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20 กันยายน 2018

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Geoffrey Pyatt: Post-revolution authorities of Ukraine not doing enough to fight corruption
At least 21 dead and 80 wounded in Bucharest club explosion - Antena 3
Kernes was declared the winner of mayoral elections in Kharkiv with a result of 65.8% of votes
A large-scale accident in Kiev: six cars collided, also ambulance
Activists claims that they found undeclared house of General Prosecutor Shokin, costs $4M
Activists claims that they found undeclared house of General Prosecutor Shokin, costs $4M
#Maryinka. Booms are heard from boarding school direction
Ukrainian military shot at UAV over Heniches'k. Possible shot down - reports
Crimean-Tatar and Ukrainian flags over Chongar checkpoint
Man was wounded by mortar mine in Donetsk
#Svatove: the fire was extinguished and water supply was restored
1 Ukrainian soldier killed, 1 wounded by shelling in Pisky
Director of the Library of Ukrainian literature in Moscow Natalia Sharina
U.S. Ambassador Tefft: Sanctions against Russia will act till it stops the occupation of Crimea
34 democratic States joined Ukrainian 3rd #UN Committee statement on the human rights' violations in occupied #Crimea
Gen. @PMBreedlove just say #Russia conducted #nuclear exercise during recent meeting of #NATO defense ministers
Anti-submarine helicopter of Baltic fleet hold drills on searching of the submarine of imaginary enemy
Anti-submarine helicopter of Baltic fleet hold drills on searching of the submarine of imaginary enemy
Gen. @PMBreedlove: US #intelligence community making significant shift of resources to increase info on #Russia
Russian Separatists hold talks on creation of "Budjak republic" in Odessa region and Gagauzia of Moldova
Rogozin Q&A. Q: - Is Russia the aim of the US attack? A - Is it news for you?
Rogozin: U.S strategists, has the illusion that one can achieve victory over nuclear country with non-nuclear-weapon. This is nonsense!
#Putin held National security council on nuclear, chemical, biological threats, both in peacetime and in wartime
ATR: Poklonskaya says criminal cases have been opened against participants in blockade of Crimea.
Russian Tu-160s carried out launches of cruise missiles at ground targets on ranges in Komi and Kamchatka
Russian Tu-160s carried out launches of cruise missiles at ground targets on ranges in Komi and Kamchatka
Russian ship launched Caliber missile during drills in Caspian Sea
Russia to impose economic sanctions against Ukraine – Medvedev
Russian launched ICBM Topol from Plesetsk
Poltorak: Preliminary, explosions in Svatovo is the result of enemy action with the goal of destabilizing the situation
In Occupied Yalta there was a fire on a passenger boat
Burning tires at Cabinet
ATO Staff: Ukrainian troops finished withdrawing cannons below 100mm
Near Svatovo conducted engineering exploration and cleaning of the territory around the Arsenal
Picket in support of Ukrainian library in Moscow
Geoffrey Pyatt to Ukrainians: do not be silent, if you see corruption
No gas, electricity, water supply limited in Svatove after massive fire at the ammunition depot
Geoffrey Pyatt: There is Battle between New and Old Ukraine at General Prosecutors office
Munitions in 10 kms from Svatove. Usual and cluster small submunitions
The consequences of the devastating explosions in Svatove
EU recalls concern reg continued presence of Russian military equipment and personnel in Ukraine
DNR militants fired #Shyrokine with mortars and grenade launchers.
