Map. History of Ukraine conflict

24 October 2017
Moldova pres. elections: pro-Russia candidate Igor Dodon's share of the vote has just decreased to below 50% ( 86,74% votes counted)
Moldova Presidential elections, 80.49% of total votes counted.
48,29% processed votes: Igor Dodon- 53,46%, Maia Sandu- 32,9% in the Presidential elections of Moldova
Preliminary results in Moldova election show pro-Russia presidential candidate leading with just over 54% - AP
31,52% processed votes: Igor Dodon- 55.47%, Maia Sandu- 30.29% in the Presidential elections of Moldova
Medevac APC Saxon after near-by hit by 82mm mortar
Closing time, 9PM: 48,91% presence at the Presidential elections of Moldova
Clashes between pro-Russian activists and Right sector in Odesa today. Several detained
Stakhanov: Artillery shelling starts
Moldova elections ended
2 wounded yesterday, 4 wounded today at Mechnikova hospital in Dnipro
Kiselev: "When Ukraine's Tymoshenko lost election to Yanukovych, she went to prison. It could happen again to another blonde: Clinton."
Ukraine military intelligence emblem is owl driving sword into Russia. Owls hunt bats, symbol of Russia military intelligence
She survived the holocaust — and years later, she’s getting her citizenship so she can vote for Hillary Clinton
Moldova elections, turnout over 40%, need 33% for legit elections
Moldova votes in tug-of-war choice between Russia, EU supporters
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
On 29 oct An ammo depot blew up at 39, Potyomkina, Pervomaysk. R-330 Zhitel destroyed by explosion
Moldova electing president for 1st time in 20 years
Today elections in Moldova
Pro-legalization activists and anti-drugs activists clashed in Kyiv
8AM: 1,8% voting presence at the Presidential elections of Moldova
53 ceasefire violations at Donbas yesterday
Donetsk - battle in airport - Pisky area.
Three axis now on fire in Aleppo amid rebel launched offinsive on Al-Zahraa , 3000 Apt. now launched on Menyan are (new aleppo entrance)
1 Ukrainian military killed, 7 wounded in fighting at Donbas
55 ceasefire violations at Donbas
4AM: Heavy shelling in Toretsk, - hits inside city
Volnovakha: Fighting at Northeast direction
Horlivka: shelling from Ozeryanivka to Troitske-Verkhn'otoretske
Ukrainian positions near Taramchuk and Berezove were hit with mortar fire