Map. History of Ukraine conflict

25 มิถุนายน 2018

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One Estonian citizen and a citizen of Ukraine were detained in Meshansky Police Station
Car burning now at Tarasovskaya 17 in Kharkiv
Russians will hold every day drills in occupied part of Luhansk region
Russians will hold every day drills in occupied part of Luhansk region
Heavy fight now in Piski, mortars, artillery, rifle guns, 1 Ukrainian soldier is wounded in the head
4 Spanish #Eurofighters landed at the airbase of Ämari #Estonia, to join the NATO air defense mission
U.S. to station 150 armored vehicles in Europe could be "pre-positioned" in states bordering Russia
Twitter unsuspended Russian troll, that issued death threat against Ukrainian MP
[email protected]_UK photos from Horlivka - Russian flag over city
Oliver Stone: Just interviewed #ViktorYanukovych, President of Ukraine, then suddenly wasn’t on 2/22/14. Smells of CIA
"House arrest... But today I really want to be with you. So I'm coming too", - Navalny
"Cyborgs" Christmas tree in Donetsk airport
Aleksandr Otrakovski on the Bosphorus: Ropucha was 1of2ships leading the RFSvessels in the English Channel on27/11/14
Protesters are reading the statement of Navalny in court in #Ekaterinburg
Two or three hundred people are at the area of Labour in Yekaterinburg
Kiselev has copied the presentation of his program of the American film
Kiselev has copied the presentation of his program of the American film
The post added to the register of banned websites
Yatsenyuk called the main objectives of the government: incentives, taxes, business
Ukrainian sniper with Barrett M82a3
#Russian heavy armored column on its way toward #Schastya
In the village of Netailove, next to Yasinovataya, volunteers and brought food parcels
Russian occupants intensified its aerial reconnaissance in the area of Mariupol
Violent storm was raging at night in the waters of Mariupol
#Russia likely to stop being one of #Ukraine's main trade partners soon – Ukrainian Prime Minister
The outputs from the metro station "Okhotny Ryad" and "Teatralnaya" will be closed from 18:00 until further notice due to technical reasons
Militants have stormed the Donetsk airport
Biryukov: so many techniques as today, the Army is not received yet never
Militants have left without light Snizhne
Oleg Navalny was taken to the Butyrka
Fighters "Azov" caught two militants, who beat and tortured the Ukrainian military
Crimea residents were congratulated Stalin instead of Father Frost
Russia cuts Ukraine gas transit to 40% of Europe export
Nikolayev armored plant started to manufacture updated BRDM-2 "Khazar".
Court has sentenced Alexei Navalny to 3.5 years of probation, Oleg Navalny to 3.5 years in prison.
North Korea finds Crimea’s reunification with Russia fully justified — diplomat
Protesters - doctors and teachers - were detained near the office of the "United Russia" In Moscow
The criminal case was closed against "Roshen" and account was unlocked
Alexey Navalny called to start protests
Alexey Navalny called to start protests
Explosion has thundered on the territory of Regional Revenue Service in Zhytomyr
Trains from #Kharkiv that arrive at #Kyiv: passengers can only leave station after bags and document check
Cossacks filmed video with speech against "LNR" "authorities"
Cossacks filmed video with speech against LNR authorities
December 31, on the Triumphal square will be a meeting of "the Other Russia" with the slogan "For Russian Donbass".
Military aircraft of the Russian Federation intruded into the airspace of Estonia
#Finland ´s president had today phone conversation with #Putin, #Ukraine on the agenda
Movement in three regions of Ukraine is limited. Completely closed in Mykolaiv
#Hungary to resume #reverse gas to #Ukraine since 1 January
SBU has detained militant near Volnovaha
The route from Odessa closed due to heavy snowfall
SBU have detained militants from the gang "Kalmius" in the Donbas
Mariupol checkpoint closed amid fears of terror
Scandal in a Moscow school: pupil, who has painted eyes Putin in black, was accused of "desecration of holy things"
Road links with the Crimea has been restored, - Poroshenko
Next batch "cargo-200" has arrived in the Rostov region.
Poroshenko: We will increase the salaries of all the soldiers in the East
Military vehicles and armed policemen will take the streets of Odessa for preventing the terrorist threat
Conductors are protesting in the train Moscow-Simferopol. They refuse to go to the Crimea through the Port of Caucasus. Train is standing 4th day.
Court will announced a verdict in Navanly case tomorrow at 9 am(30 december)
Poroshenko: martial law will be declared, as fighting will resumed
Moscow has confirmed that on 15th of January is a possible date for a meeting in the "Norman format"
Russian marines brigade blown up on a land mine in Donetsk. Four died.
Russian cultural figures, who support "DNR" and "LNR", are celebrating the New Year with Putin
Poroshenko has signed the law on Ukraine's refusal of the non-aligned status
#Poroshenko: 5 #canal will not be selled. And I haven't promised it
January 15 will be held in Astana meeting in Norman format - @poroshenko
We have created one of the most efficient armies on the continent - @Poroshenko
Near the Lisichansk caught two saboteurs. One of them - Russian citizen
#Luhansk from the East heard the mortar.
Volleys from #Yasynuvata towards #Avdiivka and Opytne
Heavy shelling now near Donetsk Airport/Piski. Tonight in Piski 2 Ukrainian soldiers were killed,3 injured
Russia linked to bombings in Odessa, Kherson, Kharkiv - Ukrainian state security adviser Lubkivsky says
Poroshenko told why he has not sold "Roshen" yet
Two people were injured by explosion near the city park in Starobilsk
War-ravaged village Stepanivka
War-ravaged village Stepanivka
Militants pull together the force near Shchastya and prepare to attack the Bahmutovka
The German company suspend investments in Russia, - The New York Times
Last night there was a blast near a petrol station in #Kyiv. The fence got damaged, no victims
4 Italian Typhoons landed in Siauliai, LTU, to participate in #NATO #AirPolicingBaltic for the 1st time
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