Map. History of Ukraine conflict

23 ตุลาคม 2018
#Ukrainians rally at White House: "Stop Putins terror"
#Crimea: power cut in #Simferopol, #Sevastopol, #Yalta, #Koktebel and "other cities"
84 fighters came back from Illovaysk, including 4 girls
#Ukraine defence minister Heletey says #Russia troops are not just in Donetsk but other towns too, heavy fighting over #Luhansk airport
#Russian army in #Schastye, #Ukraine shelling w URAGAN MRLS #Ukraine positions
Russian army in Schastye, Ukraine shelling w URAGAN MRLS Ukraine positions
Anti-war rally in Omsk. "We are not cattle"
Militants from Moscow in Luhansk. As usual boasting in social networks
The Communists in Kharkiv, which hold a rally in support of Russia, attacked journalist of Inter channel
Russian militants at railway station Illovaysk
Column of BTR-80 in Kamensk-Shakhtinsky
Emblem of Ukraine of candles in Mykolaiv. The memory of those killed in the Donetsk region
Reports: #Ukraine air force were attacked by #RUS army SA-22 (Pantzir S1) in #Sukhodilsk, planes unharmed
Paratroopers from Ulyanovsk attacked Ukrainian forces in Illovaysk - Commander of Dnipro-1
Battalion "#Aidar" captured soldiers of #Russian army 331st Airborne regiment. 3 of captured prisoners were #GRU operatives
Swiss grenadiers on the Red square. #Moscow
Clashes at pro-russian rally in Kherson
Clashes at pro-russian rally in Kherson
Police arresting people in Moscow lighting 2249 candles to commemorate victims in E #Ukraine
About 5-7 people detained in the Moscow in attempt to light candles in memory of those killed in the Ukraine
The #German airforce will fly wounded #Ukrainian soldiers to #Germany for treatment
#Makiivka. 2 APCs drove into the direction of Donetsk
Protest near Russia embassy in Lithuania
Explosion in Donetsk
Explosion in Donetsk
Six-reactor nuclear plant in Zaporizhye insufficiently protected against direct bombardment
Burning fields near Mariupol
Rally in #Kharkiv on Freedom square
Russia killed dozens of own soldiers captured by Ukrainians while shelling "green corridor"
Russian regular troops capturing Ukrainian tanks and burning Ukrainian flag near Starobesheve
Russian regular troops capturing Ukrainian tanks and burning Ukrainian flag near Starobesheve
Lots of "oneman-demos" in Moskva against war with Ukraine
Russian propaganda on streets of Washington DC.
Reports: Russia using jets to strike Ukrainian positions near Shchastya
Hero of Maidan Volodymyr Parasyuk is alive but was wounded near Illovaysk, on the way to Dnipropetrovs'k now
Militants tortured military Commissioner to death in Snizhne
Moscow, Russia anti-war protest today
Zhdanivka was shelled from Yenakijeve
Interesting fact: 62 meters WW2 monument "Motherland" - woman with sword and shield looks in direction of Moscow
Russian army shelling #Ukranian villages near Krasndon No Ukr army nearby #RussiaInvadedUkraine #StopPutin
Ship was shelled near Mariupol
#Iran's SL adviser Velayati: Signing contracts w Russia, China & India shows that we can neutralize effects of US sanctions thru other ways
Makiivka after morning shelling
Wounded from Illovaysk were delivered to Dnipropetrovsk hospital
Enemies of Russia - Police in Vladimir looking for peoples with "Ukrainian accent"
Toronto. Near Consulate of the Russian Federation
We have agreement with Poroshenko on peaceful resolution in E.#Ukraine - Putin
Queue for humanitarian aid in Luhansk was shelled with mortars
"Shelter there". Mariupol.
Gubarev: the experience of negotiations with Ukraine is not good
#HMCSRegina greeted in Shanghai as "an old friend"
Food ban's a boon for the Belarus fish industry: Moscow shelves full of it (hang on, Belarus doesn't have a sea..!)
Russian journalist: Our soldiers in Donetsk. We are occupants
Meanwhile in Vladivostok airport
Ukraine returned captured Russian paratroopers and Russia returned 63 Ukrainian prisoners, Russia news sources say
The commander of the battalion "Dnipro-1" came out of the encirclement near the Ilovaisk
New images confirming the presence of Russian troops in Ukraine
Saint-Petersburg. HQ of the Navy of the RF. "Sailor! The enemy in the Kremlin, and not in Ukraine!"