The head of the Luhansk CVA Georgy Tuka arrived in Svatovo
Kremlin want Ukraine to pay Yanukovych debt
Mindef: firemen managed to localize the fire at the ammunition depot in Svatovo
Rescue operation is ongoing in Svatove. City is divided into sectors. Rescuers searching for wounded
Mariupol, withdrawal of artillery
Yavoriv - US chief of staff of the Army visits Fearless Guardian training site
In Odessa SBU detained the head of the military unit on a bribe
Court in Odessa refuses to do anything with elections frauds
RF SIGINT complexes Torn and Taran in Donetsk
Cloud of black smoke over Svatove
Destructions in Svatove
Tuka: Firefight tanks arrived in Svatove. In the night evacuated 200 people. Now intensity of explosions lowered
Head of Ukrainian emergency ministry Chechyotkin on the way to Svatove - Tuka
Emergency ministry of Ukraine: 20k people will be evacuated from Svatove
Tuka: Special tanks to extinguish fire on the way from Kharkiv to Svatove
To #Svatove already left 70 sappers. Around the city are scattered many shells that have not exploded
In #Svatovo evacuation of patients from hospitals. The next phase of the evacuation of local residents
Ukrainian village in #Chicago
Police at Andriy Sadovyi house that was attacked
Grenade exploded in the yard of Lviv mayor Sadovyi. Attacker was detained
Shell hit railway in 24 kms outside Svatove in Kharkiv direction
1 military under the rubble at the base in #Svatovo. He is alive, but rescuers cannot get to him
In Kyiv near the monument to Zhiznevsky staged a rally in memory of victims of Stalin's repressions
SBU has classified a fire at a munitions depot in Svatovo as terrorist attack
Tuka: it was an attack. They hit warehouses with 2 missiles. Guard was killed
Tuka: 2 confirmed killed in Svatove for now
#Svatove, huge explosions, shells flying
Svatove, huge explosions, shells flying
The SBU opened a criminal case against Berlusconi for attending Crimea
The mayor of Svatove: At base explosions of MLRS missiles for "hurricane", "grad" and "tornadoes"(smerch)
Head of General staff Muzhenko is on the way to Svatove
More footage of explosions and fire at ammunition warehouses in Svatove
More footage of explosions and fire at ammunition warehouses in Svatove
Explosion in #Svatovo
Reports of "Titushki" coming to Chisinau from Transnistria to support resignation of Cabinet
People from Svatove are being evacuated in the direction Kremenna and Troitske– Rybalko
Explosions of ammunition warehouses in Svatove
Explosions of ammunition warehouses in Svatove
#Maryinka. Occasionally volleys can be heard
Single explosions in Donetsk airport area
Heavy explosions and fire at ammunition warehouses in Svatove, Luhansk region. There are casualties
Svatove. Shells from warehouses hitting civil houses
There are about 2000 tonnes of ammunition at Svatove military warehouses
The Parliament of Cyprus has ratified Association Agreement EU-Ukraine
IMF mission is not likely to go to Ukraine until Poroshenko Bloc has abandoned populist tax cuts without financing.
"Cyber Berkut" accused Russian activists @alburov and @RuslanLeviev in working for @StateDept and aide of Minister of Internal affairs of Ukraine
Militants of "DNR" first rammed a car and then beat the driver in the #Donetsk
Terrorist of DNR group Alexey Milchakov was robbed in St.Petersburg
[email protected] and First Lady M.Poroshenko laid flowers to Turkmenistan’s Independ. Monument
[email protected]_Elkin cartoon on Russian wars in Ukraine and Syria. "Here we saving someone"
Militants at Donbas
Ukraine may impose a complete ban on the transit of Russian airlines
"Cyber Berkut" claimed hacking of projects of Anton Geraschenko. "He is a part of NATO security and Soros foundation"
In the house of the militant of the DNR in Mariupol police found TNT
Moldova's government has lost a no-confidence vote, pro-EU coalition collapses
Map of Ukrainian antennas broadcasting
ATO spokesperson: UA-US «Fearless Guardian» military exercises continue in the Lviv region
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: Yesterday, to the west of Donetsk, militants attacked UA servicemen with grenade launchers
ATO spox: As a result of yesterday enemy attack, 3 Ukrainian servicemen were wounded
Col. Motuzyanyk: One UA serviceman died in a trip wire mine blast near Verkhniotoretske village, Donetsk region
9 Ukrainian POWs are released from captivity today
Vice-speaker of the Federation Council will ask the Investigative committee to check the statements of radio presenter Matvey Ganapolsky on the air of Ukrainian radio station
The U.S. delegation led by U.S. Army Gen. Mark A. Milley is on official visit to #Ukraine
The militants refused to allow OSCE observers to the border with Russia
Exercise Dragon--#NATO forces readiness with 7,000 troops and 700 tanks in Poland
Strengthening NATO's military presence on the borders with Russia not a new phenomenon, Moscow has been told about its danger- Pisky
Russian state media holding confirms seizure of its stake in Euronews TV channel
Facebok suspended account of Zacharchenko
Russian tanks at warehouse in Donetsk
Pr. 636 Kilo Rostov-na-Donu suffered electric motor problem enr to Black Sea Fleet, had to be towed to Kronshtadt.
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