nalyvaychenko: There are concentration camps near Donetsk
Clashes in Kharkiv
Sergey Glukhov from Krasnoyarsk was killed 25/09/14 in Ukraine
Smoke in #Donetsk again
Russian investigative committee launches case on genocide of Russian-speaking population in Luhansk, Donetsk - Committee spokesman
The situation in Kharkiv: the streets are patrolled by armored vehicles, the metro in city centre was closed
Kids training camp in DNR
Putin thanked the President of Iran for the position on the Caspian summit
Lysychansk closed for entrance and exit
Lutsk, #Ukraine: hospitals are overflowing with wounded soldiers who lay in hallways.
Russia holds drills in Arctica
Russian navy ship spotted near Latvian waters
Sanctions are working. Ruble Drops to Record, market is near panic
The NSDC: Ukrainian forces killed 50 militants last night
Communists washing pedestal of ex-Lenin monument in Kharkiv
Russia will not take part in #PACE discussion on #Ukrain and #IS
Railtrack blown up at Odessa Peresyp station
More Russian army reinforcements, reaching #Donetsk yesterday afternoon.BMP,BTR,MT-LB
Another Lenin was toppled in Derchachi near Kharkiv