Russian Airborne Forces announce that all Russian paratroopers detained in Ukraine return to Russia
Evacuation of wounded in Starobeshevo
The national guard presented new medivac helicopters
Ukrainian night
Pictures from Ilovaysk
Ilovaysk. Destroyed convoy
Chechens exit from encirclement with battle, all miraculously alive. The enemy ring is broken
In Dnipropetrovsk, 200 km from Donetsk first KFC was opened yesterday
New "peaceful plan of Poroshenko" will be published next week
PM Tusk: Europe is in danger and needs strong political will to solve its problems & we have to find a common EU position on #Ukraine crisis
Looks like OG-7V, rocket w/ anti-personnel frag warhead
President Van Rompuy w next President of #EUCO Tusk & next #HRVP Mogherini press conference, Brussels, now
Tusk: 1st press conference in December will be in English. I'm really moved now, that's why I'll be speaking Polish
Gorbachev on Kyiv's military op: 'It must be stopped immediately' #Ukraine
Poroshenko & Merkel
Ukrainian aircraft AN-26 "Lucky" ready to go to the Donbass
Crowds cheering the troops in Mariupol as they depart from the city
Assassination attempt on the "PM" of DNR Zakharchenko In Donetsk. Only his driver is wounded
Pro-Ukraine rally against Russia's war in #Ukraine in Berlin right now
Russian militants killed jewish businessman and philanthropist in Donetsk
Smoke comes from farmers burning fields of wheat stubble
Meanwhile at the outskirts of Mariupol, a big rally. 'Away with Putin, this town is Ukrainian'
Damaged APC near Komsomol'ske
Lots of military traffic around Komsomolskye this afternoon. Soldiers looking like they've been in hard battle
Ilovaysk under full control of Russian forces as of today, #Ukraine forces retreated/surrendered
Finland plans large-scale military exercise on Russian border: Defence forces announced on Saturday
Lithuania President Grybauskaitė: "Russia is staging war in #Ukraine, practically Russia is at war with Europe"
Mariupol. Rally for Ukraine
UK Cameron expressed support for Ukraine
The main building of the training base of FC Shakhtar was destroyed tonight
#Odesa, rally against #Russia|n invasion. People blame #Putin in aggression but believe Russian people can stop him
#SaintPetersburg and #Helsinki protested against the war
The SBU detained officials demanding bribes for the rehabilitation of children from the East
The road from #Mariupol to Volnovakha is clear
Russian authorities must end impunity for attacks on journalists, says OSCE Rep following another attack in Pskov
WH to Putin: Don't 'Even Think About Messing Around' With The #Baltics
Putin: Kiev needs to end immediate this fratricidal war and to start the negotiations with southeast #Ukraine
President of Ukraine met with the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland
OSCE cars in Mariupol via
Ukrainian forces driving through Mariupol
British MP and RT(Russia Today) host George Galloway was attacked in London
Rally in Kharkiv
The Mi-28 helicopter at the airport of Rostov
Rally against war in Odesa now
Shelling in Pereval'sk
Explosions near Pereval'sk
Rally in St. Petersburg "Won't change Donbass for Parmesan"
With @poroshenko attending #EUCO, the #Ukraine flag flies next to the other EU ones at the @EU_Commission building
Rally in Saint Petersburg against war
White doves are painted on concrete blockade, with slogan 'No War'. #Mariupol
Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group 1 in port of Turku, Finland preparing for Exercise Northern Coasts 2014
Hollande - EU sanctions on Russia to be 'increased' over Ukraine
The centre left European parties meeting in Paris have backed Italian Foreign Min Federica Mogherini to be the next EU Foreign Affairs Chief
Russian-Indian air force drills started in Lipetsk
#Russian militants killed in #Ukraine are buried in Donetsk
German Vice Chancellor says EU leaders will task the EU Commission to prepare the 'next level' of sanctions against Russia
EU's Barroso says 'Russia should not underestimate the EU's will and resolve to stand by its principles and values'
#Poroshenko: "most important thing now is peace. Aggression against Ukraine will not be without a response from the EU"
GAZ-2330 "Tiger" near Shakhty few days ago. First appearance at this stage of war
UA village #Novosvetlovka after attack of RU tanks this
Russian Ministry of defense: Militants uses the weapons of the USSR from Ukrainian warehouses
200 RU conscripts in Ryazan forced to volunteer for Ukraine duty. Commander: "If you don't sign, I'll do it for you"
EU FMs on #Ukraine: In 21st century unthinkable for a nuclear power to rely more on 'green men' than on international law
T72-B3 was captured near Illovaysk
Poroshenko met with Barroso in Brussels. Now there should be a briefing
Semenchenko: There are tanks and airborne troops of Russia near Illovaysk
Blowned-up bridge near Hranitne, Tel'manove district
Battle near Dokuchaevsk. Russian Tanks, but enough Ukrainian forces too
Battle alert in Mariupol. All civilians ordered to go home
The HQ of the ATO declares that all tactical missile complexes SS-21 in stock. No one was captured
Russian tanks near Novoazovs'k
@poroshenko: "Invasion of Russian troops in Ukraine is an act of aggression and requires an adequate reaction from the EU"
Ukrainian delegation marches during opening ceremonies of Exercise Combined Endeavor 2014 multilateral training
Ukraine airplane crashed in the South of Algeria. 7 peoples aboard
Terrorists shelled Luhansk airport from tanks and MLRS
Terrorists shotdown the Ukrainian Su-25 yesterday
@carlbildt: "Very little doubt now that Russia will use also its regular armed forces to try to carve out a Novorossyia semi-state from Ukraine"
100 soldiers went from Illovaysk - Avakov
Poroshenko At a meeting with European Council President Herman van Rompuy. Discuss the situation in Ukraine
UA servicemen stepping back are now surrounded in Novokaterynivka, Starobesheve, Krasnopillya
#Poland delivered 280 tons of humanitarian aid to the Ukrainian army
Strelkov's rules come to Novoazovsk via @mashant: "We came to stay long, our goal is to advance"
Kazakh President says #Kazakhstan may leave Eurasian Union if its interests infringed
Russian and Western neo-nazis are meeting in the Russia-occupied #Crimea for a conference
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