Map. History of Ukraine conflict

18 October 2017
Today's session of Verhkovna Rada opened
Protest camp near Verkhovna Rada this morning
44 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 2 Ukrainian soldiers were killed, 4 wounded
Chief of National police says that police is not going to remove tents near Verkhovna Rada
General Prosecutor assured that police won't remove tents, but will deploy metal detectors at entrance to camp
Reports of outgoing mortars fire from Dokuchaevsk
MP Semencheko proposes to erect barricade near Verkhovna Rada
National Guard deployed at Poroshenko house in Kozyn
Reports of artillery shelling near Volnovakha
Moldova’s president accuses Constitutional Court of treason after judges suspend him temporarily
Protesters near Rada urging Kyiv to join them with chants
Photo: police near Verkhovna Rada
Near the Verkhovna Rada, a fight broke out between protesters and police
Tensions high now near Verkhovna Rada
NSDC Turchynov has suspended his visit to Brussels
Rally near Verkhovna Rada, some tents will stay. And next rally is set to Thursday
The Netherlands got its own Buk missile from Georgia, for MH17 investigation needs.
Moldova constitutional court suspended Igor Dodon from his duties as president of the country, after he failed to appoint defence minister for almost a year
Moldova's Constitutional Court ruled that president Dodon breached the constitution, thus establishing platform for his potential impeachment
Intensive shelling reported on Maryinka
Protesters starting to set up tents outside Ukrainian parliament
First tents are being deployed near Verkhovna Rada
Protesters plan to deploy about 20 tents near Verkhovna Rada
Protesters seized 30 shields from police
Brawl at Verkhovna Rada happened after protesters attempted to deploy tents
At least 1 injured at scuffle near Verkhovna Rada
Clashes at Verkhovna Rada began, until this moment very calm protest
Police standing at Verkhovna Rada
About 200 protesters are standing in front of Verkhovna Rada
Saakashvilli arrived at rally near Verkhovna Rada
ATO spox: Unfortunately, two Ukrainian servicemen were KIA (Kamianka and Nevelske), two more were WIA (Pavlopil and Shakhta Butovka).
ATO spox: In total, militants violated the ceasefire 36 times. UAF returned fire in most cases, using weapons allowed by Minsk agreements.
ATO spox: Militants shelled Vodiane with 82mm mortars, used 120mm mortars at Pavlopil area, and employed IFV at Novotroitske.
ATO spox: Mariupol sector – Russian proxies committed 11 ceasefire violations, 6 of which against Vodiane.
ATO spox: Russian proxies violated the ceasefire 20 times in Donetsk sector alone yesterday.
ATO spox: Luhansk sector – militants committed 5 ceasefire violations near Novooleksandrivka, Popasna, Stanytsia Luhanska, and Valuiske.
ATO spox: The situation in ATO zone escalates, Russia-backed militants increase both the number and the intensity of attacks.
Government blocks are cordoned off by police
Kyiv: police guarding ammunition shop
About 2000 protesters are gathered now at Verkhovna Rada
Artillery near Verkhovna Rada for salute